Honeytrap in Bihar: naked girl on cell phone screen as soon as she gets a call …

Kishanganj: When ‘Mr A’ (fictitious name) received the video call via WhatsApp, from that side a beautiful young woman was seen naked. During the conversation he began to motivate Mr. A for him to have a physical relationship. This line doesn’t come from any grade C movie script, but the Honeytrap gang that operates in Kishanganj, Bihar, is catching people in a similar way. After that, the business of extorting a lot of them through blackmail continues. Navbharat Times.com is preparing a full record of the criminals of this gang of traps and is making it known through this news, so that innocent people are not caught in their clutches.

Innocent people are trapped in a honey trap like this
The Honeytrap gang, which hunts people in Kishanganj district, catches people with complete planning. This gang first collects data by different means and identifies those well-to-do and married people. Girls affiliated with bands usually make video calls after 11 p.m. Calls are always made via WhatsApp. Naked girls are seen on the cell phone screen as soon as the call is received. These girls talk about such things from the beginning that the person stays there. During this conversation, the person is asked to go to a secluded place such as the bathroom, bedroom, and so on.

After that, the girl complicates the man and wears him naked. The girl disconnects the call as soon as the man is naked. The next morning the naked pictures of the person are sent to him via WhatsApp chat. This is where the whole game of blackmail begins. The girl threatens the man that if 10,000 rupees are not transferred to her account in two hours, she will make all these videos and images go viral by tagging her on Facebook.

Fearing that he will be stained if he marries, he immediately transfers the money to the specified bank account. After that, the game continues continuously. Sometimes a demand of 5 thousand rupees is made to a person and some days 10 rupees.

When some 60,000 rupees were extorted from ‘Mr A’, a victim of a honey trap, he told this to his friends. After that, these people went to find some presentation police officer. He advised that, first of all, stop transferring money. The police officer said that when these people do not get money, without wasting time, they start framing another customer. Along with this, the policeman has assured that he will investigate it from his level.
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On condition of anonymity, Navbharat Times.com has conducted a comprehensive study of the case of four young people. The first case is of the young victim Mr. In (fictitious name), the study of the remaining three cases is as follows.

Case study: 1
Another similar case has come to light in Kishanganj district, in which the alleged girl named Neha Sharma first befriended a young man from the Digalbank blog on Facebook and then made a naked video call, but the young man disconnected the called as the intent of this cybercrime. Diya and deceived narrowly escaped.

Case study: 2
These scams are also committed from outside the country. In the second case, fraud was proven by calling +44 ISD in the same way by making naked calls. In this case also the victim showed his understanding and was saved from deception.

Case study: 3
A young man from the city of Kishanganj, who narrowly escaped being the victim of a fraud, said a girl named Shabnam allegedly sent him a friend request on Facebook. After growing up, one day she received a video call on WhatsApp, during which she was naked. But feeling the girl’s intention, he put his finger on the camera of his phone. After a while, the call disconnected from there. Then, the same day in the evening, he also made a video call again from the same number. The young man did not answer the call.

These four cases came to light, but it is not known how many such people in the district have been robbed by being caught in the network of naked video calls.
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Cybercriminals make video calls from previously unknown numbers. When answering the number where the call is coming from, the woman gets naked or semi-naked in front of her. As soon as the call is received, the cybercriminal takes a screenshot or a screenshot. The picture of the caller and the caller is shown in the screenshots. After that the blackmail process begins. The girls threaten that if he doesn’t give the money, he will make his image go viral on his social media account. In this type of crime, the victim gives money to save his honor and reputation. For this reason, the police have made a call not to receive video calls from unknown numbers.

what the police say
Amar Prasad, SHO of the Kishanganj City Police Station, said: “These cases come to the fore, but people do not register complaints with the police station. A few days ago, a person had lodged a complaint with the Kishanganj Police Station. “The city of Kishanganj, days after the incident. In most cases, people don’t complain at the police station. People should be careful. No unknown video calls should be received. However, if someone he is a victim of blackmail or intimidation, there is a call for him to report it to the police station.Because after investigating from the complaint, we can get to blackmail and intimidate people.

Report: Rajesh Kumar Shyamsukha

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