The habit of putting your finger in your nose: causes and how to avoid it from the child

Kids putting their fingers in their noses - how to keep your child from doing it

As children grow older, many parents begin to notice strange habits or changes in their movements. of them some habits It is very common for children of all ages, such as biting their nails or smelling the wax with their fingers in their ears, and many more. But putting a finger in your nose is one of the bad habits. It is not a novelty for a child to put a finger on their nose. It is a simple curiosity or perhaps it is a habit that is very difficult to abandon.

Is it common for children to put a finger in their nose?

It is very normal for children to put their finger in their nose. This is such a habit that children not only do it, but adults do it together as well. Our nose is very sensitive and if there is any kind of confusion it needs to be corrected immediately. Our fingers are helpful in removing this confusion. Yes, our society considers it wrong to do it in public in front of others, but some children cross all boundaries by eating the mucus that comes out of their noses. It is very unhygienic for children.

Why do babies put a finger on their nose?

Many parents wonder how they start feeding their babies by putting a finger to their nose to suck up disaster, which makes the whole act extremely uncomfortable. Well, what’s right and what’s wrong, it all happens to adults, but kids are just kids. Many children get into the habit of putting their finger in their nose along with need.

  • Most children put their finger in their nose when there is some kind of confusion in their nose or when they feel tickled by too much mucus.
  • The nose sometimes feels dry and itchy on the inside, which you need to put your finger in and the itching to heal.
  • Parents get into the habit of cleaning their noses while bathing, which makes them do it all the time.
  • Sometimes kids get nervous. while some children bite their nailsWhile some are starting to put a finger in their nose.

Why do babies put a finger on their nose?

  • The child may be bored and find it interesting to put a finger in their nose at that time.
  • Children do this job even without their desire. Putting a finger in your nose is so easy that maybe your baby won’t even notice it.

How to prevent children from putting their fingers in their noses?

If you don’t like the motion of putting your finger on your baby’s nose, here are some ways to handle the situation.

1. Ignore

You know he’s still a creature. Most kids put a finger in their nose and you don’t have to scold them every time. Try telling him a couple of times and then ignore him, making sure his fingers are clean at all times.

2. Do a review

If the habit of putting your finger on your nose is chronic and your baby is in pain or very relieved after stroking his nose with a finger, it may be a sign of an infection or condition that causes the your baby will feel uncomfortable. If possible, follow a doctor’s advice.

3. Keep your hands busy

Children this age are full of energy and feel the need to do some activity, even if they have nothing to do. Understanding when your child puts a finger in their nose can tell you what’s going on. In this situation, you can make another habit to keep the child’s hands busy. Doing him some chores or even showing him a Rubik’s cube makes him less likely to put a finger in his nose.

4. Proactive measures

Scolding a child is not always the right way to stop their habit, as they do it unintentionally or can sometimes have some itching in their nose. If this becomes a habit, you can take corrective action by using duct tape on your fingers so that they don’t fit into your nose properly. Keep these limited crossings in your home so you don’t get embarrassed when you’re out.

5. Accept the move

When you grab your baby with a finger on your nose, sit in front of him and place him on your nose as well. When you start laughing after seeing this, tell him how weird and fun it is to see someone do this. Help her understand the need to do so and tell her to go get her nose in a place where no one can see her.

6. Use a napkin

If your child has a lot of dirt on their nose, putting a finger on their nose and getting it dirty makes them feel very dirty. Ask her to use a handkerchief to clean her nose and teach her to keep her hands clean.

use a napkin

7. Maintain hydration

If the nose is dry, it irritates a lot, resulting in itching inside the nose. Have your child drink enough water throughout the day and try to keep their body well hydrated.

when you have to worry

If you see your child sticking a finger in his nose and eating dirt, teach him to stop it as soon as possible. but yes nasal bleeding If it starts to flow or your baby feels uncomfortable, you may have put something inside and have trouble breathing. In such a serious condition, take your child to the doctor immediately.

It is quite common for preschoolers to stick a finger in their nose and it is not a cause for concern. Gradually, over the course of a few years, watching others, your child will get rid of the habit on their own and learn to blow their nose while bathing or sunbathing. Don’t embarrass your child for doing this and let him be a child until he is small.

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