BJP aims to win Punjab Fateh in 2027 on the way to municipal elections and Lok Sabha

Author: JagranDate Posted: Sat, July 9, 2022 11:18 PM (IST)Date Updated: Saturday, July 9, 2022 11:18 PM (IST)

Correspondent of Jagran, Jalandhar

The Bharatiya Janata Party has prepared for Punjab Fateh. Union Minister of State Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, who arrived on a three-day tour under the housing plan in the seat of Jalandhar Lok Sabha, has given a target to the BJP team. The BJP is aiming for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Punjab, but is preparing to fight Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party through the corporate elections to be held sooner. On Sunday, Niranjan Jyoti will oversee the rainwater sewer and smart road work on the 120-foot road, sports complex and surface water project in Burton Park.

Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti arrived in Jalandhar on Saturday morning and will now stay here until Monday and try to identify the pulse of the people by holding various programs, party meetings and discussing with prominent people. . He called on all workers to complete their preparations for the 2024 elections. He said that if the BJP wins in 2024, in 2027, the BJP will gladly win in the Punjab. He inspired the workers to work by giving the Mera Booth slogan Sabse Strong. The Union Minister has brainstormed on city politics with the central committee of the Jalandhar Urban and Jalandhar Pastoral Unit, the Lok Sabha Basic Committee, district office officials, mandal heads , charges on various fronts of the party. He aimed to keep among the citizens the eight years of work of the central government. Before arriving in Jalandhar, former Sadhvi minister Niranjan Jyoti, Manoranjan Kalia, state vice president Rakesh Rathore, head of Lok Sabha migration program, Anish Sidana, coordinator Puneet Shukla, former deputy Krishnadev Bhandari, l Mayor Sunil Jyoti, North Dehati District President Amarjit Singh Amri, State Spokesman Mohider Bhagat, Surinder Mahe, Rajeev Panja, Kittu Grewal, Sarabjit Singh Makkar, District Secretary General Rajiv Dhingra and Bhagwant Prabhakar welcomed him . Call to protect the smart city project

During several meetings there was also a brainstorming session on the Central Government’s Smart City Project. On the Smart City project, the Union Minister said the central government will ensure that the money coming for the Smart City project is spent properly. He has also called on party leaders and workers to monitor these projects so that there are no riots. Punjab BJP spokesman Mohider Bhagat and Sunny Sharma, who was in charge of Jalandhar West for the program, said many disruptions have appeared in Smart City’s work. Mohider Bhagat said that before the Congress government had damaged the Smart City project and now Party MPs Aam Aadmi have tried to damage its design. BJP is maintained with each section, a special respect for the Punjab

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti said that only in the Bharatiya Janata Party is it possible that the person sitting on the last rung can also reach the highest position in the country. The latest example of this today is NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu. Sadhvi said my background is from a poor family, who had no political background. Working as a worker in the Bharatiya Janata Party, I have reached this point today. Sadhvi said that in the Punjab, the BJP has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of the Punjab. He explained the schemes of the central government to the people of the Red Cross building

In a program organized at the Bhawan Red Cross under the chairmanship of former Mayor Sunil Jyoti, the Minister of State of the Union for Rural Development, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, interacted with the common people taking advantage of central government policies and schemes. . In his speech, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti said that today, under the Ujjwala scheme, gas cylinders have been delivered to all those homes, to those poor families who had not even dreamed of it. With the help of the central government, aid has been given to three million people for housing construction. Today, due to BJP policies, there is a BJP government even in those states where the organization could never be formed. District Vice President Devindra Kalia, Vivek Khanna, Amit Singh Sandha, District Secretary Rajesh Jain, Manish Vij, Raksi Uppal, Sudesh Bhagat, District Media Officer Amit Bhatia, Office Secretary Gopal Krishna Soni attended , Brijesh Sharma, Rajesh Kapoor, the president of the Hitesh Sial circle. the program. , Kulwant Sharma, Mahendra Pal, Sham Sharma, Naresh Arora, Amit Ludhra, Saurabh Seth, Amarjit Singh Goldie, Shiv Darshan Abhi, Harsh Bhardwaj, Baljit Priss, Davidar Pal Singh Lubana, Bhupidar Kumar, Meenu Sharma, Ajay Bharadwaj, H Kishan Lal Sharma, Dr. Vineet Sharma, Anu Sharma, Ajmer Badal, Bal Krishna Bali, Rajesh Nona and others.

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