Violence Ranchi: The question of the mothers of the two young people who died, my son was not a criminal …

  • Anand Dutt
  • For BBC Hindi, by Ranchi

image source, ANAND DUTTA / BBC

Two youths have died in the violence that erupted after Friday prayers in Ranchi. While the state of two or three more is said to be critical.

It will be 48 hours since the police shooting incident during the demonstration, but so far no information has come out from the administration as to why the shooting started.

Jharkhand police spokesman Amol V Homkar has confirmed these deaths to the BBC.

He told the BBC on Saturday: “During yesterday’s violence, we also received information about the dismissal of protesters. Police also fired into the air to control the militants. During this time 12 policemen and 12 protesters were injured. Some people, including a police officer, have gunshot wounds. “

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