Mushtaq Ali used to talk about Sunil Gavaskar, but he is not young, he is not afraid.

Naveen Jain. The late Captain Mushtaq Ali Sahab, a resident of Indore, a cricketer of Padma Shri, once asked me while doing an interview, why do today’s boys wear helmets, also known as canopies on their heads? In response I said it is only used as a protective shield. Mushtaq sahib laughed and asked Sunny, also known as Sunil Gavaskar, to never wear a helmet. Don’t you love your life? Because of his knowledge and enthusiasm of cricket books, he shows the way to the balls of all the stormy bowling players in the world.

To say that means to be Sunil Gavaskar, that is to say, to be a player full of confidence and to take risks. Sunny, also known as Little Master, will turn 73 on July 10, 2022. When he left for the West Indies in 1971 under the leadership of Ajit Wadekar, it was also reported in the media that Wadekar could have him fired. some first with the new ball.

The formalities were completed by Abid Ali, Eknath Solkar and D Govindraj. The Indian team had arrived after defeating a foreign team for the first time on their own ground, so Sunil Gavaskar and Dilip Sardesai, as the successful partner of Javed Akhtar and Salim Khan, were considered the authors of success of this whole script, but it gets another name.From Salim Durrani. Durani Sahab changed the course of the match on this tour by grabbing the ports of the great Clive Lloyd with his two consecutive fast balls and then Sir Gerry Sobers in the second. Salim Durrani, of Afghan descent, who was simply said to be happy with this success, danced for a long time at the end of bowling. Then Sunil Gavaskar, standing on the slides, said to him: Uncle, if the celebration is over, then let the party go on.

Sunny’s figures are as if he made Everest 10,122 runs for the first time in 125 test matches. He made 3092 in one-day matches. For the first time when a team led by Kapil Dev won the World Cup in 1983, Sunny was also on that team. An atmosphere of happiness was created as people ran towards the shoes, bats, gloves, stalks, bells of the Indian players. In this procession, Sunny and some other players stormed in such a way that they had to sleep hungry, because at that time all the restaurants in the said city were closed. It used to set its entrances in the same way that the best weaver bird in the world, the sparrow, makes its nest.

Hundreds of Sunny were also almost certain because he never became a victim of nocturnal nervousness. He used to stop looking at the scoreboard. Many times, when he stole a race also known as Sneak, after a standing ovation he would know, we win today’s first fort. Sunny often disliked aggressive baptism. This work came with him, the opening act itself. Chetan Chauhan, of Indian descent, a Farooq engineer living in London, used to do well.

Myself. There was a lot of potential in Ramnath Parkar, but he died prematurely. Today it is surprising to think that in Sunny’s time there were fast bowling players like Michael Holding, Dennis Lillee, Thomson, whose body language was more frightening than his speed, but Sunny watered down all his anger or intentions in a sol cop. It so happened that even faster than wind, light or sound, the ball would have thrown Sunil Gavaskar’s bat or hand out of the lane or slipped. It would also have happened that Sunny’s bet placed on the front foot to assist the ball would also pass behind the back foot, but it was also almost certain that in the next pair of balls, Sunny would cut the player’s receipt from all four.

The Pakistan team was also famous for turning the cricket ground into a battlefield against India. The gardener often shouted for Sunil Gavaskar, his head was broken. Sachin Tendulkar would have been welcome with these words, today he will go straight to the hospital with the stretcher. Pakistan’s basic problems are very natural. One of them is also a thunder cloud that often doesn’t rain. And angry cynics respond with laughter or the success of their work, which is why in the following years Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar began to rule the hearts of Pakistani peoples like Lata Mangeshkar.

Due to the terrorist activities of this neighboring country, India broke off relations with him for years. A few years later, Sunil Gavaskar went to Pakistan with the team under the Government Cricket Diplomacy. ‘India. The parties went well, but the rulers of Pakistan are always doomed to keep catching something new or another. Cricket was considered a game of friendly, cultured and civilized people. That is why Sunil Gavaskar is a wandering example. Yes, once in Pakistan, he was so angry with his referee that the matter was dealt with in some way. They threw eggs, fruit and jute slippers at him for slowly playing in the Kolkata test.

Sunil Gavaskar responded to this humiliation by simply saying that he would not return to this city. Well, Sunny has been respected all over the world. Demolished on the field of play. Sunil was silent, but the media around the world stripped the skin of the said bowler. Once on tour in England, when he completed his century, a girl dressed in a bikini was about to run away from him, which Sunny, tilting her whole face with her hand, hid it, but the mention of this incident, and the photo went very viral. Sunil Kamal’s timely response has also been there.

A journalist asked if your record of ten thousand runs has been broken? now? Yes, what happened? Everest was first climbed by Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. After that, the girls got there, but whose name is taken first? A Pakistani journalist asked, “You know Noor Jahan. No, sir, I know Lata Mangeshkar.” Sunil Gavaskar has said that if he had not been a cricketer, he would have been a doctor or a writer like his aunt.

Her two wishes were fulfilled in such a way that she helps the poor children in the surgery. He has also written books such as Sunny Days, Runs and Ruins, Ideals, and more. His column writing and reciting aankhon dekha hai in Hindi and English is as enjoyable as listening to an orchestra. He wrote, and said that a phrase is the work of every generation, that successes have hundreds of parents, but failures? In fact, failure is an orphan, an orphan.

Edited by: Viplove Kumar

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