The girl had a new spine made of “rope”! spine scoliosis surgery made of rope in tlif vertebral body ligament surgery

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  • Doctors made the spinal cord with a rope
  • Amazing surgery from a 13 year old girl
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Currently, spine-related problems are seen in many people. Poor sitting posture, poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, aging, uncontrolled diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on. they cause pain in the spine, which is called spondylitis. Spinal rotation can also occur in many people due to injury, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or other reasons. This condition is called scoliosis. In this condition, the spinal cord turns to one side and the person appears to be tilted to one side. A case has recently surfaced in which a 13-year-old girl also had the same problem. The team of doctors successfully operated on this girl and made the girl’s spine with a rope. This girl is slowly recovering. So do we know how to support the spine with the help of a rope?

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(Image credit: Burjeel Hospital)

The name of the girl whose spine is made of rope is Salma Naser Navaseh, who is 13 years old. Salma is a resident of the Arab country of Jordan. His operation was performed at Dubai’s Burjeel Hospital. Salma has become the first girl in the Middle East and North Africa region to undergo this unique surgery. Salma’s spinal cord has been repaired with a rope and is now recovering after the operation. According to doctors, Salma started walking the day after the surgery.

Rope is given to support the spine

Salma, 13, had undergone spinal cord ligation (VBT) surgery some time ago. In this surgery, the spinal cord is supported with a rope and then tightened with a screw. The rope is tightened with the help of a screw, until the rotation of the spine is correct. Once the column is in the correct position, screws are placed on all parts of the column. VBT surgery is currently famous only in a few countries, such as America, France, and Germany, but for the first time this surgery was performed in the North African region.

Salma is recovering

Salma is recovering from surgery at Dubai’s Burjeel Hospital. Doctors say he will soon be able to play tennis as before. According to the report, Salma’s parents had first realized in April 2022 that their daughter’s body was tilted to one side. Then, when he taught the doctors, he said his daughter has scoliosis. Although this problem begins to appear in the child from birth, but in many cases, scoliosis occurs between 10-15 years. Most cases of scoliosis are mild and do not require surgery. But in some cases, scoliosis can cause heart and lung problems.

Speaking of Salma, there was a 65 degree turn on her spine. Dr. Firas Husban, a consultant orthopedic surgeon at Burjeel Hospital, Dubai, led this surgery. According to Dr. Firas, scoliosis is seen in many people. Your patients can be treated in three ways, observation, bracing and surgery. If someone shows mild symptoms of scoliosis, they can be treated with an orthogen, but Salma had a lot of torsion in her spine, so she needed surgery.

According to doctors, Salma was the right patient for this procedure, whose bones could not grow properly. Salma is recovering after surgery and will be able to return to school after two weeks and return to her old lifestyle without any restrictions after four weeks. Salma began walking on the second day of surgery.

These people do not have this surgery

In 2019, VBT surgery was approved by the USFDA. It is the latest invasive technique that can correct the curve of the spine while maintaining mobility and flexibility. In this surgery, the incision is smaller and the risk is also lower. However, not all patients with scoliosis can have VBT surgery. This surgery is only done on children older than nine years. VBT is most effective if someone’s spine is bent 45 to 65 degrees.

According to Dr. Firas, “This surgery involves making an incision in the abdomen with an endoscope for spine surgery. There may be some damage to the soft tissues of the back during VBT. There is no loss of blood compared to spinal fusion surgery.After the operation, the pain is less and recovery is also faster.

What is spinal body ligation surgery

Spinal body connection (VBT) is a surgical treatment for patients with scoliosis. The treatment was approved by the FDA in August 2019. In this growth modulation treatment, a flexible cord is used to bring the patient’s spinal cord in a straight line. Some patients with idiopathic scoliosis use spinal cord ligation surgery instead of spinal fusion surgery.

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