The father used to sell flowers at the signal, people made fun of him a lot, the daughter today goes to America to study a lot

Nowadays Many people advance in the same field by adopting traditional work, but at the same time, many people abandon their family and traditional work and do some other work and achieve success in it. Our story today is inspiring for those people who want to do something different from their traditional work.

Today we will tell you a similar story whose family all lived in a hut and their father used to sell flowers at traffic signs and raise their son from that. Seeing the child’s education, the family used to make fun of him a lot, but ignoring the words of those people, do well his daughter’s education and today his daughter after studying well goes to America for continue studies. .

Sarita Mali

Sarita Mali (Sarita Mali) of Maharashtra Bombay I used to live in the Ghatkopar Isht slum area. His family suffered from extreme poverty. These people lived in a small hut. Her father sold flowers at traffic signs and her mother helped with her father’s work. Sarita explains that we are four brothers and sisters. I did my 10th grade at a government school in Bombay. When my father went to sell flowers at the sign, the rich who came there said strange things to our father and scolded him.

My family members also teased us a lot. It was very sad to hear those words. When my father came home in the evening, he had a very sad face and we told the four brothers that you should study diligently, study as much as you want, and then become an old man. . My father used to tell us four brothers and sisters that what happens to us may not happen to our children in the future, so he was more dedicated to teaching us to people.

Sarita Mali

Dad’s words became a dose of reinforcement for me

Sarita (Sarita Mali) says my father always told us Reading he kept asking. He did not leave any stone unturned in the matter of our studies, so today we have achieved this position. When we were in Bombay, we studied there up to the 10th level of the Bombay government school, but when I was in fifth grade, we started to get very interested in Hindi, so we got involved in Hindi literature. .

After that, my first and most favorite poem was “Main Nari Bhari Dukh Ki Badli” by Mahadevi Verma. We could associate ourselves with this poem by Mahadevi Verma. After passing the tenth exam, we enrolled in the eleventh grade, which we began to study in Middle English. After that we chose the Hindi subject in class XII and passed it with very good grades. Along with my studies, I used to prepare for different types of competitions such as writing stories, writing essays, debating, dramaturgy.

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In 2013, the best speaker was selected in a Bombay newspaper. We did the studies with diligence and hard work because we had decided that with our effort and success, to the humiliation of my father, we would bring down people’s heads. Along with that, we also had a list of gold medals at graduation.

Sarita (Sarita Mali) explains that we were very poor but my father never let us feel poverty, he taught us what he wanted to study. We enrolled in the master’s degree at JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) in 2014. With our effort and skill, we reached the top three at MA. JNU for me success It became a ladder and from there a new beginning of my life began. Today in this institution he gave us a different identity and made us better people.

After completing the master’s degree, we did an MPhil PhD test in 2016 in which we got the first rank and then enrolled in MPhil in 2016 and did Pahadi from Adivasi Society in Hindi novels marathi. In all of these things, Professor Devendra Choubey helped me with my coffee. I completed my MPhil in 2018 and now we are doing my PhD. And I have also done some research on the devout poetess. Coming to this JNU University was the most successful step of my life.

The daughter of the flower seller, Sarita Mali, was admitted to the American University
America went to do her doctorate

people were making fun of him

Sarita says that when I went to Delhi to study, people used to make a lot of fun of my father, people used to tell my father that your daughter. Delhi We know very well what I am studying. Along with that, whatever you say your daughter is of dark complexion, don’t teach her so much, you won’t get a more educated child by writing more teaching. You sell flowers at the signal that your family runs and at the same time why you spend so much money to educate your daughter from above.

It was very weird to hear all these things from people, but my dad used to laugh and listen to the words of all those people and then he would forget about these things and used to explain it to people as much as you. the boys have to study and keep moving forward. Today we silenced all those people who told my father thinking that your daughter can do nothing. Today people have stopped talking that we are going to America to study there.

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America received her doctorate

Sarita says we were doing a JNU doctorate that is about to end, along with that, I was selected at two universities in America, one at the University of California and the other at the University of Washington. In which we have selected the University of California. I chose the University of California because I was awarded a chancellor’s scholarship from that university, one of the most prestigious scholarships in America on my list and academic record.

Today I feel very proud of myself that from my effort and success, today I am going to America to study. This our trip was not easy at all, it has faced many difficulties but my effort and success Along with that, my father has always contributed a lot, so today I can achieve that position.

The daughter of the flower seller, Sarita Mali, was admitted to the American University
people made fun of him a lot

If the daughter studies, the daughter will grow up

Sarita (Sarita Mali) says that today ours community I’m pretty surprised to see this stage. Those who did not think to reach this height for me, but today those people have closed their mouths after seeing our flight. People who used to question my character after seeing us in dark complexion, today I am surprised to see this dark skin.

I would like to ask the girls to make their way and awaken in them the desire to study. Studying is not only done to do work, but by studying we get a lot of information that is needed in our future.

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After meeting Sarita Mali, we get the inspiration that people should never feel about their situation, they have to fight and keep moving forward. The person who moves forward struggling with the problem is a strong, strong person. successful It is called human. Along with poverty, Sarita did not take a step back after listening to people’s taunts and kept moving forward, so today she has reached the peak of success that people had never imagined.

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