Tree-man became a police officer, took on the task of defeating the entire state

The whole world is talking about global warming. Experts give warnings constantly. Many countries are working hard on this. India also raised this issue on the world stage and is working continuously to achieve this on the ground. In the midst of all this, an agent stationed in Chandigarh has emerged as an example. He showed how every human being can do better for the environment. He was determined to bring vegetation like Chandigarh to his village and with his hard work planted about 1.5 lakh of seedlings in four districts of Haryana. The special thing is that he did not receive financial help from anyone.

Devendra Sura is a resident of Jagsi, Gram Panchayat of Sonipat, Haryana. In 2011, he was selected to the Chandigarh police. Its publication in Chandigarh turned out to be a turning point. Chandigarh’s greenery and beauty brought a different change to his life. He vowed to make his town and district a green state. He started it in 2012. At first the path was not so easy for him. But he did not give up. Gradually his campaign bore fruit and the youth of the village also began to join in. The newly incorporated youths began to do shramdaan, which gave new hope and way to their campaign.

Speaking to News18, Devendra said: “The importance of the environment and plants was realized after the death of people in the country due to lack of oxygen during the Kovid period. The pressure is on the environment. Gradually many species of birds have become extinct, or are on the verge of extinction, due to which there has been a great imbalance in the environment, and in order to save the environment and the human species, more and more With that in mind, I started the Oxygen Bagh campaign.

Initially, the people of his village mocked and harassed him a lot. The villagers began to say that this work belongs to the gardener (small caste). you do your job

Devendra Sura explained that so far 10,400 young people have joined. What we call “young companions”. So far this campaign has reached about 516 villages. The response from people has been very positive. People are actively involved. He said he has adopted a village called Bighal in Sonipat. The specialty of this village is that many ponds here are absolutely clean and tidy. In this village there are about 7000 trees. See which one has the most enthusiasm and energy.

what is the oxygen garden
This garden where species of trees and Indian plants will be planted. Therefore, more oxygen will be obtained and the birds will have a new refuge. He spoke of the creation of oxygen gardens in about 10 districts, including Jhajjar, Karnal, Dadri and Bidhal of Sonepat, Murthal Gaushala, Bali Katubpur, Chatia, Nadipur Majra, Hullaheri, Katlupur, Gohana Majra, Jagsi.

Why is Oxygen Garden needed?
Speaking about it, he said the air is becoming poisonous due to the pollution. Life gets shorter. Everyone is thinking to themselves. Doesn’t it come to people’s minds that what will we give to the next generation? Oxygen gardens are very important for this, so that people can be aware of the environment.

Nursery, 40,000 tree plantations,

So far more than 1.5 thousand tree trunks have been planted in Jhajjar, Karnal, Dadri and Sonipat. While sharing the photo of his nursery, he said he has built a 40,000-plant nursery with the help of young friends. The planting of these plants will be done during this year’s monsoon.

How do you encourage the general public?

Tree-Man while speaking to the News18 team said that now a campaign will have to be started to plant seedlings on every happy occasion. Free seedlings are distributed to people at the wedding, rice, birthday, wedding anniversary. Those who call and ask for plants, the plants are delivered to their home. This instills love among people for planting trees.

How this initiative began
He started this initiative from his Jagsi village. Initially, the people of his village mocked and harassed him a lot. The villagers began to say that this work belongs to the gardener (small caste). you do your job But little by little the young people of the village began to unite and began to give their shramdaan.

He says, “Swami Vivekananda had said, ‘Any revolution can be made if 100 young people come together with a powerful idea.’ have planted more than 1.5 thousand tree nurseries in Jhajjar, Karnal, Dadri and Sonipat.As he shared the photo of his nursery, he said he has built a 40,000-plant nursery with the help of young friends. of these plants will be made during this year’s monsoon.

Answering all questions, from tree planting to maintenance, he said the responsibility for this lies with the young fellows. They make the barren land suitable for planting trees and plant trees in it and protect them until they grow.

about cooperation
He said: “The help is of two types. One is financial. Second psychic. I have a lot of support from my family. Even today my family’s expenses are covered with my father’s salary and all my salary goes to My mother, father, wife and children Karna and Bhumi have contributed a lot, this is not my registered organization, so people who know my work help me financially: Shyam Lal Punia, Sonepat IAS officer, gave his full salary for a month.Many young people also help us financially by doing shramdaan.There are some young friends who are working now, they help us by giving their salary.

Speaking of support, Treeman explains: “Here time is more important than financial aid. Whoever gives their time, the pace of our work is accelerating. On DGP Praveer Ranjan of Chandigarh, he says, ‘Help me in this campaign facilitating my posting. ”He said Praveer Ranjan is reducing my duty for the month, so I can work on my oxygen garden campaign.

what the future holds for this campaign

The future of oxygen Baag, Yuva Sathi, Devendra Sura

Until my retirement, I would like to prepare many young friends of this type who will carry out this campaign and try to make Haryana green.

Speaking of the future, tree man Devendra Sura says, “Until my retirement, I would like to prepare many young colleagues who will go ahead with this campaign and try to make Haryana green.” Speaking of two of his young colleagues, he explained that a colleague works at the Reserve, which donates half of his salary to this campaign. At the same time, another colleague working at Haryana Roadways has pledged to contribute to the campaign by staying single for the rest of his life.

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