Sidhu Musawala’s murder case call from Canada to retired NTC security shooters

Highlights of the story

  • Sidhu Musewala was assassinated on May 29
  • Accused gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is being questioned

A day before the assassination of singer Sidhu Musewala on May 29 in Mansa, Punjab, that is, on May 28, a call was received from Canada to the shooters. At the call, information was given to remove Sidhu Musewala’s security and he was also ordered to execute the incident immediately. We tell you who had called the shooters from Canada and what happened a day before Musewala’s murder.

May 28: Canada’s Goldie Brar phone arrives at exactly 11 a.m. on Priyavrata Fauji’s cell phone.
Goldie- * Hello soldier … Listen, Musewala’s security has been removed and you now have to complete the work with the rest of the boys tomorrow, May 29th.
Fauji- Sir, the job will be done. My team is ready.

We tell you the following story, before we tell you that Goldie Brar’s gang doesn’t tell him by name or by his brother, but as a doctor.

May 29: 10 a.m. … Priyavrat Fauji, Ankit and Keshav were staying in the Kirmara area of ​​Haryana. Here the place of stay of all three was organized by a person named Navdeep. From there all three left Balero for Manasa.
May 29: 10:30 a.m. … Priyavrata, Ankit and Keshav took Deepak Mundi and Kashish with them from Oklana Mandi to Hisar, Haryana. Deepak and Kashish were staying in the hiding place of a person named Rajendra.
May 29: 11.30 am … From Oklana, the five defendants marched to Mansa. Goldie, that is, Dr. Priyavrat and Manpreet call Manu and say you should all get to a dhaba three miles before Mansa.

May 29: 4 pm … At the urging of Goldie Brar, the shooters arrive at a dhaba three miles before Mansa. Exactly 15 minutes later, both the famous Punjab shooters Manpreet Manu and Jagroop Roopa also arrive in the same dhaba. Here everyone starts waiting for Goldie’s next order.
May 29: 4.30 pm …Then Goldie called the shooters. Goldie told the shooters to listen, the big door to Sidhu’s house has opened and you should leave for his house soon. Sidhu is about to leave.

In response, the shooters say … Sir, sir, you leave immediately. After that, the two shooters ’vehicles move towards Sidhu Musewala’s house at high speed. Only Keshav stops at this place. According to the plan, after the massacre, everyone had to gather in the same place.

The Balero car of the shooters stopped at the first Mansa Chowk in the village of Mansa. Then Goldie calls the shooters and says Musewala has left home. Go fast, unsafe in a black car. The shooters say … Sir, sir.

Thar of Moosewala crossed the Balero of the shooters in a very short time. Then the shooter car got behind Musewala. Another car parked at Mansa Chowk also started following the Tose of Moosewala. At one point, the shooters thought that, in the way Moosewala used the canal tracks at the time of recovery to leave home, he would do the same route on May 29, but that day Moosewala did not take the route. of the canal and headed for Jawahar. Then, in the following seconds, Musewala’s assassination took place. This story of the Moosewala shooting has been told by the Delhi police themselves in front of the camera.

May 29: After the massacre ….

Then Goldie called the shooter Priyavrat Fauji. Goldie said you are going to Fatehabad, where a person named Ramniwas will receive you. It will take you to a hotel where arrangements will be made for your stay.

May 29: 10.30 pm … The shooters arrive at the Saawariya Hotel, where everyone drinks beer and spends the night.
May 30: Sachin Bhiwani, Kapil Pandit arrive at the Savaria Hotel by car from Crete. Then the shooters leave the hotel. Crete Sachin led Bhiwani while Ankit, Priyavrat, Sachin, Keshav and Kashish were also there. After walking a bit, Rits ’car arrives, which is driven by a person named Kishan. Kapil Pandit was sitting with him, then Keshav also changes. Now the two vehicles stop on the Rohtak highway in the village of Hansi, where Kishan Gurjar had prepared to stop.

May 31: Keshav, Kashish, Deepak Mundi stay in Toshna village in Bhiwani
June 1: Kapil Pandit organizes a truck for Keshav, Kashish, Deepak Mundi, in which all three leave for Ahmedabad. Meanwhile, Goldie gets a call back to Fauji. Goldie says listen, Fauji, delivers 6 weapons to Vineet, also known as Babban. The soldier says- Sir, sir. After that, Priyavrat Fauji delivers a total of 6 weapons to Vineet, alias Babban. According to Goldie’s order, after that Priyavrata Fauji, Ankit, Sachin, Kapil got on another truck from Rajgarh highway.

June 2:
In both trucks, the accused shooters living in Haryana arrive in Ahmedabad. They then arrive at Mundra Harbor by Volvo bus at 10pm, where a man named Ashish arranges for the accused to stay in an apartment.
June 10: All the accused are transferred to different flats in Mundra.
June 14: The shooters stopped at Indore, Vidisha, Biaora in Madhya Pradesh and then advanced.

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