Ramachandra’s ‘Prakash’ is over! The shadow of “Ghupp” dark in the political career, now JDU leaders began to measure “status”, once they became leaders, deputies and ministers

Patna: RCP Singh was completely left out of JDU. Until a year ago, Ramchandra Prasad Singh was the most trusted chief minister, Nitish Kumar. There was a number two position in JDU. The force was such that whatever was wanted was put into the organization. The one who was amused, got a ticket for Vis-Vip. In which his eyes were turned. Prior to becoming Union Minister, JDU’s Ramchandra status was discussed. Time took such a turn that everything was destroyed. The light from which RCP Singh used to illuminate was snatched away. Therefore, there was silence at Ramchandra’s political entrances. Ramchandra Prasad Singh had no position or prestige or status within the match. So today, set aside the talk of the great leaders, even the small leaders show the mirror and measure their status.

Ramchandra’s Naya is staggered in the middle

Once the political foundations of CM Nitish Kumar’s most confident partner, RCP Singh, are swaying as he gets stuck in the middle. This time it is Khevanhar who has turned his face. After joining Modi’s cabinet, JDU’s Ramchandra was surrounded by his own people. Upon becoming Minister of the Union, he turned to Nitish Babu against himself. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may not have publicly expressed his anger over CPR, but he received a message from Lalan Singh and Upendra Kushwaha. These leaders had long ago said that their countdown has begun. Nitish Kumar did all this quiet work. RCP Singh first had to hand over the chair of the national president to Lalan Singh. After that, Nitish Kumar refused to send RCP Singh to Rajya Sabha for the third time. Ramchandra Prasad Singh felt that in the last round Nitish Kumar would agree and make Ras the candidate again. but that did not happen. The situation became such that CM Nitish Kumar was not even ready to talk to his RCP Singh, very close. That image of the wedding ceremony in Bhojpur was seen. It was then clear that the worst phase of JDU’s Ramchandra policy had begun.

The CPR statement that fell to the ground created a stir

The term of Rajya Sabha of RCP Singh ended on 7 July. Earlier, on July 6, he resigned as Union Minister. He arrived in Patna the next day after resigning. Upon his return to Patna, his statement further fueled the fire. Ramchandra of JDU said as soon as he arrived in Patna that he had become a minister by the grace of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. RCP Singh has even said that whatever it is or is done, it is done for his hard work and dedication. After that, the eyebrows of the JDU leadership were raised. At the end of the night, the mirror was displayed at RCP Singh from the side of the match. It was clearly said on behalf of the party that what you have in politics is due to the grace of Nitish Kumar. Nothing of its own.

Ashok Choudhary measured his condition

The next day, Friday, Nitish Prime Minister Ashok Chaudhary’s special minister measured Ramchandra Prasad Singh’s status. Chowdhary said RCP Singh is not even capable enough to mobilize five thousand people. The minister very close to Nitish Kumar said that the fact that RCP Singh became a minister by grace of the Prime Minister has made it clear that Nitish Kumar did not agree to become his minister. Ashok Chaudhary said it is ridiculous to say that RCP Singh was created for his own work, while Nitish made him a deputy, party general secretary and even party president.

The match went from 71 to 43 due to CPR: Nishad

Ramdhandra of JDU had arrived in Patna on Thursday evening and had thrown the flames into the fire making a statement. In the afternoon that same day, the JDU management showed the mirror to RCP Singh without delay. The former national president of the party was shown a mirror by the state spokesman. State spokesman Arvind Nishad said that if the person who became deputy, party secretary general and president by grace of Nitish says he is done for his hard work, then the truth is that because of the his hard work, the party has reached 71 to 43 seats in the assembly. Recalling RCP Singh, the JDU spokesman said that by the grace of whom he was Rajya Sabha MP from 2012 to 2022?

JDU’s Ramchandra will help build a professional career

RCP Singh has said he will guide Bihar youth for career creation. At the same time, young people will also receive training on how to become a successful entrepreneur. He said the number of young entrepreneurs in Bihar is much lower compared to other states. His interest has been in studying from the beginning and he will wake up in the morning to study books. Apart from that, it will help strengthen the JDU party. It will add new youth to the party and take the party further under the leadership of Prime Minister Nitish Kumar. RCP Singh said he himself has left his mark with his effort and strength. He is a straight man and always walks upright. Right now they are going to the village, for the time being they will stay in the village and be present wherever the workers call.

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