Vidyut Jammwal said: you can’t keep girls from intimidation or suppression, let them make up their minds, vidyut Jammwal talks about his upcoming film Khuda Haafiz, chapter ii, agni pariksha and women’s safety.

Well-known actor Vidyut Jamwal, who is called the youth icon of martial arts, is in discussion these days with his film ‘Khuda Hafiz 2’. Interestingly, the first part of his ‘Khuda Hafiz’ was much appreciated in OTT, but now his film will be released in cinemas. At this meeting, she talks openly about her film, martial arts, the reasons for doing the chosen roles, advocating for women’s rights, politics, the army, and her fiancée Nandita Mehtani.

Thus, the meaning of Khuda Hafiz would have been, may God protect you. What does Khuda Hafiz mean to you?
Someone asked me today that God Hafiz is called during the march, so I said you can always take God’s name. This word has always been a part of my life, but now I have begun to understand it more deeply. It’s like a good mantra for me. It is very close to my heart.
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Your Khuda Hafiz One came to OTT and your movie will be released in the movie theater, are you nervous? Why have Hindi movies been unable to show their magic at the box office for a long time?
I think there are a lot of movies that have to be seen in cinemas. They are basically made for the cinematic experience. The different kind of action I try in my movies, you can see it in the movie theater. I don’t know about nervousness, but I’m very excited. It is also no less interesting that Khuda Hafiz appeared in One OTT and Two Theaters. It’s always happened to me that I do something and the world says it’s wrong and then everyone starts doing the same thing. When Khuda Hafiz One entered OTT, people said they should have waited in the theater. But it was a big hit at OTT and then a lot of great movies came out at OTT. Even when I played a villain in ‘Force’, a lot of people told me I was doing it wrong when I started my career with a villain. In the future, I will never be able to be a hero. But I also became a hero. I think one should always listen to one’s own mind and not that of others.
Vidyut Jammwal’s song “Rubaru” and Shivaleeka’s “Khuda Hafiz Chapter 2”, the unique journey of love, have been released
What’s so special about this movie for you?
This film is special in every way, because it is a film that is very popular in the era of the pandemic. It also gave me a chance to explore myself as an actor. In the movies I’ve done before, I’m a soldier or an action hero, who has a gun in his hand and is focused on eliminating his enemies. Here is a family affair and when the anecdote comes home, the man changes. I think my excitement as an actor has come out a lot in this film as well. I really enjoyed making my character.
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You have a very high name in martial arts, you have countless fans, but you still make selected films, the reason?
There are two reasons for this. Look, you will eat as much food as you want. I get deals from a lot of movies, but not all movies excite me. People used to say that if you work with a director like that, it will be amazing, but I didn’t like it. Now there has been a small change, be it the food I want, I ask for it and I ask for it. That is, the directors I have to work with, I do them. I do the roles I like by heart. In the future you will be able to see me in more movies than before.
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How did you get the response from your India Ultimate Warrior TV show?
He received a surprising response. A lot of people told me that this show changed their lives. A boy and a girl have fought for the first time in a live show. When I received the script for this show, I thought that boys will win with their physical strength, but I know that girls are no less strong, so for the first time in the history of India, a girl and a boy they have physically fought. Whether it was wrestling or boxing, the competition between the two was tough on everything. There were boys on one side and girls on the other, both had to show their physical strength and mental health. And the interesting thing is that the girl won in this and I was very happy.
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You have always been an advocate for women’s concerns. You’ve also given training in self-defense martial arts for women, but what do you think is most important for women right now?
The initiative we are working on at the moment is the freedom of women, that is, that the girl can do whatever she wants. You have to start this from your home, the girls have to be self-sufficient. Girls have to tell their siblings that wherever they go, I go with the right people. The mother can do it too, because we think that if the boy leaves home nothing will happen, but if the girl leaves, something bad or bad will happen. Why so brother? How long can we keep them insecure and intimidated? I want to tell parents that if your daughter goes to America, let her go. We want girls to have confidence in themselves. I think girls know they can protect themselves, we need to change our minds. It will take time, but I guess we have to start.
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You are also ideal for your fitness. What is the fitness mantra?
Is this what I learned from my mother? He does all the housework, but he also knows which child he ate or not. I think that along with a passion for fitness, it’s also important to incorporate it into your routine. If you are passionate about fitness, you will find time in 24 hours. Physical fitness is not just about physical appearance. People think I’ll be happy to do workouts. If I touch the dumbbells, my body will look like a bomb, but it’s not. If that were the case, not all bodybuilders would be depressed and unhappy. I think that along with fitness, mental shape is also important. Young people should not only contribute to Sholay, but also strengthen mental health
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How are you aware of the economic, political and social situation in the country? Are you the son of an army, was there a lot of controversy and controversy over the Agneepath plan?
My father was in the Army, so I have seen that BSF, Armed Forces, CRPF, whatever the forces are, no one gives them much importance. I think whatever the government, I don’t care, but if the country’s army and the country’s defenders are happy, everything can go well. I think people should be happy, even though it’s hard to please everyone. I think people’s basic needs need to be met. I understand that if the government is not able to give, the rich must be distributed among the poor. I mean, whoever is capable, should help the incapable. As for the Agneepath scheme, some solution needs to be found. Sometimes we celebrate, sometimes we create a clamor. Sometimes we give so much importance to someone who becomes God. I think everything will be fine, because what goes wrong lasts little.
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How much does your girlfriend Nandita Mehtani complement you? How did he perfect you?
I believe that if a person is complete with himself, then no one can make him perfect. If you are complete and satisfied with yourself, then you can give it to the person in front and the same goes for the person in front, then at this stage I am very happy.

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