Ajmer family members sharif dargah khadim farooq chisti and nafis chisti accused of about 100 girls know all the details of the ajmer scandal

New Delhi: On April 21, 1992, when the Ajmer city of Rajasthan woke up, the newspapers broke the news of people taking a sip of tea and the ground slipping under their feet. Those who read the local newspaper Dainik Navjyoti were surprised at what had happened? People couldn’t believe it or rather didn’t want to believe such disgusting news, so they got in touch with each other and the matter started to escalate. Then, on May 15, when the second part of the same report was published with blurry images, the whole city became restless.

Sensation in the city by the news of sexual abuse of underage girls

Those images were of poor girls from school and college who were sexually abused and the allegations went against the Chishti family, one of the richest and most powerful families in the city. Part of the same Chishti family that was formerly Khadim of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah of Ajmer. The whole city was surprised to learn that Farooq Chishti and Nafees Chishti, the boys of the Khadim family, who are among the main families of the city in social, religious and economic situation, are at the center of the complaints. It turned out that both are effective leaders of the Youth Congress.

Again Ajmer Dargah’s Khadim appears in the headlines
Another Chishti from Ajmer himself is back in the news. Salman Chishti describes himself as the Khadim of the Dargah of Khwaja. He made a video offering his home to those who killed Nupur Sharma, which went viral. Now Salman has been arrested. Salman is reportedly already having several criminal cases filed against him at the Dargah police station. That is, he is a historian. Nafees Chishti, one of the main defendants in the 1992 incident mentioned above, is also a historian. who is currently out of jail on bail. Along with five defendants, including Farooq, he also faces trial at the POCSO court in the 1992 Ajmer blackmail case.

Who is the historian Salman Chishti who threatened to behead Nupur Sharma? Find out how many cases are registered!
Even after 30 years, the case continues in the POCSO Court in Ajmer

According to the news website The Print, in December 2021, some women were fighting angrily with police in the POCSO courtroom in Ajmer. She said: 30 years ago now. We have become grandmothers and grandmothers. Why do you keep calling us over and over again? He also launched his anger against the judges and lawyers of the POCSO Court. Those who sexually abused her were also present at the site. The women said, “Now we all have a family. Now save us. These women were none other than the victims of the Ajmer blackmail scandal that came to light in 1992. That was very before the 2004 Delhi Public School (DPS) MMS scandal.

Hateful rape and gang rape incident with 100 girls

The Chishti family, associated with Khwaja Muiniddin Chishti Dargah of Ajmer, was at the center of a horrific incident of sexual abuse of about 100 girls going to school. Videos and photos of girls were taken and they were forced to call their friends. Thus, one after another, about 100 girls were victims of these savages. It was time to clean the roller and take a picture. The craftswoman in the lab where coils of naked girls were washed and photographed was also involved in the gang rape. In this way, the girls trapped in her leg were raped in groups for months.

The boys in the family linked to Ajmer Dargah are the main defendants

Being a family linked to the dargah, it had a religious and social influence. He was very rich and also had political power. Two of the main defendants, Farooq Chishti and Nafees, used to be influential leaders of the Youth Congress. I used to have Royal Enfield Bullet, Yezdi and Jawa bikes. Locally, she had celebrity status. Ride with your open jeep, Ambassador and Fiat car. This is something when the gas and home phone connection used to be a test of wealth. The Chishti family had it all. Many of the girls who fell victim to these scoundrels came from good families whose guardians were holding government jobs. As soon as the news broke in the headlines, many families left Ajmer.

Accustomed to blackmailing by taking photos and videos of rapes
In 2003, Nafees and Farooq met her several times when a victim told the Supreme Court she was with her boyfriend. Once, when he was going to the bus stop, Nafees and Farooq, aboard the Maruti, promised him a big project in Congress. Syed Anwar Chishti, an aide to both of them, also brought the Congress form to the girl and gave it to her. One day as she was going to school, on the way, Nafeesh and Farooq offered to leave her in her car. By then they had already known each other well, so the girl agreed. But the car did not go to school and arrived at a farmhouse.

The defendant used to be a strong leader of the Youth Congress

The girl thought she might have been brought here to meet a great congressional leader, but after a while Nafees caught her. He threatened that if he opened his mouth, he would kill her. Then they continued to be raped by making threats. But those poor people didn’t hear that. They took obscene photos of the girl and made videos and said that if she didn’t bring her friends here, everything would be scattered. The girl who was once a victim of these scoundrels had to bring her friends. In this way he continued. The subject came to light when images of the girls began to come from one hand to the other.

Maruti I Masia

The girls were taken and grabbed from this Maruti van. Many girls were raped in groups at the farmhouse seen in the image on the right.

The sensational revelation took place on April 21, 1992
Dainik Navjyoti Santosh Gupta’s crime report was also known. Then, on April 21, 1992, Gupta’s first report was published in Dainik Navjyoti. Photos were also handed out to local Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leaders. He handed over the photographs to police and filed a complaint after which the investigation into the case began. But when blurry images of the victim girls were also published on May 15, 1992, there was a commotion in the city. Mass protests erupted in the city and Ajmer remained closed for two days. There was a situation similar to a riot because most of the accused of rape were Muslims and most of their victims were Hindu girls. One woman said that when she used to be raped in a group, she was only 18 years old. Once after the gang rape, Nafees gave him 200 rupees and told him he had to buy lipstick with that money.

In the investigation, 18 criminals were designated as defendants

However, on May 27, police issued warnings against some of the defendants under the National Security Act (NSA). Three days later, the then DSP of North Ajmer Hari Prasad Sharma filed an FIR. Then the wife of SP NK from the CID-Crime Branch was sent from Jaipur to Ajmer for investigation. In September 1992, the wife presented the first 250-page charge sheet mentioning 128 witness names and 63 proofs. Ajmer’s court began hearing the case on September 28. An FIR was then filed against the eight defendants, but as the investigation progressed, those who sexually abused innocent girls also came to the fore. Thus, a total of 18 defendants were detected and a case was registered in this sensational case.

Video of Ajmer’s history, Salman Chishti, goes viral and provokes comments against Nupur Sharma
The girls began committing suicide after the revelations

Omendra Bharadwaj, who was Ajmer’s DIG at the time, said that because of this, girls who were sexually abused could not muster the courage to open their mouths against him. As soon as the cases began to be exposed, the victims of the exploitation began to commit suicide. Most went to school or college. Anuradha Marwah’s mother was the deputy director of a university. One day he came home crying. A girl from her college had committed suicide. Purushottam, a defendant in the case, committed suicide in 1994. During the 1990s, local newspaper offices were frequently visited by people to ask if the girl who had been in a marriage had been blackmailed and raped. In fact, as soon as it became known that Muslims associated with Ajmer Dargah had raped about 100 schoolchildren by blackmailing them, the problems of the father of Hindu girls in the area increased. Everyone knew that Hindu girls in the area were being raped by Muslims. That’s why he didn’t want to take the girl as a daughter-in-law.

sued thus

In 1992, when this sensational incident came to light, the police filed a total of six complaints and made a total of 18 criminals named defendants. In the case involved 12 prosecutors, more than 30 presidents of police stations, dozens of SP, DIG, DGP. During this five governments switched to Rajasthan. During the initial investigation, 17 girls had their statements recorded, but later most refused to testify. The case continued to go from the district court to the Rajasthan High Court, then to the Supreme Court, the expressway court, the women’s atrocities court and the POCSO court.

In 1998, an Ajmer session court sentenced eight to life in prison, but the Rajasthan High Court acquitted four in 2001.

In 2003, the Supreme Court reduced the sentence from the remaining four years to 10 years. These include Moizulla alias Puttan, Ishrat Ali, Anwar Chishti and Shamshuddin alias Maradona. The Supreme Court then said that unfortunately the witnesses in the case did not stop appearing. That is why it became difficult to punish the accused.

In 2007, the Ajmer Highway Court also convicted Farooq Chishti, who had previously been declared insane.

Salim Chishti, who surrendered in 2012, was in jail until 2018. At the time, Suhail was in police custody and the rest were given bail.

In 2013, the High Court of Rajasthan reduced Farooq Chishti to life imprisonment and ruled that the period he had been in prison was sufficient. He is now respected in the dargah.

Even today, the poor are getting respect for the dargah

Nafees Chishti continued to run until 2003, but was captured by Delhi police while trying to escape in a burqa. One of the accused, Iqbal Bhatt, could be arrested in 2005. Suhail Gani Chisti surrendered after 26 years at Ajmer court on February 15, 2018. Nafees Chishti, Iqbal Bhatt, Salim Chishti, Syed Jamir Hussain, Naseem alias Tarzan and Suhail Ghani are being tried in POCSO court, but they are all out of jail on bail. Today Nafees and Farooq Chishti live very happily in Ajmer. They both visit Dargar Sharif often and people still kiss their hands.

Nafees is a regular criminal. In 2003, he was arrested with some 24 million rupees. He faces charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, illegal possession of weapons and participation in gambling. After his release on bail, there was no loss in Farooq’s reputation. According to the news website The Print, even today people respect him as the older brother of Dargah Sharif’s Khadim family. One of the accused, Almas Maharaj, is still escaping. It was feared that he would go to America. The CBI had issued a red corner warning against him.

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