Goa Congress: God’s Oath Didn’t Work! 10 out of 11 members of Congress can join the BJP in Goa; many congressional deputies can join the BJP in Goa, you know why

Panaji: After Maharashtra, now the political uproar has intensified in the neighboring state of Goa. According to sources, the Goa Congress is on the verge of collapse again. It is said that 10 of the 11 members of Congress in the state can join the ruling party, that is, the BJP. Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao is trying to stop the desertion. But their efforts do not seem to be successful. Most importantly, this year assembly elections have been held in the state. The BJP won 20 of the 40 seats and formed the government with the help of three independent MPs. Fearing desertion before the election, Congress had sworn before God to party candidates who would not change sides after being elected. However, Congress has denied reports that one of its deputies is joining the BJP.

Congress currently has 11 deputies in Goa. If the reports are to be believed, 10 of them can now join the BJP. If that happens, it is almost certain that the match will be broken. Because no action can be taken against this number of deputies who have changed sides. One political party is allowed to merge with another political party. The condition is such that at least two-thirds of the public representatives of this party are in favor of the merger. In this situation, the law against desertion will not apply to public representatives or the political party. In this situation, Congress will not be able to take action against MPs who leave even if they want to.

Congress refused, but 7 deputies did not arrive!
The PTI news agency quoted sources as saying that before Saturday’s assembly session, Congress had convened a meeting of all party MPs. But 7 deputies did not come to this meeting. At the same meeting, Congress denied any rift within the party. Goa Congress President Amit Patkar said the ruling BJP is spreading rumors that our MPs will go to his party. According to sources, Digambar Kamat, who was also the party’s chief ministerial candidate in this year’s assembly elections, did not attend the MPs ’meeting on Saturday.

Former CM Kamat can also join the BJP
If the sources are to be believed, former Goa CM Digambar Kamat and opposition leader Michael Lobo can join the BJP. The MLA of Congress, on condition of anonymity, told our colleague TOI: “We can join the BJP at any time and we are waiting for a call from the central leadership of the BJP.” No promise has been made for any particular post or cabinet position.

Goa News: Will Congress receive a big blow in Goa? Former CM Kamat along with many MPs can join the BJP
On the other hand, some news says that Congress may also have a major setback in Calcutta. According to sources, 3 seated and 3 former party deputies are TMC contacts. Both Kamat and Lobo, however, denied that they planned to join the BJP. Sources said it has been decided to go collectively to the BJP to avoid disqualification. In fact, in the house of 40 members in Goa, the Congress has 11 deputies, while the BJP has 20 and the MGP has 2 members and three independents.

Sources said the BJP state unit is not very interested in incorporating Congress MPs into the party. But given the Lok Sabha elections of 2024, it is believed that here the BJP lost its seat in South Goa before Congress in 2019. At the same time, BJP state president Sadanand Shet Tavanade said to TOI that I have not received any official instruction from the central management on this matter.

Did the oath of allegiance not work?
If members of Congress leave the party, they will also break the oath of allegiance the party has made to them before the election. Prior to the 2022 Goa assembly elections, Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party had made all their candidates pledge allegiance. Concerned about the desertion, Congress had made an oath before God to party candidates who would not change sides once elected. Aam Aadmi Party did the same. But that effort also seemed to fail.

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Let’s face it, in the last assembly election, that is, in 2017 for the 40-member state assembly, Congress had won 17 seats and became the largest party. But at the time of the 2022 election, only two party MPs were left in the house. In 2019, 10 members of Congress had joined the ruling BJP. In 2017, the BJP won 13 seats in its account. Even after falling behind Congress, the BJP was successful in forming the government in Goa. 12 members of Congress had joined the BJP.

In Goa, 60% of MPs have changed parties in the last five years.
In Goa, in the last five years, about 24 deputies have switched from one party to another, which is 60 per cent of the total strength of the 40-member state assembly. According to the report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), this has not happened in any state in the history of Indian democracy. During the five-year term of the last assembly (2017-2022), about 24 deputies changed sides. 10 of the 24 deputies were from Congress. Many MPs from the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party and the Goa Forward Party also moved from here to there.

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