The men who write their names on the walls up to the Taj Mahal, leave the girl whistling, what is this favor? The men who write their names on the walls up to the Taj Mahal, leave the girl with a whistle, what is this favor?

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  • The men who write their names on the walls up to the Taj Mahal, leave the girl with a whistle, what is this favor?

New DelhiAn hour agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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He was eight years old when, on returning from school, a man made a lewd gesture. I was walking Alone under the hot July sun. They started walking together on the scooter. The meaning of the gesture was not known, but there was something frightening. When he ran, he only stopped after returning home. The next few days were spent crying and irritating, but they couldn’t say anything to anyone. There was nothing to say! There was that village, where the matter of the house would reach the market.

37 years! It was in the afternoon, when a person came and sat in the next subway seat. I was immersed in the phone when something hit me in the knee. That was his hand. I was hit by mistake! I have deceived myself. That hand began to walk for a while. I dropped the phone and held hands. By then he should have only passed two or four passengers on the subway. Everyone started looking. There was less anger in his eyes, I was more suspicious. It is in vain to do ‘scene creation’.

In fact, he was creating the scene showing anger. Instead, I had to cry with tears. That is the rule. If the woman looks with tears in her eyes, then she will travel to protect the jawans line in aan ki aan. Not only will they save him, but they will also give a lesson to the naughty of his species. He will even make a generous offer to leave the girl at home on the fly.

Girls like to become talking girls. Where do they find peace without attracting the attention of four men? A similar job was also done recently by a girl from Delhi. He put on Twitter the same “domestic incident” that happened to him, labeling the police administration.

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The whole thing is like this … On June 2, while traveling on the subway, a man tried to sexually assault a young woman. The girl sensed the intention in time and escaped. However, after shedding tears, instead of sitting at home quietly, he started tweeting the tweet. Eventually, the administration became involved. About 100 police officers checked CCTV footage from 136 subway stations and after a month of effort, the accused was captured.

This is a unique case of its kind. Complain bravely and take action on the complaint. According to a study by the Harvard International Law Journal, every woman who walks down the street suffers some form of abuse in about 12 minutes. Sometimes it is looked at. more chopped. Sometimes bad comments are made. Sometimes it becomes ‘complement’. All in a very non-violent way. In such a way that not the slightest scratch comes.

Hey! If you take a tour of the Taj Mahal, scratch the marble and engrave your name – these men leave you just whistling or commenting, what a little thing! Even after that, the girls continue to make a fuss.

Not only to create a stir, he has now also begun to investigate what the drawbacks of “harmless reconciliation” are. Social scientist Deepa Narayan wrote a book about street abuse titled “Chup”. According to this, all the girls who are on the road, restaurant, elevator, cafe, shop, mall or bus stop are the victim of a post-traumatic stress disorder. He hears obscene comments many times and slowly begins to get scared.

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She is afraid that if she wears red lipstick, she will be called a girl. When evening comes out, it will be called Becharitra. If you wear short clothes, you will be seen inviting. If you wear a long robe, they will call you sister. Fear of laughter. He hesitates as he stretches his legs. Even she is afraid to dare. If someone makes fun of you on the bus, you don’t dare give a lesson to the show, but you will remain silent.

He slowly begins to become invisible even after he has been there. Trying to occupy as little space as possible in the world of men- street-cafeteria-garden-garden-office-tram-bus. The less space a woman takes up, the less annoying her presence will be to men.

Come, leave the desi raga and listen to the stories of firang. It’s October 2021, when a woman was raped on a train bound for Philadelphia. It was 10 o’clock at night. The train was full of people. Even after that the rape happened. After the victim reported the incident, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority took action and located the defendant.

Defendant pleaded guilty and said he only wanted to touch the woman. When he started protesting, even getting up to change seats, he got angry and went “a little further.” As if she were not a woman, there was a view of the road, or of some tree flower, which was the right of the man to see and touch. He denied it. He got angry.

It is more dangerous to go long distances than from the home office. If you are a woman and like to travel, it is not enough to have a passport bag and cash while you go out. Even more important is that you have a copy of the laws. As soon as you post solo travel tips for women on the internet, websites will appear suggesting safety tricks.

For example, the headline on Canada’s official website is: Safe Travel Guide for Women! As you read below, there is a long list of how many or more women should stay during the trip so they can return safely.

This is what the website of almost every liberal country is teaching women on behalf of travel tips. If you are a single woman, be careful: the world is very dangerous. Wear clothes like that. Laugh like that. And he speaks like that. Or best of all, don’t go out. Stay home – rest assured.

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