Presidential Elections: Is It Easier for the BJP to Be President?

  • Vineet Khare
  • BBC Correspondent, Delhi

image source, @rashtrapatibhvn

Highlights of the presidential election in India

  • Nomination before June 29, voting on July 18 and results on July 21
  • The total weight of the votes for the presidential election is 10.80.131. The candidate who gets more weight than 5.40.065, will win
  • 767 deputies (540 Lok Sabha, 227 Rajya Sabha) and a total of 4033 deputies will be elected by the President. The weight of the vote of each deputy is 700, that is, the total weight is 3.13.600.
  • The weight of the vote of deputies is decided by the population of the state and the total number of deputies.
  • UP has 208 deputies and only 7 in Sikkim
  • The total weight of 4033 MLA is 5.43.231. Thus, the total weight of the election is 10.80.131.
  • To win 50%, that is, more than 5,40,065 are needed

The term of Indian President Ram Nath Kovind ends on July 24 and, according to the Constitution, the election of the new president should end sooner.

Faced with this, the Electoral Commission has announced the presidential election on July 18.

The Electoral College, elected by the President, is made up of members of both Houses of Parliament, as well as the Legislative Assembly and Territories of the Union.

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