no arrest; FIR in Chandigarh 5 days after the incident; furniture payment problem Chandigarh AAP councilor is reserved for assaulting a contractor, without arrest; FIR 5 days after the incident; furniture payment problem

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  • Chandigarh AAP councilor booked to attack a contractor, without arrest; FIR 5 days after the incident; Furniture payment problem

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Accused councilor Ram Chandra Yadav.

At the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh police have registered a case of assault against Party Councilor Aam Aadmi Ram Chandra Yadav, a resident of Small Flats of Dhanas and other unknown assailants. The councilor and his associates are accused of seriously injuring Panchkula District 16 resident Pradeep Bansal and his driver, who was doing furniture business in the industrial area of ​​Dhanas Community Center, five days ago in the evening.

Sarangpur SHO police station Rohit Kumar says the councilor has not yet been arrested. At the same time, if the sources are to be believed, the accused party councilor Aam Aadmi is also calling for a cross FIR. If this happens, the matter may later go in the direction of the solution. Police have registered a case based on the medical report and statements of the injured furniture contractor Pradeep Bansal and his driver. An x-ray and CT scan of the injured were also performed.

Case registered in these sections

The case has been registered in Articles 323 and 342 and 34 of the CPI, Article 323 is related to malicious damage to any person. In this case, the maximum penalty is 1 year in prison or 1,000 rupees fine or both. At the same time, Section 342 is related to the illegal confinement of someone. It also includes prison sentences of up to one year or a fine of 1,000 rupees or both. While Article 34 is of common intent.

There was a dispute over the approval of the furniture bill

Councilor Ram Chandra Yadav of Room No. 15 in Chandigarh was at the Dhanas Community Center at the time of the incident. Contractor Pradeep had come to see him in the evening. He wanted to settle the furniture bills given to his municipal corporation that were pending. According to the councilor, his bills were withheld because there was a defect in the furniture supplied.

The injured contractor (in white shirt) and his driver in the assault incident.

The injured contractor (in white shirt) and his driver in the assault incident.

Corporation officials had to pay their bills. He had no role in it. However, there was a discussion between the contractor and the councilor at the social center. After that, the contractor and his driver were allegedly beaten by the councilor and his associates. At the Sarangpur police station, both parties had reported each other and accused each other of beating. However, after a thorough investigation of the case, the police found the councilor wrong and a lawsuit has been filed against him. The contractor had alleged that Ram Chandra, along with his associates, had assaulted him and his driver.

accused of withholding payment

The contractor had accused Ram Chandra Yadav of stopping his payment. Furniture was installed in the community center of Dhanas. According to the councilor, the wood had started to swell and there were collapses. The quality of the furniture was not good. Therefore, the corporation had filed an objection to its record.

According to Ram Chandra Yadav, the contractor’s call was received around 5.30pm of the incident and he insisted on meeting. The councilor was due to meet with the engineer at 6pm in Mohali regarding some construction work. In this situation, he had called the contractor at the community center. After which the incident of aggression took place. During this time rations were being distributed at the community center.

Police accused of unilateral action

Councilor Ram Chandra Yadav, accused in the case, said the police have taken unilateral measures. Yadav said Bansal had come to his office and not him had gone to his office. He made the attack. The audience had thrashed Bansal. He had fallen down the stairs, breaking his nose and bleeding.

The contractor has the support of BJP: Yadav

According to the information, in the complaint, the contractor has accused the councilor of demanding expenses. On this, the councilor says that if there is evidence, he should present it. He never called the contractor or the phone. Yadav said the contractor has the support of BJP. He is against the BJP in the corporation house over the issue of building a 50-bed hospital in Dhanas. The BJP councilor wants to build a hospital in his Dhanas ward. That’s why BJP is doing all this to defame him. This is the pressure of the BJP. Yadav said he had also met with the SSP on the matter, but police acted under pressure from the BJP. There is pressure from the BJP on the police.

Chandigarh AAP Convenor Prem Garg.

Chandigarh AAP Convenor Prem Garg.

Who ignored the councilor’s complaint when they told him: Garg

State party chairman Aam Aadmi, Prem Garg, has raised the question of why the police are not filing a case against the contractor for stepping in and raising his hand over the civil servant. Why is the councilor’s complaint ignored and at whose request? He said that when the councilor had not called the contractor, why did he come to see him by force. At the same time, when the councilor has nothing to do with payment, there is no reason for the contractor to meet with the councilor. Why would councilors blindly sign any paper for defective goods?

Prem Garg said Councilor Ramchandra Yadav had told contractor Pradeep Bansal that he had no role in paying for the furniture. Still, contractors were pushing to meet. While the furniture had many flaws. Ramchandra Yadav was only asking the SDO to fix the merchandise.

If the case is not registered, there will be a face-to-face demonstration

Prem Garg has also demanded that the quality of everything that has been supplied by this contractor to date should be thoroughly checked. All tenders awarded to the contractor and the payments made to him must be audited. On the other hand, if the report is not filed against the contractor for the councillor’s complaint, the Aam Aadmi Party will strongly oppose it and hold dharna and demonstration.

Chandigarh BJP President Arun Sood.

Chandigarh BJP President Arun Sood.

Money was demanded, beaten, a case passed, where did BJP: Sood come from

Chandigarh BJP chief Arun Sood at the AAP addressed BJP on this issue has said that Ram Chandra Yadav asked for money to approve the contractor’s bills. He later hit him. So the police have filed a lawsuit against him. Where did the BJP come from in this whole matter? This is an issue between the contractor and him. The AAP party is making allegations about the BJP without any reason for the case to be registered under its pressure.

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