In the new Hindu nation, even the deities will have to be purified according to the majority!

It is said that man sculpts his gods in his image. Agyeya has written that if a man had the form of a horse, his gods would also be ashwamukh. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian, your idol will also have to be a vegetarian and give up bad habits.

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“Give money to the fool, don’t give him your intelligence.” You don’t know Mahua Moitra, so those who know her are asked to pass on this advice to her without asking her. There is also a warning in this council of ancestors. He who foolishly tries to give wisdom to a fool, can suffer many kinds of losses. There is a high possibility of physical damage to him.

Or if the fool is a member of the ‘Andher Nagari’ royal family, legal harm can be done. Is it because a fool doesn’t want to look stupid? Or remind her of her madness, anger? Is he an unconscious fool or a conscious fool? The saying of this family that can be awakened is the sleeping one, not the awake one? But it is true that if a fool is a stickman, then it is better to keep a bamboo away from him.

These instructions came to mind in view of the linguistic and legal battle that is taking place following a promotional poster for Tamil film director Leena Manimekhalai’s film. In addition to Kalpana’s excitement, the director released the poster for her film in which she sees herself disguised as the goddess Kali. Having fun smoking a cigarette and with them is the banner of the LGBTQ + community. He released this poster before the premiere of his documentary ‘Kaali’ in Canada.

It would be wrong to say that Leena must have had no idea what would happen after that. A new online continuously awakened Hindu Vahini that has been created in the last 8-10 years, immediately broke into Leena. Black and cigarettes? It is good that he is far from India or else they would have already thrown him in jail like Zubair, but like distance education, distance abuse, rape, murder, threats of cutting – his throat, everything has reached him.

The work of abuse is done only by those who have the strength of modesty, character, and culture. If the target is a woman, then the imagination of rape and if the man is a woman, the members of this Vahini want to have the pleasure of slandering the women of their family under this pretext. Because Twitter can be seen and read all over the world, it is exposed daily to traditional Indian culture. Because of this, the flag of pride of India is so high that you cannot escape its flame in any corner of the earth.

So which Canada is safe too? The soldiers of this corps are also active there. Like America and Europe. There has been FIR in Leena in various places in India. The government of India has also given an official response. By a letter from the High Commissioner of India to Canada, calling for action against this poster and film to hurt Hindu sentiments.

Twitter has also removed this poster after that. At least in India it will not be visible! It is possible that the government of India will ask the government of Canada to extradite the culprit. Canada is not in India or else police in many states would have nailed Leena to court, which would have sent her to at least 14 days in jail without notice.

If this poster is not there, what will happen to these feelings, it has been done just to do it. Are these feelings Hindu or Hindu? Is there a feeling and a hurt feeling? What category is this?

Is this the same feeling that was hurt when a Muslim shopkeeper wrapped a rooster in a scrap newspaper because when he was about to throw the newspaper with the rooster, he saw in it the image of Hindu deities? Then, that foolish shopkeeper on seeing that devotee, to hurt his feelings, wrapped the rooster in the same piece of newspaper where the image of the divinity was printed?

The truth we know. We have been making practical use of the images of our deities ourselves. How to paste your pictures to make sure people don’t spit on office stairs. It was at the bottom of the wall. At that time we do not think if this use is correct. Should a place be given to gods and goddesses near their feet? But now that question is no more.

Here, you see many rituals in which the Brahmin gods are on the ground but their host is sitting in a high chair. What gives charity and dakshina, your place should be on top.

Get to know these examples. Anyone can say they are our gods and goddesses, we can do whatever we want with them! The priest is a question between the host, why do you lavish? Who are you to ask?

After the attack on Leena, she said that Kali is not a Hindu goddess. Its source is tribal. They are not even from northern India. Her Kali is the goddess of the Dalits, the tribes, she participates in her pains and happiness. Eat and drink whatever they eat, they also enjoy the same. They don’t have a lot of tantrums.

But Hindus say that she is their goddess. They are revered. Those who are worshiped by Hindus in northern India cannot consume meat or liquor. It is useless to remind them of the Shakti tradition, sacrifice, etc.

It is said that man sculpts his gods in his image. Agyeya has written that if a man had the form of a horse, his gods would also be ashwamukh. So if you are a vegetarian, your worship will also have to be vegetarian.

This vegetarian Hindu is more under the influence of Hindutva. It is not tolerated that another type of Hindu be vocal than him. If they are, that’s it! Stay, don’t say there are more Hindus.

All gods will also have to become vegetarians and abandon bad habits. Before they were addicted to meat, liquor, ganja, datura? Now in the new Hindu nation, they will have to purify themselves by joining the drug addiction campaign. Therefore, artists like Leena will not argue that their Kali should not abstain from tobacco, alcohol. Nor will Mahua Moitra’s argument that Sura be offered to Kaal Bhairav ​​be accepted.

I belong to the Panda community of Deoghar. The pandey would understand better to give up life than to imagine a life without flesh. But when I see that most also support this “vegetarian” policy of violence, I understand that it is not a matter of real faith.

There is no faith that is hurt. How can someone reciting Durga Shaptashati not remember the honey of the goddess? Will this be edited now? Or would Madhu mean only honey?

Vegetarianism and “satvik” behavior is a lie and hypocrisy. Therefore, Mahua Moitra’s objection makes no sense. A narrow language of northern India wants to capture all of India. Its only merit is its population.

Because of this strength of numbers, he dared to ask the people of Kerala to celebrate Vamana Jayanti. Because of this number, he went to Bengal and raised the motto: No Durga, No Kali, Only Ram and Bajrangbali. ‘

Maithilis, Bengalis are being ashamed of fish and meat. The Muslim Hanta Hindutva is a vegetarian. If you’re not a vegetarian, be wary!

Leena is accused of making a poster like this to make fun of her! Had he done so, it would have been a matter of complaint. There is no challenge on the poster. He did not address anyone. Seeing this, it is known that she is the actress who has taken the form of a goddess. This black is the imagination of the Dravidian region, not the black of the North Indians. She is also the friendly goddess of society tykt, tikt. They are not the means to kill the demons on the side of the gods. they are axioms.

Anger is at this declaration of autonomy. Permission is only to be a swayamsevak, not to be axiomatic.

(The author teaches at Delhi University.)

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