Why was only the Hindu religion sacrificed for freedom of speech?

In recent times, many of you should have tried to understand the meaning of Hadith-Quran-Shariah, but nothing would have come to hand. Because there is a lot of confusion in that. Well, have you ever looked for Skanda Purana, Upanishad, Manu Smriti, Guru Granth Sahib? No? do you know why Because, Lord, you can save anyone by writing anything, but God bless you, you cannot speak of Allah ji. If you do, in the morning, if not yours, the neck of someone in the family will be hung.

Leena has once again mocked Hinduism through her film.

tolerant or indifferent

Now there is no need to talk about how love for religion becomes a passion. Yes, the Hindu religion has been made to be trampled even in their own country since time immemorial, so they make fun of themselves more than outsiders. Another name has been added to this highly intelligent species: documentary filmmaker Leena Manimekalai. As he premiered the poster for his film in Toronto, he must have had no doubt that the reaction would be like this.

According to him, mother Kali means woman, and the flag as a symbol of pride, that is, with the LGBTQ community in hand, that is, mentally progressive and cigarette in hand means – that is? progressive? Modern? However, whatever it was, Lalli didn’t feel a little scared?

Nor would I have felt any fear while making such an image of Maa Kali, because Hindu is the only species that forgives mistakes for behavior and that is also the reason for our situation! Leena Manimekalai has probably been showing art for years keeping her hatred of Ram ji in her heart, she had said in 2017 “Ram is not God, the BJP’s vending machine! It means that the reason for hatred is also so superficial!

Before the canvas, the artwork went on Twitter where they hate a particular person and party! Shiva Shiva Shiva The idiot Hindu religion is neither the power of your father nor the power of anyone’s ancestors, but still, in the name of personal resentments, religion lies. Also, in the name of feminism and pride, you smoked a cigarette showing Maa Kali as a supporter of pride! Wow German!

Your freedom of expression and creativity is just to make fun of this religion or you will demonstrate your independence and intelligence by writing some slogan, and so on. in the name of Allah ji?

eternal tolerant

You were able to do it because you knew that in your absurd creativity in a distant country, no one will come with a knife to your father’s neck, no stone will break the glass of the window of your house where your mother will cook your father’s food. your choice. If it happens, just protest and some people will wait for an apology with a demand to remove it immediately and that is all, you and all the Jamaat intellectual will shout “Hello there, Hindu fundamentalism” hitting your chest and crying everyone the media!

Remember that all this is happening when all the bomb blasts, the terror in another country, capture you, consider only a nine-year-old girl, as the property of your minions, to consider a woman as something beyond the body of this world … wide problem, it’s a face. Other than these, almost no one teaches fanaticism with such enthusiasm.

Freedom of expression – Progressive treatment towards Hinduism

Even today, a section will talk about freedom of speech, the same section on the fanaticism of Islam, connecting its mouth with Favicol, sees the mountain rain, mother Mamta, the animal, the forest. In 2015, 12 people were killed and almost as many wounded as cartoons were made in the name of the Prophet Muhammad after entering the office of a French newspaper!

In 2020, a French teacher was cut because he showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to children. While the famous painter MF Hussain made nude works of art of Hindu deities without. Although after that he had to leave the country, but so far the smartest people are saddened by the protest against him in the country.

In the movie PK a trick in the name of God was also shown and ignored without giving much importance. But this question was also asked of Hirani Sahib, why no one asked questions about the facts of Islam in any dialogue. So even after understanding who is tolerant, the dog’s tail is not straightening and now this raid!

By the way, it is better to spread the raita, because in the path of tolerance there is nothing but jealousy and severed neck.

India struggling with hypocrisy and bigotry

Where, on the one hand, a citizen has lost his life just by mentioning a book written on a page of the religious books of a religion and the chains of fanaticism have begun to connect with terror, while double-minded behavior towards to the other religion it widens the gap making it larger than. Where the faith of a religion is being dominated by fear and terror, the Hindu religion itself does not stop calling them fanatics and antiquaries intolerant at all.

This attitude is also of the educated people of the country who are involved in widening this gap by moving away from their responsibility, ignoring politics, social sciences and history. Have different views on religion and questions have been asked about all forms of expression.

Now how far this problem will go, only time will tell. Where another loving and forgiving habit of peace makes Sanatan Dharma great, it also deserves this mockery for the people. Time will tell what the expression will be like in the near future and how much freedom there will be.

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