At Dainik Shubham Sandesh’s seminar, doctors said: Why is the number of medical schools smaller in Jharkhand?

Ranchi: The dream of Jharkhand doctors is to strengthen the state health system. His dream was expressed at a seminar held on Friday at the Press Club under the auspices of Dainik Shubham Sandesh. He expressed concern about many health-related issues. Along with this, the Jharkhand government’s attention was also drawn to its solution. His biggest question was why does Jharkhand have fewer medical schools than other states? He also stressed the need to organize small hospitals in the state and strengthen the pediatric system.

Dr.Anant Sinha -Director, Dekamal Hospital

Dr. Anand Sinha (operator of Dekamal Hospital) said that in the last 22 years, Ranchi could have become the medical center of the eastern region. The future of the healthcare sector here could have been bright, but it is not visible at the moment. Corporate hospitals have risen less in this area compared to other states.

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Dr. Sandeep Agarwal, senior surgeon

Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal (senior surgeon) said that after the Jharkhand training, we had dreamed that our state would progress very quickly in the field of health. But that didn’t happen. In 2005 I moved from Delhi to Ranchi. At that time I joined RIMS. Everyone has a promotion, but I’m still an associate professor. He said the comfort you get from seeing the smiling faces of patients is not available with money. Everyone dreams, but dreams are still incomplete.

Dr. Ajit Kumar – Surgeon

Dr. Ajit Kumar (surgeon) said that RIMS needs to be made a super specialized hospital. There are only two places for DM studies in Cardiology. DM is not studied in MCh Urology and Neurology. In this situation, dreams are still incomplete. He said that with his effort he has started surgery with laser and laparoscopy at Sadar Hospital. This has reduced the weight of the rims. This system should be maintained throughout the state. He said the Clinical Establishment Act should be simplified so that new and young doctors can move forward. Instead of promoting corporate culture, small hospitals should be promoted. There are 6 medical schools in Patna, the capital of Bihar, while only one medical school in the capital Ranchi.

Dr. Manoj, Microbiology, RIMS

Dr. Manoj (Microbiology, RIMS) said that development in the health sector did not occur as expected. Yes, there have been some improvements to the tires. He said in a questioning tone that the number of medical schools in neighboring states is not in Jharkhand. There are only 9 medical schools in the state. There are also two private medical schools between them. The government needs to pay attention to this. It is expected that there will be a better change in the healthcare sector in the state.

Dr. Abhishek Ramadhir, ENT surgeon

Dr. Abhishek Ramadhir (ENT surgeon) said that in 2014, when I first came to Ranchi after studying from America and Europe, many challenges were seen here. The economy of these countries is different from that of India. We will bring advanced technology to the state, only then will new doctors be able to learn. He said the CEA has become complicated. In this situation, the new doctor will not be able to practice. Things will get better, only then will there be a change in the healthcare sector. He has demanded from the government a medical college in each district. Along with this, the government also demanded the establishment of an ambulance system with helicopters.

Dr. Swati, dental surgeon

Dr. Swati (dental surgeon) said that since 2014 the private practice has started. There has been a change in the system. He said he has worked during the Crown period, but it was expected that the state government would also have private professional service in this epidemic, but it did not happen. He said people need to change their thinking towards government hospitals.

Dr Vikas Kumar, Surgical Neuro

Dr. Vikas Kumar (Neuro Surgery) said there is a need to improve the relationship and comfort with patients. Counting the achievements of his neurosurgery department, he said 8 to 9 major surgeries are performed here every day. About 900 operations are done in a month. He said people should know how the treatment system in RIMS has changed. Our liability is limited to treatment. It is the responsibility of the government to change the system. The 60-year-old structure remains to this day. Change has happened, but the pace of change is very slow. The number of doctors and staff here should increase.

Dr. Abhishek Sinha, Department of Ophthalmology, RIMS

Dr. Abhishek Sinha (RIMS Eye Department) said that we also have life and we are also ordinary people. Patients should also have sympathy for us.

Dr. Ravi Shekhar, Pediatrician

Dr. Ravi Shekhar (Pediatrician) said he completed MBBS from Dhanbad and PG from RIMS. I started private practice, but I went to remote areas and saw that the health care system is not even 10%. Now things are getting better. The treatment of newborns needs to be improved.

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