Find out the reason and solution for why there is a difference in raising a son and daughter, in this article. Why there is a difference in raising a son and daughter, find out the reason and the solution in this article

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  • Why there is a difference in the education of a son and a daughter, find out the reason and the solution in this article

Shilpa Sharma18 minutes ago

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  • If there is a son, he will work outside and the girl has to go home and cook. Sending the son to buy the merchandise at the store, ask the daughter to serve the food.
  • Helping the child with document work: These things may seem small to the eye and hearing, but they have been leading to great discrimination.

It is the need of the day to give equal opportunities to each and every one of our children, whether boys or girls, to learn and grow. This is called gender neutral parenting. For example, if a girl wants to make a gift, dolls, cooking games, etc. are still given away today. and the boys are given a car or outdoor games. We decide in her childhood that if there is a girl then pink clothes and if there is a boy then blue. Gender-neutral parenting is about rising above that thought and giving each child a choice and the right to choose between them according to their choice.
The skill is not related to gender
Imagine if we had taken the spoon-tawa in the hands of Mithali Raj, the former captain of the Indian team, who recently retired from women’s cricket, and forced her to stay there in the kitchen, would have acted the women’s team of India. Soo good?? Let’s say, if a cricket bat had been handed to the well-known chef Sanjeev Kapoor, should we eat the delicious dishes we like to watch in his videos?
Raising gender-neutral parents is important because talent is not born on the basis of gender and each child has their own talent. In this situation, when we give each child the opportunity to be exposed to the options around us, without paying attention to gender, then how many girls will be able to fly in space like Kalpana Chawla and on a fighter plane like Bhavna Kant . and I don’t know how many The boys will be able to become fashion designers like Satya Paul and Rohit Khosla and renowned chefs like Vineet Bhatia and Atul Kochhar. Then these names will not be taken as an exception.
practical loss
The psychologist and parenting expert, Dra. Namrata Singh, says that because of parental discrimination on the grounds of gender, it is generally seen that women are weakened when it comes to making financial decisions, such as getting a bigger house, starting a new business for themselves. new car, etc. That is why women cannot be completely independent. She wants the support and advice of men in everything. In this situation, they begin to consider themselves inferior. He is reluctant to make decisions in advance.
Because of gender-discriminatory education, men hesitate to express their feelings, seek help from others in times of trouble, and become too selfish. As a result, more tendencies of anger and intoxication are beginning to form in men. In today’s society, there is a need for an egalitarian education based on gender.

Teach them both to do the same
On neutral parenthood, social activist Kumud Singh, who works in the field of gender equality, says: “Gender-neutral parenting is very important for a healthy society. In our society, we give birth children for our selfishness.They think that if there is a boy, it will be the support of old age and if there is a girl, the matter stops in their marriage.Thus we bind them to the kingdom even before born and this feeling makes them men and women.
Because of this thought, the girl is forced to live her whole life with the help of a man, while the boy is burdened with family responsibilities and both cannot lead a natural life. While we should be raising the child as a child. He also pays attention to words from toys to conversations with them. The boys and girls eat all the food, so he teaches them both the cooking job. If these poems are taught to children, where a particular work is associated with a genre, oppose it. Make life easy for both men and women.

necessary for the development of both
If you think that patriarchy has only harmed women, you are absolutely wrong. Because of patriarchy, where women were denied education, employment, etc., men were imposed on them by harsh force. They were prevented from expressing their feelings, they were not allowed to cry.
It was said that men feel no pain and men who believed this to be true, crushed their tender and human feelings accessible from within. If parents adopt gender-neutral parenting methods, girls will be able to study, progress, and boys will not hesitate to express their feelings, then they will be able to be humble and water their families with affection. This situation would be better for any society.

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