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Rakesh Sharma, Kathua: With the onset of the rainy season, there is danger of flooding in many places in the district. This is probably also due to the fact that the government’s flood control department does not even have enough funds available to deal with the flood threat of the last three years. Therefore, the agents of the department must also strive on this occasion to stop the flood with empty hands or, otherwise, the people of the affected area will have to be vigilant to defend themselves in case of produce such a situation.

This is why the apprehensions of the people living on the banks of the most affected Ujj River, prone to flooding in the district, have begun to haunt them. When it rains, people living by the river get stuck. In recent years, the government has kept idle the department created for the safety of life and property of people by not releasing funds. Agents don’t even have a job in the office.

There are currently five subdivisions of the flood control department in the district, which include Kathua, Hiranagar, Billawar, Basohli and Bani, but in these five divisions, the government has released funds of only 10 lakh rupees for the prevention of floods under the UT’s capex budget, which is like cumin in a camel’s mouth. The department is trying to stop the flood with stone boxes instead of building a safety dam with concrete, i.e. cement works, where there is more danger or emergency situation with 10 lakh funds, only temporary arrangements are made with these efforts. Although, every year at the request of the people, the department makes a plan to provide the appropriate funds to the government, but the government does not make any implementation. This leaves people in the area affected by the floods alone. Box—

There are dozens of villages located on the banks of the Ujj River in the district, areas affected by the floods.

As every year, in this rainy season, the risk of flooding increases due to excessive rains like Chang, Sakta Chak, Summa, Nangal, Pandori, Chhabbe Chak, Tangdeya Pura and so on. During the rains that occurred a few days ago, due to the flooding of the Ujj River, the rice cultivation of hundreds of land canals in Chang and Chhabbe Chak was ruined. In the Ujj River, this situation is created not only this time, but in the floods that come every year. Because of this, every year hundreds of arable land canals are eroded by floods. Apart from this, there is the risk of flooding in the low areas of the cities of Mathra Chak, Gadayal, Chhapaki, Chadwal and Hiranagar along the Tarnah drain. The area from Jarai to Ravi and Barala to Sahar Khad, Sherpur, etc. they are areas affected by floods. People’s problems increase every year due to flooding in Billawar’s Beal, Naaz and so on. Box — The Ujj River wreaks havoc every time after heavy rains

According to Prithvipal Singh Nikku, Sarpanch of the Valley, the Ujj River is wreaking havoc every time after heavy rains in the district. In this, sometimes animal and human life also becomes a threat. Apart from that, hundreds of earth canals are flooded every year. Crop is also affected in this. The Chang and Chhabbechak areas are the hardest hit, but the government is not taking any steps for their safety, even after repeated demands. Efforts are made to wipe away the tears by placing only stone boxes. For the past three years, no work has been done to prevent flooding in the threatened Ujj River.


The camp was organized to make people aware of staying away from the river

On Thursday, officials from the flood control department organized an awareness camp with the help of the SDAF and Civil Defense team in the Chhabbechak area of ​​the floods affected in Ujj Darya. At the camp organized by DC instructions, in the presence of the local sarpanx, people were asked to stay away instead of approaching the river during the rains. Apart from this, it was also recommended to their goods and cattle not to approach even near the river at this time. In addition, the camp’s SDRF and Civil Protection team made residents aware of how to protect themselves and others in the event of a flood. In the event of an emergency, the SDRF and the Civil Protection team were asked to provide immediate information for relief and rescue. Box—

10 million plan submitted, not yet approved. According to FR Bhagat, executive engineer of the Flood Control Department, there are some such rivers in Kathua district, where the danger of flooding persists with every rain, but concrete measures need to be taken for prevention. even have funds. For the past three consecutive years, no funds have been received from the district department to stop it with the plan. In such a situation, they have no choice but to empty their hands and make people aware. A few years ago, as part of the ten-year flood protection and management work program, funds worth millions of rupees were released from time to time, but after the formation of UT, they are also closed. No funds are provided to your department in the district’s annual plan. Even now, three months ago, it has sent a 10 million plan for proper flood prevention, which has not yet been approved, it is raining and there is danger.

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