If you have back pain, do not work while sitting on the floor, the KGMU expert gave these special tips

Lucknow, Jagran’s correspondent. Due to the change in lifestyle and eating habits, the problem of back pain and sore throat has become common in people. To avoid this, some precautions need to be taken. Dr. BK Ojha, chair of the neurosurgery department at King George’s Medical University (KGMU), says one should not work sitting on the floor with back pain. Along with this, you should also avoid traveling long distances and climbing stairs. Dr. BK Ojha answered questions from readers. Here are some key questions and their answers …

There is back pain and there are movement problems. What to do? RK Bansal Indira Nagar

If the problem is more, consult your neurosurgery specialist once. Other than that, you don’t feel on the ground as a precaution. Use a toilet in the bathroom. Don’t bend over and do any work. Do not climb stairs. Do not travel long distances and do not wear heels.

For a long time there is pain on both sides of the back and neck and he showed it to the doctor. Taking medication too. But there is no benefit. Deepak Chandra Barnwal, Sultanpur

In muscle aches, usually exercise and proper nutrition can solve the problem, you may be deficient in vitamin B and B group vitamin complex, so once you go to the neurosurgery department and seek medical advice.

There is a lot of pain in the waist and there is pain in the leg. Isn’t that a serious problem? Priya Singh, Khurdhi Bazar

This is a common problem in which there is leg pain due to back pain. You may be deficient in calcium. Include lots of vitamins, protein and calcium in your diet. Also, avoid climbing stairs, bending over to work, and traveling for a long time.

There is neck pain. Does this problem get worse in the winter? Vinod Gaur, Ayodhya

This problem can occur due to the weakness of the bones or the lack of a proper sitting posture. The condition can be improved by increasing the amount of protein, vitamins and calcium in the diet. Apart from this, the use of painkillers for pain should be avoided.

Is there swelling and pain in the left waist and the weather has not changed, sleeping on a sponge mattress increases this problem? Mangesh Prajapati Hardoi

Sleep on a mattress instead of a sponge mattress. Also, don’t be in a hurry as you go up and down the stairs. Do not work by bending over and if the problem worsens, consult your doctor in the neurosurgery department.

For a month sometimes there is neck pain and dizziness begins. After 15-20 minutes, this problem is solved. Naseem Raza, Sultanpur

Sometimes a cold in the nose reaches the ear, causing dizziness. Although it happens to very few people. The problem can be cured with better diet and exercise.

My father is 75 years old, in 2011 there was a paralysis attack. He had neck surgery in 2014. There is now unbearable pain in the plants and at some point he ends up alone. Hansraj, Bahraich

Because the problem is chronic, in such a situation, you should take all of your father’s old research and treatment papers and show them once to the neurosurgery specialist and seek medical advice.

He had fallen on his head 15 days ago. Then there was back pain. I had taken the medicine after teaching it to the doctor, but it still increases the pain when I lie down or get up. Vakul Mittal, Chandganj

The meat needs some time to heal. The medications you are taking are for pain, they will work. If the problem persists even after 15 to 20 days, once come to the neurosurgery department and consult.

Two months ago, the woman felt back pain, in the investigation a ligament fracture was found in L-5 and L-4. Will this problem last a lifetime? – Bittu, Indira Nagar

Most people with these types of problems get better by resting. Other than that, continue the medication you are taking. If the problem increases, consult a neurosurgery specialist immediately.

The hands get numb for a while, why is this happening? Anjali Kalyanpur

This may be the beginning of the spondylitis problem. Add protein, calcium, vitamin D and B complex to your diet and take medical advice at the same time.

My mother is 65 years old. He has an arthritis problem. Apart from that, the vein is also buried in the neck bone. Due to old age, doctors do not want to operate. Is the problem serious? Amit, Saharanpur

Depending on your points, the patient has problems with many joints. Medications will work for this. Other than that, if any problems increase due to pinching of the neck vein, consult a neurosurgery specialist.

I am 28 years old. There is pain in the head and there is a noise in the neck. Is it a serious problem? Amit Verma, Lakhimpur Kheri

The sound of a cut in the neck may be due to joint problems. If the headache does not get worse, it is normal. Improve your diet and get plenty of sleep.

When we were in the village, there was back pain while lifting the shed, since then that pain has not been cured. What to do? Pramod Pandey, Ayodhya

There may be a problem with disc prolapse. Avoid falling or leaning to lift or work. Avoid long trips and consult a neurosurgery specialist immediately.

There is back pain from the afternoon to 15 to 20 days. There are no injuries anywhere. What to do? Mohit Rajput, Rajajipuram

If there is no injury, seek medical advice immediately. Other than that, the problem can be solved by exercising, eating better and taking some precautions.

There is constant pain in the waist to the feet. Improvement after taking medication? Subhash Kumar, Sitapur

There may be a problem with spondylitis or disc prolapse. To do this, you need medical advice and also take some precautions. Avoid taking painkillers.

After 10 pm the headache begins and sleep arrives. It is cured by drinking hot water. What to do? Loknath Prajapati, Vibhuti Khand

This problem can be caused by the lack of a proper routine. Bring changes to your routine. Do not eat painkillers and get enough sleep. It is possible that due to lack of sleep, there is a headache.

I have tremors. I have been seeking medical advice since 2016. The longer I take the medication, the longer it will be true. After that, the problem happens again. Amita Singh, Lakhimpur

In most people with epileptic seizures, nothing can be found in the research. Some people have to take medication for the rest of their lives. Take care of your diet. Take the medicine on time. Don’t take stress and get enough sleep. If the problem increases, consult a neurosurgery specialist immediately.

For the past four to five years, there is pain in the lower back, in the back, in the spine. What to do? Anurag Shukla, Charbagh

This problem is common. Excess calcium and protein in the diet and exercise can solve the problem.

My father is 60 years old. His body trembles as he walks. Vibration occurs. What to do? Siddharth Kumar, Sitapur

From the age of 60, there may be a Parkinson’s problem, so consult a doctor in the neurology department.

Edited by: Anurag Gupta

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