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11:37, 06-Jul-2022

Chhindwara News: In the afternoon, the SP gave instructions to increase patrols, looting took place in the evening

In Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, no one is pressuring criminals. The SP gave instructions to increase patrols in the afternoon and the robbery took place in the evening. Read more

11:37, 06-Jul-2022

B.Ed entrance exam: today 16,300 candidates take the B.Ed entrance exam in 33 centers in Meerut

B.Ed entrance exam: today 16,300 candidates take the B.Ed entrance exam in 33 centers in Meerut

The duty of State Magistrate and Supervisor has been imposed together with all the Heads of Center, Sector Magistrates for the examination without copy. Read more

11:35, 06-Jul-2022

Jharkhand: Heartless father! A four-year-old girl was beaten to death, bound hand and foot, received a terrible punishment for an hour

Jharkhand: Death penalty by father to a four-year-old girl

The case is of the Barsoda of Parsudih. Here Uttam Maity lived in a rented house with his wife Anjana Mahto and a four-year-old girl. Police said the interrogation of the two defendants revealed that the daughter was not studying, so she was tied up and beaten. this led to his death. Read more

11:34, 06-Jul-2022

Municipal election of the deputy: Shivraj’s appeal: choose the right city government to give a clean administration without corruption, claim to win all the seats

Municipal election to MP: Shivraj Singh Chouhan says you choose a city government that can give you a corruption-free administration

Municipal elections to the deputy: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan claimed that his party was winning every election in the urban bodies. He appealed to the people to choose a government that could work for them without any corruption. Read more

9:10 p.m., July 5, 2022

CBSE 2022 Result: Great statement from the CBSE official, the result will be published this month to date

Result of 10 to 12 of the class CBSE 2022 Probably at the end of July The official confirms the result of the term 2 of Sarkari

Result 10-12 CBSE 2022: A senior CBSE official has also given the provisional date to publish the results of the examination on condition of anonymity. Read more

09:00, 06-Jul-2022

Himachal Rain: clouds explode in Manikarn, Kullu, four people missing, NH-5 closed by landslide in Kinnaur

Cloud bursts in Kullu Manikarn, NH-5 closed due to landslide in Kinnaur, all updated with himachal rain in Hindi

The rain has wreaked havoc in Himachal Pradesh. The eruption of clouds at Manikaran in Kullu district has caused great damage. The floods have devastated a shelter, a campsite and a foot bridge. Four people were also involved in the accident. Read more

11:32, 06-Jul-2022

Today’s jokes: When Pappu got upset with his wife, read the jokes

Funny jokes in Hindi today When Pappu got upset with his wife Read viral jokes and jokes in Hindi

Laughter is very important for all of us, because laughter is beneficial for being healthy. If you want to be healthy, start laughing in the morning and evening. We don’t need any special occasion to laugh. Read more

11:32, 06-Jul-2022

Team India: Kohli-Bumrah can rest in West Indies, captain Rohit will stay with the team

Senior Indian team players can rest for tour in West Indies

Senior players can rest in the ODI and T20 series against the West Indies. Although it has not yet been decided which players will rest and who will play in this series, but it is almost certain that two players will rest.

Read more

11:32, 06-Jul-2022

Vice Presidential Elections: Opposition has made a new strategy for Vice Presidential elections, do you know who the candidate may be?

Vice Presidential Election: The opposition made a new strategy for the Vice Presidential election, do you know who can become the candidate?

The election for the position of vice president will be held on August 6. The results will also arrive only on August 6th. With this, the discussion on the names of the candidates for NDA and UPA has intensified. Read more

11:30 a.m., July 6, 2022

Anti-Sikh riots: The SIT raids five different areas in Kanpur, two defendants arrested

Anti-Sikh riots: SIT arrested two defendants in Kanpur

On October 31, 1984, 127 Sikhs were massacred in the city in the riots following the assassination of then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. What the SIT is investigating. The SIT has arrested two defendants late Tuesday night. Read more

11:18, 06-Jul-2022

Debate on the new film policy: consideration of the celebration of the National Film Festival, instructions on the scholarship for students

National Film Festival: Considering giving a scholarship to Uttarakhand students studying in film institutes

Speaking on the new film policy-2022, special chief secretary (information) Abhinav Kumar ordered that film production be practical and simple with a special reference to the state of Uttarakhand. He said the same importance should be given to film production based on local dialect and language as film production based on English and Hindi. Read more

11:30 a.m., July 6, 2022

Railway news: stop of two trains from Gorakhpur has been increased, Darbhanga-Amritsar special will last one round

The stop of two trains running from Gorakhpur has been extended

Due to the construction of the third line at the Budhar station of the South-East Central Railway, the 15231 Barauni-Gondia Express running from Barauni will be canceled from 7 to 20 July and the 15232 Gondia-Barauni Express which runs from Gondia from 8 to 21 July. Read more

02:13, 06-Jul-2022

JKP SI exam scam: SI recruitment scam investigation started, crime branch questioned more than 30 best

JKP SI exam scam: investigation into jkp SI recruitment scam begins, crime branch interrogates more than 30 supervisors

Most of the best who were questioned were not even found to clarify the exam. Read more

10:31, 06-Jul-2022

Kaali controversy: Moitra gets angry and stops following TMC’s Twitter ID, BJP calls for arrest

Kaali controversy: Mahua Moitra upset with his own party's attitude, stops following TMC's Twitter handling

Moitra had said on Tuesday that Kali has many forms. To me Kali means the goddess who accepts meat and wine. Read more

11:22, 06-Jul-2022

Accident: heavy truck crash in the Meerut sardana, painful death of two drivers, corpses removed from the mill

Two truck drivers have been killed in a horrific traffic accident in front of the village of Bhalsona on the Chaudhary Charan Singh Kanwar road in Sardhana. The accident was so severe that the bodies were removed with the help of cranes and sharpeners. Read more

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