On the one hand it is said that son and daughter are equal and on the other hand even the water of the daughter’s house should not be drunk, why: Deepika Singh

Actress Deepika Singh, who touched the hearts of people like Sandhya from the hit series ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ on the small screen, is now playing on the big screen with the film ‘Titu Ambani’. The film, directed by Deepika’s husband, Rohit Raj Goyal, raises the important question of girls ’responsibility towards their parents after marriage. In this regard, we had this special conversation with Deepika-

Your film ‘Titu Ambani’ raises the question of the daughter’s responsibility towards parents after marriage. While, it has been the custom of our society for daughters to be alien riches. After marriage, her in-laws are her home. Are you married, what has been your experience in this subject?
Look, we’ve all heard it. Today many parents raise daughters as sons, which makes them successful. Daughters are also entitled to parental property, but no one talks about equality in the responsibility of son and daughter. Like, someone only has one daughter and she has given him everything, but in old age when he needs his daughter, our traditions are such that they can’t even ask for help. Their soul will not listen to them, even if they are lying in the crib and the daughter goes to the car, even then they will not tell the daughter that we need a doctor or a hospital. The same thing happened to me. In Kovid’s time, I later learned of my mother’s condition that she had had so many problems. How many times do I feel like I later find out about their problems, because no matter how much you have, they can’t ask for help for their self-esteem. These things are deeply rooted in our minds. There is also a saying that after marriage you should not drink or water from the daughter’s house, why brother, on the one hand you are saying that son and daughter are equal. Give them the same care. On the other hand, even the water in the daughter’s house should not be drunk, so why parents would also teach the daughters alike, they know that the daughter should become a stranger . The wood of our old age will not be made. Why can’t the old man’s cane be just a boy, why not a girl? So I think we’re talking about equality, but in part. We also need to talk about equality in responsibility that when a child takes care of his parents after marriage, why can’t a girl take care of him? We showed this theme in an entertaining way in the film.

Are you also making your big screen debut with this movie, so did you try out movies or did you make a home movie?
I didn’t try at all. I’m so busy with my life that I don’t have time. I’ve been getting movie scripts for many years, but I didn’t think I should do anything so interesting. Even in this film, he did not know that he would play the role of Moushumi. It was a home movie. Rohit (Deepika’s husband and film writer and director Rohit Raj Goel) was working on it. I used to listen to scripts like that, I never heard them. When all the actors were finished, I was asked to do this role. The paper was very good, so I did.

You’ve always played strong characters on screen. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing women in our society?
There are many challenges. It is not so easy for us to stay in our career, because the responsibility of the house lies with the woman. It’s also a multitasking, which can play a lot of roles, but it goes a long way to doing the best of everything. Girls are so excited that daughter, wife, mother try to do their best in every role, but many times we are not able to pay attention to our exercise, diet, sometimes we are not able to do better in the work. in front. Like, I also have a lot of responsibilities at home. Managing a lifestyle in this, training, diet, I am also learning Odyssey dance, so it is not easy to manage all this. It is difficult to advance in this race. In this situation, many girls choose to be home teachers, because we don’t know anyone else who motivates us. If the boy sits at home, you’ll tell him hey, why aren’t you going to work, I’ll help you, but no one asks the girl why you’re not going to work. We have to motivate ourselves. We also need to be motivated.

What is the mantra of your happy marriage and work-life balance?
Both partners have a role in a successful marriage. I think Rohit and I are more friends than partners. We would like to see ourselves grow and climb the heights of success. I always say you have to remember that when you were connected in that relationship, what you were thinking about. When we remember our first day, then everything else becomes easy. Other than that, keep busy, do what you love. Since I do so many things, then you don’t have time to think nonsense. Even if someone says something angrily, then you don’t have enough time to sit and cry, then it is very important to do something for yourself. You’ll also think that hey, I could have given this an hour to my son or my husband, why I’m doing a roll on Instagram, it can make you feel the world, but don’t think about the world, think what gives happiness.

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