Fear of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the kurta and tobacco of Narendra Modi … Read Interesting anecdote of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar

New Delhi: It wasn’t long before the emergency was over. The name of Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, who was the vice president of India, was one of the great leaders of Jana Sangh in those days. He had arrived at Delhi airport to go somewhere to work. Narendra Modi was with him too. Suddenly, Shekhawat’s eyes changed from Modi to someone else and the color of his face changed. He began to empty his pockets in panic. Whatever it was, he took it out and hid it in Modi’s kurta. Modi was shocked to see all this, he could not understand what was happening. After a few seconds, the person Shekhawat was frightened to see, stood in front of him. This person was the chairman of the Janata Party, Chandrashekhar. As soon as Chandrashekhar got there, he looked in Shekhawat’s pockets. After being satisfied, Chandrashekhar asked Shekhawat for his welfare and he was introduced to Modi.

Modi narrated this anecdote on July 24, 2019 while publishing the book ‘Chandra Shekhar – The Last Icon of Ideological Politics’ in Delhi. According to Modi, he soon found out why Shekhawat had done this after seeing Chandrashekhar.

That 1977 story, Modi’s words

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and I were touring for our party. We were both at Delhi airport. When Chandrashekhar ji was about to leave for work, he was at the airport. It was visible from afar that Chandrashekhar ji was coming … So Bhairon Singh ji grabbed me and carried me aside and put what I had in my pocket in my pocket. And it was happening so fast … why do you put all this in my pocket? Meanwhile, Chandrashekhar ji arrived. Chandrashekhar did the first thing as soon as he arrived. He put his hand in Bhairon Singh’s pocket. Then I understood why (put) my hand?

Narendra Modi in July 2019

Why was Shekhawat afraid of Chandrashekhar?
Modi told the story as he completed it. ‘Bhairon Singh ji used to eat paan, tobacco … all that. Chandrashekhar ji was his great opponent. Whenever Bhairon Singh ji was found, he would grab him and throw him in the trash. Now, to avoid it, Bhairon Singh ji put his things in my pocket … As he narrated this anecdote, Modi said, “Where are the people of the Jana Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party and where is Chandrashekhar ji and the his ideology … but this openness, this affinity … and Bhairon Singh ji’s concern that nothing will happen in the future. ” Living with Chandrashekhar ji is a big problem in itself.

Listen to this funny incident from Modi himself

Chandrashekhar used to call Atal “Guruji”
Born in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, Chandrashekhar was full of “rebel” spirit from his area within him. This feeling was reflected in his behavior throughout his life. He did not shy away from saying buy and sell. As great as he was a celebrity, Chandrashekhar did not hesitate to hit directly. He used to call Atal Bihari Vajpayee as “Guruji”, this is also what Modi said on the same show. According to Modi, in 1991, when Rajiv Gandhi threatened to withdraw support for the Chandrashekhar government, he had submitted a letter of resignation with Vajpayee’s permission.

The Prime Minister of India who said in the face of the Pakistani Prime Minister: Do a lot of intimidation

Chandrashekhar’s government functioned at the mercy of Congress, yet Chandrashekhar made many difficult decisions. When Chandrashekhar became prime minister in November 1990, the country and the world were going through a period of instability. The issue of Ayodhya was heating up, the recommendations of the Mandal commission were on fire. Separatist movements were on the rise from Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir to Assam in the north and Tamil Nadu in the south. From above the country was immersed in the burden of debt. Chandrashekhar started managing all this.

Rajiv Gandhi threatened to withdraw support for the Chandrashekhar government, Lal de Ballia gave an adequate response

“Chandrasekhar’s mind doesn’t change three times a day”
When Congress wanted to ignore Chandrashekhar, the “rebel” within him awoke. He asked President R. Venkataraman was sent his letter of resignation. Rajiv Gandhi then sent Sharad Pawar to ask Chandrashekhar to withdraw his resignation. Chandrashekhar replied, “Go and tell them that Chandrasekhar does not change his mind three times a day. I am not one of those who cling to power at any cost. When I decide something, I keep doing it.

Morarji did not want to house Indira Gandhi, interesting stories from the book of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar
In his youth, he faced a legend like Lohia.
There is an anecdote related to veteran socialist Ram Manohar Lohia. At that time Chandrashekhar was the district officer in Ballia. Lohia had ordered a jeep out of Ballia. Chandrashekhar arrived by car. An angry Lohia said Chandrashekhar lied to him. Finally Chandrashekhar got angry and asked Lohia to leave. When the Socialist Party dissolved in 1955, most of the youth leaders went with Lohia, but Chandrashekhar stayed with Acharya Narendra Dev.

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