Collector and SP took stock of preparations for tabulation – Neemuch News: Collector and SP took stock of preparations for tabulation

Date of publication: | Sat, July 9, 2022 7:25 PM (IST)

Neemuch. The tabulation and declaration of the results of the three-tier panchayat elections will take place on July 14 at the headquarters of the development bloc, Neemuch. Tabulation and declaration of results: Collector Mayank Agrawal, SP Suraj Kumar Verma, ADM Neha Meena, Zilla Panchayat CEO Guruprasad, ASP SS Kanesh to the PP Government College of the city for tabulation and declaration of results in the three panchayat elections levels. ongoing preparations and also gave the necessary instructions to the affected officials.


Breastfeeding message given to mothers through the distribution of baby kits

Nimbahera. Under the program of the week of service organized on the occasion of the 48th day of the founding of Mahaveer International, a leading institution in social services, Veera Kendra Ambika of the city distributed kits for babies in the maternity ward of Swami Vivekananda district Chik Tsalaya. During this time, mothers were made aware of breastfeeding their babies. Along with this, Kendh’s heroes also hung awareness posters about breastfeeding in motherhood. Mahaveer International Ambika Group’s Veeras distributed 50 baby kits to newborn mothers in the presence of area president Saroj Dhelawat.

On this occasion, Ambika President Veera Renu Kothari stressed the importance of baby kits and urged new mothers to keep their babies healthy by breastfeeding their newborns for six months. Veera Rekha Parakh, co-secretary of the Ambika fund, Veera director Shilpa Mandot, Veera Sapna Bodana, Veera Nirmala Kadawat, etc. were present at the program organized on this occasion.

09-NCH-08- Distributed baby kits in the maternity ward of Vami Vivekananda Chiki Tsalaya district of Nimbahera. (the new world)


The Neemuch district tops the state with 89.30 percent of the vote

Neemuch. With 89.30% of the vote in all three phases of the three-tier panchayat elections, the district has headed the state. While Ratlam came in second with 88.90 percent of the vote and Rajgarh came in third with 88.70 percent of the vote. In view of the three-tier panchayat elections in the district, under the direction of collector Mayank Agarwal, ADM Neha Meena and District General Manager Panchayat Guruprasad, the District Sense team organized over the past month various activities with the aim of raising awareness among voters earlier. field level voting. In which voters were made known through rallies, mehndi competitions, plays, and so on. In the three-tier panchayat elections, all officials and employees faithfully performed their electoral duty with full devotion. Similarly, the district-level communication team in collaboration with the block-level communication teams sent the updated information to the committee on time. In which the district has achieved the success of achieving the first position in the entire state thanks to the instantaneous updating of the voting percentage information. The role of Sanjay Bhardwaj, district communications manager and program officer for the development of women and children was also commendable. On the success of the district, Agarwal collector, Adm Neha Meena and District Panchayat CEO Guruprasad expressed their gratitude to all the officials and employees involved in the election work and said it is the result of the tireless work of all, that 89.30 per cent in the three-tier district panchayat elections. With the vote, it ranked first across the state.


Ujjwal India’s bright future program on July 29 in Janakpur and on the 28th for the elderly in Bhatkhedi

Neemuch. Under the Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi, a one-day Ujwal India Bright Future Day festival will be held from 25 to 30 July in the village of Janakpur of the Javad development block and the headquarters of the elders of the Bhatkhedi village of the block of Manasa. Panchayat District General Manager Guruprasad reported that on July 29, Manasa Gram Panchayat Bhatkhedi elders were entrusted with responsibilities to various officers to celebrate Ujwal India Ujjwal Bhavishya Utsav. Amit Saxena, superintendent engineer, MP Electrical Distribution Company has been appointed Nodal District Officer. Those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating with block-level agents to complete the entire program. CK Sharma District Education Officer Pralay Upadhyay, the district project coordinator has been entrusted with the responsibility of providing posters and films to show during the program and organizing the awareness program for play on the street through the children. Deepak Bandhil, division engineer, MP Electricity Distribution Company, Javad subdivision, to share their personal experiences with the beneficiaries benefiting from the electrification scheme of Gram Panchayat Janakpur and Prakash Kasautia Divisional Engineer, MP Electricity Distribution Company, Javad subdivision to share their personal experiences with the Beneficiaries benefited from the electrification plan. To do this, the district general manager, Akash Dharve, has been in charge of the complete organization of the program and the DS Mashram program of the district general manager.


Ekadashi Kirtan at Bichla Gopal temple today

Neemuch. On July 10, a large kirtan will be held on the occasion of Devshayani Ekadashi at the famous Shri Bichla Gopal temple located in Tilak Marg of the city from 8 pm. During this, Lord Gopal Maharaj’s supernatural makeup, darshan and Baba Shyam’s supernatural makeup will be done. The new singer of Vaishnav and Bhajan, Sanjay Goswami, will present melodious bhajans from Pratapgarh Rajasthan. The priest of Omprakash Sharma temple has asked all religious devotees to attend the Kirtan in maximum number on the occasion of Ekadashi and benefit from the Dharma.


the market will remain closed today

Begu. Bhagchand Tongia, treasurer of the Institute of Higher Education and Literary Services, said the city will be completely closed on July 10th. According to the decision previously taken by the Frog Traders Association, the market will remain closed on the second Sunday of the month.

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