Kanwar Yatra 2022: Departure of Ram Jhula to Rishikesh and return of Janki Setu, leave home only after seeing this traffic plan

Correspondent from Jagran, Rishikesh: Kanwar Yatra 2022: After the closure of Laxman Jhula Bridge, now Janki Setu will be his replacement for Kanwar Yatra. The best part is that Janaki Setu will be the first test in the direction of carrying the load of a large crowd. Devotees going to Neelkanth Mahadev temple on behalf of Tehri district police will be sent from Ram Jhula bridge and back from Janaki Setu. In the three-lane Janki Setu, the middle line will be used for the Kanwariyas and the two side lines will be used for the two-wheeled movement of the local people.

Kanwar Yatra traffic plan completed

The traffic police and Munikireti police have completed the Kanwar Yatra traffic plan. Traffic inspector Siddharth Kukreti said earlier the Laxman Jhula bridge was used for the departure of devotees to the Kanwar Yatra. Now the bridge is closed. With the construction of Janaki Setu, it will now be used in the Kanwar Yatra.

Devotees will be sent to Neelkanth temple from Ram Jhula bridge. Kanwariyas returning after having darshan will be returned from Janki Setu’s midline. The two lines on the default side of the bridge will be useful for the movement of local citizens through two wheels. Local citizens can also walk from the Ram Jhula bridge.

The traffic plan has been prepared while maintaining better coordination with the Rishikesh and Laxman Jhula police station area police. Large vehicles will stop at the sloping car park of Chandrabhaga Bridge. Neelkanth will leave Garuda Chatti vehicle. He will return by ravine from Neelkanth. Appropriate police will be deployed in the area. SPO help is also being received.

– SP Baluni, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Tehri Garhwal

Traffic plan under the Thana Munikireti area

  • During the Kanwar Mela, traffic from Haridwar will go from Nepali Farm Shyampur to Natraj via Dhalwala-Bhadrakali-Brahman and Mod-Tapovan Tiraha-Brahmapuri to Neelkanth.
  • As they return from Neelkanth, Kanvad passengers and vehicles will leave for their destination via Garudchatti through a bombing raid.
  • Vehicles (trucks, tractors, small elephants) of Kanwar passengers will be parked in the Chandrabhaga Dhalwala Bridge car park and in case of heavy traffic the vehicles will be parked in the Kharashrot car park. Once the parking capacity is exceeded, the vehicles will be parked at the IDPL Parking Rishikesh.
  • Two-wheeled kanwar yatris will park their vehicle in the Kailash Gate car park
  • Vikram Auto will not go beyond Adi Kranti Chowk Kailash Gate
  • Except for large vehicles coming from Srinagar-Devprayag, all vehicles will be sent to the destination from Natraj Chowk via the Brahmapuri Tiraha-Tapovan Tiraha-Bypass route as before.
  • During the day, large vehicles will stop at Gular, Shivpuri and Vyasi as before and the circulation of large and heavy vehicles will be from 22.00 to 4.00 hours.

Traffic layout for the oncoming traffic during Kanvad Mela

  • Haridwar at the Nepali Farm – Shyampur – Natraj Chowk – Dhalwala – Bhadrakali – Brahmanand Mode – Tapovan Tiraha – Brahmapuri Tiraha – Garudachatti – Neelkanth

Traffic layout for rear traffic during Kanvad Mela

  • From Neelkanth to Garudchatti-Barrage-Haridwar

Pedestrian exit agreement

  • PWD Tiraha a Shivanand Gate- Ramjhula-Garud Chatti- Neelkanth

Pedestrian return system

  • From Neelkanth to Garudchatti-Janki Setu-Madhuban Tiraha

Travelers should not go to the forest, the forest department will report

In view of the Kanwar Yatra, the Forest Department has begun preparations for passenger safety. Two mobile teams will continuously patrol the area under the Motichur mountain range on the Yatra route. A customer service has also been set up to warn passengers of the danger and prevent them from entering the forest.

Motichoor camp officer Mahendra Giri Goswami said eight forest service personnel have been put on duty, who will patrol day and night from Motichoor to Nepalifarm. To this end, a rescue vehicle and a motorhome have been kept in reserve. A Satyanarayan Mandir assistance service has been set up through the Ecological Development Committee, which will inform the Kanwariyas about the route of the trip, the danger of wild animals, and so on. Apart from that, information panels are also being placed along the route. The felling of bushes along the road is over.

In fact, much of the Kanwar Mela area passes through the Rajaji Tiger Reserve. There are presence of dangerous animals like elephants and guldars in the Motichur mountain range falling on the yatra route. Especially from Khandgaon to near Satyanarayan temple, Guldar activity is high.

The nearly six-kilometer road from Motichur to Nepalifarm is fraught with extreme risk due to the activity of elephants, guldards and other wildlife. In recent years, there have been many incidents of attacks by these wild animals on Kanwar Yatris and other passers-by around these places. On the other hand, unaware of the danger, Kanwar travelers often sit on the edge of the forest to relieve their fatigue. Many enter the forest to defecate, and so on.

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Edited by: Nirmala Bohra

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