Grow lotus in the field, it will be rich in 3 months

Lotus cultivation

Everyone knows that the national flower of India is the lotus. But did you know that the lotus flower that grows in water can now also be grown in the fields? Yes, it is another thing that is mostly grown in water gardens, but this has become obsolete, because now the lotus is grown in the fields in addition to ponds and ponds. This is the reason why farmers are now moving towards their cultivation.

Lotus cultivation
Lotus cultivation

Low cost and time benefits

Lotus cultivation is ready in just 3 or 4 months. The cost of cultivating it is also much lower. Even the government is now helping farmers by making them aware of doing lotus co-cultivation. In this situation, let us know how the farmer brothers can cultivate lotus in their fields (complete information on lotus cultivation) …

Grow lotus this way in your field

cost of lotus cultivation

Planting lotus flowers in the field costs between 15 and 22 thousand rupees.

soil suitable for cultivation

It is grown in moist soil. Apart from this, light black clay is also considered suitable for this.

Lotus cultivation
Lotus cultivation

Climate for lotus cultivation

Proper lighting must be given. To do this, you need at least six hours of sunlight a day. The lotus needs to be protected from the cold.

right time to cultivate

Lotus cultivation is done during the month of July, because in this month there is enough water in the fields due to the monsoon.

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sowing seeds

For this reason, farmers first plow the field, plant lotus roots and then do the work of sowing their seeds.

The lotus is sown in the field with this technique

After sowing the seeds, the water is kept in the field for about two months, because as we know, the lotus is grown only in water. In this situation, both water and mud are very important for their cultivation. This is the reason that both water and mud fill in the field after transplanting, so lotus plants grow quickly.

harvest period

Its cultivation is ready for the October-November harvest. The more knots in the roots, the more plants come out. The bouquet of its seeds is also prepared on the same plants.

where do you get the lotus seeds from,

You can buy lotus seeds online or at your nearest nursery or at any garden center. Its seeds and plants are also given away free of charge to many government nurseries.

how much benefit,

Lotus cultivation gives more income in less time. According to an estimate, about six thousand plants can be grown on an acre. At the same time, its flowers are sold in bulk for about 12 thousand rupees. Its seeds, seed leaves, lotus gutte and lotus flower are sold separately. In this situation, only after 3 months of its cultivation, a profit of more than 55 thousand rupees can be obtained.

how to make double profit,

Farmers can cultivate lotus with crops such as water chestnut and Makhana. Along with this, if the farmer wants, along with the cultivation of the lotus, he can also do the work of fish farming. With this, farmers will get income from lotus crops and other crops.

Lotus cultivation
Lotus cultivation

There is always demand for lotus

The demand for lotus flowers in the market is not only for their beauty but also for their medicinal properties. Due to its medicinal properties, it is also used in many medicines. Along with this, it is also used in food.

medicinal use Lotus seeds are used in many medicines for the kidney, spleen and heart. Inside the seed is a green embryo, which benefits the heart. Its seeds are also used to treat weak sexual function in men and leukorrhea in women. Its seeds are also useful in curing restless heartbeats. Its leaves are used in combination with other herbs to treat sunburn, fever and vomiting.

Cultural importance- The lotus is considered the sacred flower of India. It occupies a special place in the art and mythology of ancient India. Along with this, it is also the national flower of India. It is also considered a symbol of wealth and knowledge. Along with this, in our country India is also considered a symbol of victory. Not only that, because of being contained in the soil, it can live for thousands of years. It also represents a long life, honor and good fortune. It has a special importance in Hinduism as it is used in its religious practices. It is also a sacred flower for Buddhists in India.

Lotus cultivation
Lotus cultivation

use in food Lotus flowers, seeds, young leaves and rhizome are edible. In India, its leaves and stems are eaten as a vegetable. The taste of the lotus tuber is like sweet potato.

beauty- Due to its beauty, it is used in all kinds of festivals, wedding ceremonies, cults, etc. At the same time, its petals are used for decoration and large leaves for wrapping.

In this situation, the demand for lotus is kept in the markets all the time, so farmers can get a lot of profits by growing it.

Summary in English: Lotus cultivation: cultivate lotus now, you will be rich in three months
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