The child’s future will be safe, open this special account today, the worry of all expenses is over, a good amount will go into the account every month

New Delhi: MIS scheme of the post office: all parents want to ensure the future of their child. Therefore, every effort is made from the outset to ensure that the child’s future is assured. The most important thing is that they start saving for the child’s future. Therefore, it invests in different places, where it also obtains good returns. But it often happens that they don’t get the returns they hope to earn. That is why today we will talk about this mail scheme in which you have to invest once and in return you will get good returns. For example, if your child is 10 years old or older, you can open a MIS post office account in their name. With this, the children will start receiving Rs 2500 every month. That is, you get huge benefits from this account.

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