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PE On the fourth day of Shrimad Bhagwat Katha under the guidance of Mahamandleshwar Hariomdasji Maharaj, on Saturday, the first Vyaspeeth was worshiped and Aarti was made. Shrimad Bhagwat Aarti of God saves sinners from sin. As soon as this aarti began, the devotees present at the pandal put themselves in its place and began to sing. At the beginning of the story, Siyaramdas Maharaj, Vimal Bhad, Mahesh Rana, Raju Soni, Shantilal Bhavsar, Deepak Teli, Shantilal Kherawat, Praveen Gupta, Mohit Chanchawat, Tinu Bhai, Harsh, Dishant, Krishna, and so on. they placed crowns on the Vyaspeeth. . After that, Bal Vyas Pandit Anil Krishnaji Maharaj will have to speak out loud … Radhe-Radhe … the story began on the fourth day.
With the Blessings of the Sage Yashoda Achieved the Happiness of Motherhood – Pandit Anil Krishnaji Maharaj
While talking about the Nanda-Yashoda episode, Vyasa told a story, saying that both Nanda and Yashoda were brahmans-brahmans in the previous birth, both used to make a living and used to eat food only after they had fed the guest every day, because belief Was that God can come at any time with the costume of a guest, one day after lunch, the brahman went out to the arrangement of the night, meanwhile a monk came to his house and he expressed his desire to eat, made brahman food and stayed. in front of the saint, then the saint went to that house.The brahman cried at the repeated requests of the saint, he said that when you came to my house, there was nothing in the house at that time, so he mortgaged the son and brought food cereals. I am giving you hospitality by making me, the saint promised the brahman that one day God himself will come to your house and be in your company for eleven and a half years, in the next life, the brahman Nand and the brahmini. Yashoda will become the same brahman with the blessings of the saint.
Devotees engrossed in Kanha’s hobbies
On Saturday, under Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, the birthday anniversary of Shri Krishna and childhood pastimes bathed the devotees with the rain of happy juices. Devotees gathered in large numbers were mesmerized by the hobbies of Kanha men and women. In the joy of Shri Krishna’s birth anniversary, devotees crowded and danced with hymns and kirtans.
For more than an hour, greetings were sung in the celebrations of Shri Krishna and the women expressed their happiness in the descent of the Lord with auspicious songs. As soon as the story of Shri Krishna’s birth began, the children’s birthday hobbies came true and the whole pandal resonated with “Anand ke Anand Bhayo, Jai Kanhaiyalal ki, Hathi Ghoda Palki, Jai Kanhaiyalal ki “.
On the fourth day, Bal Vyas Shri Anilkrishnaji Maharaj presented the story of the birth of Shri Krishna and Lord Shri Krishna has been named the Guru of the world and Lord Shri Shiva as the Nath of the world. By worshiping them, one can achieve everything a human being wants to achieve.
He said God can be attained at any stage. For this there is no distinction of caste, creed, man-woman, age, & c. Omar doesn’t get into that in any way. That’s why Katha and Satsang are easily accessible routes. The goal of history is always to get the Lord.
Pandit Anilkrishna, emphasizing giving up affection in order to attain God, said that one must leave affection and focus on God.
Pandit Anilkrishnaji Maharaj said that to free oneself from the bondage of birth and death, the destruction of karma is a necessary condition and said that as long as there is karma, the cycle of movement continues. Slavery of birth and death can only end with the cessation of karma.
Pandit Anilkrishna ji said that those who disobey, violate and oppose the divine law, suffer in the second part and have to suffer the vagina of hell. One should not be angry while worshiping; anger destroys moral values. Ajamil’s change of heart resulted in his salvation at the last moment in appointing his son Narayan from the meeting of saints. With the guidance of the Guru, the gods established their kingdom by wearing Narayan Kavach. Every living being should follow the orders of the Guru in his life.
Giving the example of the devout Prahlad, Pandit Anilkrishna said that he had an understanding of the divine rites from the womb of the mother and for this he also spoke to the father about the omnipresent Lord. This omnipresent God appeared from the stone pillar.
Samudra Manthan Description – Lord Shankar opened his mouth and uttered the word, put the poison in his mouth and after speaking I closed my mouth, that is, keeping Rama’s faith in his heart, he drank the poison and was named Nilkantheshwar Mahadev.
In his speech to Lalivav Math Vyas Peeth said that Bharatbhoomi is the best in the world. This is the Dharma Bhoomi, the Karma Bhoomi, where Rishis and sages were born and attained salvation by remembering their penance, their good deeds, the people and God. Even the gods are eager to descend to this earth.
Gaining virtue is very important: describing virtue as necessary along with gaining knowledge and making money, he said that virtue is basic capital. It also gives merit to the service of the parents, the hospitality and the help of the needs, etc.


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