Visit of Prime Minister Modi Varanasi: Prime Minister Modi made a gift of 1.774 billion to Varanasi, said: Kashi has always been a constant flow

Varanasi, Jn. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday gave a gift of about 1.75 billion rupees to his Varanasi parliamentary constituency. He inaugurated and laid the first stone of 30 schemes at the Dr. Sampoornanand. CM Yogi Adityanath welcomed him on this occasion.

At the Dr. Sampoornanand, Sigra, Varanasi, said that the great divine Navya is once again giving impetus to the development festival taking place in Kashi for eight years. Kashi has always been constantly changing. Kashi has shown a nationwide image that has heritage and development. Such a legacy that the work of making it grand, divine and new continues. This development, which is the roads, streets and pools of Kashi, is in constant motion from the ponds, ghats and gates, from the train station to the airport.

Prime Minister Modi said that if a project ends in Kashi, four new ones are started. Even today, the first stone of dozens of projects worth more than 1.7 billion was laid here. In Kashi, billions of dollars worth of projects related to roads, water, electricity, education, cleaning and beautification have been started. Billions worth of projects are being worked on. Souls are constantly trying to bring innovation to the same body. Education Skills Environment Sanitation When there is a business impetus, new institutions are formed. When places related to faith and spirituality are decorated, development is progressive.

If everyone has electricity, water, home, development is sensitive. Today, there are three things in development, dynamics, progressivity, and sensitivity.

The prime minister said I am happy with the way Kashi-conscious citizens have done the job of giving direction to the country. The message has been given that the country cannot benefit from shortcuts. Some leaders may be good, but the country and the people are not well. Remember that in 2014, outsiders used to ask, there is as much chaos here as it will be fixed. His concern was justified, wherever he looked, there was room for change, room for improvement. It seemed like the work hadn’t been done for decades. In such a situation, it was thought of as nothing more than a shortcut to giving to the people, but I would be grateful if the people of Banaras would have chosen the right path. It has been bluntly said that the work must be such that it fixes the present and the future must also benefit Banaras for many decades.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today we are seeing that when powerful planning is done, the results also come out. Where has Kashi’s infrastructure gone today? Because of this, all farmers and young people benefit. The business is growing. The rickshaw driver also says he has a lot of work to do. The employer says a lot of goods are being raised. The business of building materials, including steel, cement is increasing in the construction of houses, roads. Kashi is moving in the direction of employment. Today ring road, wide national road, Babatpur city link road around Kashi. ROB, Flyover, all this is making life easier for the people of Banaras. This installation will increase even more.

For us, development means development of the poor, young people, mothers and sisters. The Prime Minister pledged to clean up Kashi and Ganga. He said that with the blessings of Baba Shrikashi Vishwanath, all our resolutions will be fulfilled. Baba devotees will also have the experience of divine, grand and navy Kashi here during Sawan. It is the commitment of all of us to offer an uninterrupted experience of faith and spirituality in Kashi to devotees and tourists from all over the world.

The Prime Minister said that our government has always tried to solve the problems of the poor, has tried to support them in their happiness and pain, from the free Crown vaccine to the organization of free rations for the poor, the government has done nothing. part of your service. Don’t miss the opportunity. We are working quickly on resolutions to provide a pucca home to all poor families and connect all rural families with running water. Work has begun on dozens of water projects under the Jal Jeevan mission. This will greatly benefit thousands of families, especially the sisters. Today more than 600 poor families in Varanasi have their pucca home under Prime Minister Awas Yojana. Congratulations to the classmates whose home dream has come true today. For us, development doesn’t just mean brilliance. For us, development means the empowerment of the poor, oppressed, destitute, backward, tribal, mothers and sisters.

Earlier, the Prime Minister visited the Dr. Sampoornanand, Sigra a Varanasi. In the Banarasi style, he said that in Kashi there were seven festivals and nine festivals. To say that means that every day there is a new Manaval Jala festival. I greet you all. He expressed his gratitude for supporting the election to the assembly. Congratulations.

Earlier, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on the occasion that a world-class modern sports complex is being built at Dr. Sampoornanand de Varanasi. The resort will prepare players for 22 of the 28 Olympic events.

Edited by: Dharmendra Pandey

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