Article: Exploitation of women in the name of custom

The government has taken many steps to end the thought that women are being exploited in the name of custom, but it does not take the name of ending. Among them is also a veil and purdah system. This practice of putting the veil on women in the name of honor has been maintained for centuries. This narrow-minded practice is glorified by patriarchal society with pride even today. Although this practice is seen more in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, etc., but this practice is also common in many villages in the hill state of Uttarakhand. A large part of society supports this practice. Even today it is seen that the elders of these areas support this practice. He considers it a shame, a shame and an honor. However, the new generation seems to be against this practice. What is surprising is that the women themselves support this practice and see it as a ritual. Paruli Devi, an elderly resident of Lamchula village in Bageshwar district of the state, says the veil is our respect, the girls are considered cultured by the veil. He says a woman’s honor lies within the veil. This practice has been done for years. On the one hand, this is an old thought that does not allow this practice to fade away, while on the other hand this practice is becoming an obstacle in women’s development. Through this, his voice is being suppressed. In fact, the practice of the veil is not just the name of covering one’s mouth, but through it those voices and rights are crushed. Those who rise up against the atrocities that happen in society. That’s why women can’t talk openly. The question is whether these women do not have the freedom to put on and wear whatever they want, even though our country has been independent for 74 years. Even today women and girls are not free in many areas because they cannot do anything of their own free will. A woman cannot walk by lifting the veil of her own free will, if she lifts a small veil, why does it become a matter of shame, for the society that supports this practice?

However, with the changing times, voices have also begun to be raised against this bad practice. The new thinking generation is not ready to accept this practice. She considers it an obstacle to mental development, but her voice is still repressed against the veil system in narrow-minded rural society. Due to the social environment and pressure, many rural women cannot openly oppose it. In this sense, the teenage girls of the village Rekha and Nisha say that in the present time, who wears the veil? But in the rural environment it is given more importance. They believe that the veil is the respect of the woman, but more than that, the respect is when both the boy and the girl are considered equal and are offered opportunities. He said that is why women are not able to put their point in front of society. This does not increase the respect of the girls, but it mentally harms them. He insists that this practice must be eliminated. The village Sarpanch, Sita Devi, says women also have to face many difficulties due to the veil system. Whenever a woman leaves the house, it is mandatory to cover her head. He can’t go out without wearing a veil over his head. If a woman ever forgets to put on the veil, she should listen to the teasing outside the house. He said this practice needs to be ended so that women can raise their voices. He says that when we raise our voice, only then will we be able to achieve our rights. There is a need to free women from society suppressed by the veil system.

In this regard, Anganwadi worker Bimla Devi says women need to be freed from the practice that has been tied up in the name of the veil for years. Although this trend has ended in the cities, but in the rural environment, it remains the biggest obstacle in the collective development of women. Today our society is a society with modern ideas, where women and men have the same rights, in this situation, the veil system is a stain on this modern idea, which needs to be abolished soon because it causes a lot of mental suffering to women. .Import. On the other hand, social activist Neelam Grandi says that in rural areas, the veil is considered a symbol of shame and shame, but I think it is wrong. Shame and respect are reflected in the eyes of man and not in the veil. What good is a veil like this where women had to face problems? He said that this practice, which has deep roots in society, needs to be eliminated. That should stop. Today our society advances in all thoughts, in all spheres and in all works, in which men and women have the same contribution. However, narrow thinking towards women in the rural areas of the country is an obstacle to the development not only of half the population but of the whole region. To end this, a public awareness campaign is needed. People need to be made aware against this. To do this, society itself must take the initiative. Apart from that, it should also be included in the school curriculum so that the new generation understands its drawbacks and raises its voice against it. First of all, everyone needs to change their thinking, where the freedom of life of the daughter is supported but the daughter-in-law is considered a symbol of prestige to live in veil.

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Lamchula, Garuda

Bageshwar Uttarakhand

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