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Many people can expire alive, but many people cannot even expire. Many people expire in life with a single push, while many people do not expire even after pushing their whole life. When do San Kabir, Tulsidas and Ved Vyas win? Great men do not expire. After a hundred years, his people remembered him. He discussed them. The expiration date of the rest of the common man is set. Some people retire and get so nervous that unfortunate networks arrive and eventually die. Sahara Rahela, the GA ego of Job Aisna Logan. Hey, we worry about thinking that if we lose going to the office, we live it. Without an office, we assume the expiration of your own closures. Installed at Sugwa’s work stop. From which things are permanently out of your mind, limited to the extension of your life, they are signs of expiration. The possibilities of life are endless. Tabo ego fixed the limited range and the ghurial expires in Ohi. Man of the ego that remained in the prestigious position, its arrogance and bad behavior did not stop crossing the limit time and time again. Otherwise, when he retires, he will see his Kehu asking. By saying that his ego has opened up. For one reason only, he used to scold all the men in the house. He complained to all the members of the house. As a result, the people in the house want to keep their eyes on it. Poor lonely family. Ta oo jeete caducat gail barde. You have no relationship with Kehu in society or questions at home. Leave yourself alone. Some men expire in youth. Oh young people, aside from talking for a long time, what qualities do you see in your kara. Kehu’s work could not be done. Others hope that Dosar Kehu will continue to help them. Even if you don’t help Kehu. Who doesn’t see the revenue? What are the characteristics of the personality. Make an effort by making income. Get in the habit of being burdened by the other. Just keep thinking that you should deal with this load of okra. If you say anything about the conversation, you should see that your close intellectual Kehu has come. Live okre with jekra sange du din. Aisne kahaut banal ba for the sake of logan- “Not for work, for the enemy’s grain.” Expired closures.

In Hamani society, some people talk to each other about the flaws of others, others don’t pay attention to the flaws they have. The elders used to criticize Kehu Dosra for Jauna’s defect, and then they understood that it was the fault of the Oahu man. Kehu liked to criticize the bad guy but realized that the bad guy looked like Okro. The people of Aisno used to criticize / slander for no reason all day. Hey, they’re intoxicated. U kucharai do not speak, do not eat them, do not sleep well at night. Most men move away from Aisna Logan. When Kehu saw the empty dungeons in Raura, Rahabe Karb, the survivors of Raura okra. People who do aisan kucharai hello with a negative approach. Okra is not a glass half full of pumpkin, half glass empty of pumpkin. So this person could be called expired by the variation of man. Negative people expire. Jekra in life, in behavior at work, in addition to negativity in behavior, there is something new, you expire na kahai ta ka kaha hai? Only criticism, condemnation and long conversations about Kehu’s demerits. Try something positive. There is a lack in every man. Only oo apna ke perfect mind. Aisan for the good of people all over the world, people in the rest of the world are in vain, suffering from bad qualities. Jo aisne ba ki kehu mig pantalons, corbata aa coat pahir leu aa fullpants i kameez, corbata aa koat wala logan bromes.

Famous cricketer Kapildev said in the Ego interview: “The negative thing / event of every man in his life, never comes face to face with the negative fact / event; He transformed negativity into positivity “. What are the saints and saints called? It is said that why do you behave like Kehu with us? How to react? Our behavior comes from our thinking, our personality is created. Kehu misbehaves, but okra is the fault of the personality. By reacting to okra, we say that you have damaged your personality. We behave in the most balanced way possible. Psychiatrists say overreacting is not healthy. A man who struggled with this was always restless. The saints and saints of the past also live as social reformers.

Even after Kehu retired from work, even after Bhaila, he lived an active life with a positive spirit, so that Gila’s office did not expire. A lot of people don’t expire on the fence, but a lot of people are on the fence. In the category of people in society, who did the work of his own family, he fell into the category of expired logan.
Efforts could be made to ensure that our money does not expire. At least the house of victory should not expire.

(Vinay Bihari Singh knows Bhojpuri, the opinions written in the article are personal.)

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