Men forget the birthday, how will they remember to take the birth control pill? So ladies … keep taking pills until old age. Humorous samay raina, sexist jokes about abortion go viral and women fight for birth control

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New Delhi22 minutes agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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Samay Raina is comic. This person with a large fan following recently tweeted. Tweet What a cheap joke, which was related to his girlfriend. He writes: The day before I wrote a funny tweet to my girlfriend after thinking for half an hour. If he didn’t like it, they would delete it. Now, tomorrow, if I ask you to have an abortion, don’t tell me: my body is my choice.

They didn’t stop here. When he was trolled, he immediately made another joke: when the bride can ask him to delete the tweet, I can also ask him to delete her feet.

Let me tell you that this is the same comedy hero, whose heart is filled with the floods of Assam. He was also seen helping junkers many times with full eyes, but the issue of women is different. They are neither flood victims nor garbage collectors. Apart from that, they are mobile vending machines, which have only two functions – to have children – or not. They have no will in this. The customer presses the button and decides if he wants cold coffee or chivda diet.

Men have 2 things … all women should get pregnant, otherwise they will die of cancer and depression!

Be a woman! The Amazon rainforest is burning with smoke and you have a child.

It was April 1807, when there was chaos in the palace of Italy. The right was walking on his heels. The royal men walked fast. Here inside the shaved door of a room was Queen Maria Theresa, who was in labor. In the week of the birth of the 12th child, he was cured of the infection.

History of half-widows, without news of them for years; I also forgot to laugh, but Teej-Karva Chauth doesn’t let anyone forget

We tell you that in the marriage of about 16 years, Maria gave birth to a dozen children and aborted five times. That is, as long as the queen remained alive, became pregnant, or continued to prepare for the next pregnancy.

If the list of queens who died of infection during or after pregnancy is made, then Chandni Chowk’s crowd also began to shut up. The condition of ordinary women was worse. He would give birth to a child while cooking vegetables, or grazing cattle, and during this time he would die of weakness. In all this, men only had such a role that they would have been the husband of the deceased, or the father of the child. After the death of his wife, he remarried and the birth process would continue again.

Finally, in the 1950s, it became the revolutionary pill that ‘liberated’ women. This pink and white pill was the first hormonal birth control. Medicine has been made, but to whom it must be fed! Thus, a group of male scientists selected one thousand five hundred women from a Caribbean island. For years he was given this drug.

Many died of blood clots during the trial. Some committed suicide due to depression and some had cancer. How many were these, no one knows.

The Washington-based Women’s Liberation Front had caused quite a stir at the time. His argument was that women are receiving bullets and men are making statements about their safety.

The scientists in the lab are men. The representatives of the pharmaceutical company are men. In addition, men are the ones who give drugs to their women. They say that after taking the pill, women will not have to bear the burden of pregnancy for the rest of their lives. Your body will be as light as a flower, and your stomach will be as narrow as a thong. What more could a woman want than that! Soon the bullet spread throughout America and spread throughout the world.

I was little, when my father brought a client for the first time, he said: this is the custom, since then I face a rape every day.

Now the woman was free! However, his health was paying a heavy price for this freedom. In 1970, the American science journalist Morton Mintz discovered the data of one thousand five hundred women on the island and wrote two books in a row.

The first book entitled “The Therapeutic Nightmare: A Report” talked about how men control women’s bodies. In his second book, The Pill: The Alarming Report, Mintz described the side effects of the contraceptive drugs he was taking. He explained how these pills spread to all provinces of the world ignoring clinical trials, while also causing problems such as cancer, stroke and blood clotting to depression.

Many women began to die because of the magic of the magic pill. Then the scientists said: these deaths are far less than those that happened during the birth of a dozen children! Exactly correct. As soon as there are women, the favor is free. The men worked hard for their health, their independence, and started calling for side effects!

Here, women not only stopped to oppose, but also began to ask men to take on half the responsibility for birth control. Finally, a few years ago, the World Health Organization took the initiative to find an injection that could become a birth control for men. His trial began with about 9,000 men, but could not last long.

Some men began to complain of hair loss, some began to bleach their skin, while many men became irritable with joy. The trial was to be stopped. This incomplete result was published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. While intimidating to say that waiting for the birth control of men is tantamount to giving them some poison.

But not all men are the same. Many men who are in love admitted that they are willing to adopt birth control for their wife, “as long as” their manhood is not affected. Many believed that since a woman gives birth, it is her responsibility to stop it. 134 women were also included in the survey. Everyone was afraid that men would forget the date of marriage, as they will remember contraceptive medicine!

In 2022! Last month there was a meeting of the Endocrine Society in Atlanta. There, all the scientists (males) while talking about pills for men agreed that the drug should be taken out, but after understanding well the side effects! After making sure the drug doesn’t make men less masculine!

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