JDU RCP Singh The chances of returning to JDU are not over no welcome sign to BJP all vocal against rcp sing news in hindi | JDU RCP Singh: RCP caught wrong, does not return to JDU, is not welcome in BJP

JDU RCP Singh: Remember Chirag Paswan? The same, which used to be called the Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now you will not find this lamp. The reason is the position of the Bharatiya Janata Party towards the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. Recently, under the pretext of supporting the presidential election, the BJP had told Chirag to be part of the NDA, but that did not make it likely that he would get anything. Like Father Ram Vilas Paswan, the possibility of a ministerial office is not visible at all. Something similar is happening with Ram Chandra Prasad Singh, i.e. CPR, formerly called Hanuman by Nitish Kumar.

The account was not registered, what RCP says is correct: this proverb was established in Janata Dal United. On the other hand, RCP became a minister in the center and here Lalan Singh became the national chairman of the party. With this, the CPR ledgers began to deteriorate. Now the accounting for this ledger has somehow been completed in JDU. Especially after the CPR photographs appeared at Hyderabad airport during the BJP national executive and then expressed their faith in Narendra Modi. Now there is no CPR within JDU, the ones that remain are breathless.

RCP used to run in JDU until the seat agreement with BJP at the time of the 2020 Bihar assembly elections. Whatever the RCP said, it was considered an order by Nitish Kumar. At the time of the election, Nitish Kumar had also ceded his post as party’s national president to the CPR. At the time of the seat agreement at the time of the election, the voice was raised against the CPR being filed under the BJP and not by the JDU.

After the massive victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Nitish Kumar refused to join the government as the party’s national president because the JD (U) failed to get the quota of three ministers in the Center. He was the chairman of the CPR and became Minister of Union Cabinet expansion. Although he went on to say that he became a minister only by order of Nitish Kumar, but since then it was believed in JDU that RCP had become Narendra Modi’s Hanuman. After that, Lalan Singh, who became the national president of JDU, launched a campaign to free the RCP party.

With the change of all the formulas of the organization, the people of CPR were exterminated. Now the condition is that there is no CPR name in the party. Even some of these charges are struggling to figure out when they should be let go. After the party’s decision not to send CPR to Rajya Sabha, now someone from JDU even takes the name of the ancient Hanuman of Nitish, then with the opposite words. Whether it is current minister Ashok Choudhary or former minister Neeraj Kumar, each CPR has been shown a mirror. Nitish is said to have done CPR, but it was not his.

CPR is not sitting at home burning

The way Chirag Paswan had faith in the BJP, RCP also showed the same confidence. JDU did not send Rajya Sabha and did not enter the BJP list. Still, he continued to show faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi in hopes of achieving something. But at the end of the time, he had to step down as minister. CPRs are now virtually nothing. It can be called ex-minister, it can be called ex-president of JDU. Nothing more. Almost a similar situation had happened with Chirag Paswan. Sunil Kumar Sinha, president of the Chanakya School of Political Rights and Research and senior journalist, says: BJP has seen the future of CPR through “Hyderabad Test”.

Seeing JDU’s strong reaction to the CPR image received by BJP workers at Hyderabad Airport, BJP understood that Nitish Kumar could feel bad. That is why BJP MP Rajya Sabha Sushil Kumar Modi, close to Nitish Kumar in disaster management, immediately jumped. As soon as he jumped, the rest of the BJP leaders also started repeating that the CPR had gone there for some program as a minister, the leaders of the Telangana BJP met informally at the airport to welcome the leaders who came to the National Executive of the BJP.

Assume responsibility for the organization at BJP

The chances of CPR in JD (U) are nil. The chances of Nitish Kumar returning something to the PCR against the wishes of his party’s national president, Lalan Singh, are zero. This is also because the head minister himself has shown displeasure with the CPR. On the other hand, the BJP has refrained from giving anything to the CPR to the central government. There will always be the possibility of Nitish’s displeasure.

In this situation, the RCP itself bows to Nitish Kumar for disaster management, only then will BJP take him openly with them. Otherwise, like Chirag Paswan, the wait of the moment is bound to be on the sidelines. In this situation, the most likely option is for RCP Singh to join the BJP directly and get involved in the work of the organization. If political analysts are to be believed, Nitish Kumar will not express his displeasure if the CPR joins the BJP and is employed in the work of the organization.

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