Weekly numerology horoscope Weekly numerology from 11 to 17 July 2022: Find out by date of birth which numbers will be happy this week – weekly numerology horoscope from 11 to 17 July 2022 weekly numerology this week these lucky numbers they will get results according to their wishes

This second week of July will bring a lot this time. First, starting this same week, Shiva’s favorite month of Shiva will begin. Second, the position of Venus and Saturn will change, while there is also Sankranti Cancer this week. That is, the Sun is also passing. The Sun will enter Cancer on July 16th. At the same time, Lakshmi Narayan Yoga is being formed due to the arrival of Venus in Gemini. What will your week be like between so many yogis and coincidences, based on numerology Meet the numerologist Pinaki Mishra ….

Radius 1 – Beneficial time from Wednesday to Friday

This week in July may lower your confidence a bit. This week it is possible that the work you find very difficult will be done shortly after your efforts. Family life will be very enjoyable and of mutual dedication the last three days of the week. From a business standpoint, the weather from Wednesday to Friday will be full of benefits and benefits. Get up before sunrise and do at least 10 minutes of action without thinking.

Radius 2 – Numbers and planets will get along well


The people at number 2 will be very lucky this week. Try deleting all difficult to-dos this week. Numbers and planets will get along well. A picnic or outing program will change the atmosphere in your home. People associated with banks and courts will be in a profit position this week, but people associated with cereal work should make business decisions after careful consideration. If you want to make the most of the week, recite Tantrokta Devisuktam regularly.

Radix 3: Married life will be full of wisdom


The predominance of your thoughts can affect your ability to make decisions this week. So this week, focus on the present and do your job and move away from future things. Marital life will be full of mutual understanding, but distant relatives will not deter you from aggravating your relationship. There will be success in work related to speech, such as teaching, advocacy, and so on. It offers coconut at Kali temple on Saturdays.

Radix 4 – The atmosphere of the house will be conducive


From the point of view of creativity, this week you will become an object of praise in your field of work. All financial problems seem solved, intensify efforts. The atmosphere of the house will be conducive and good news will also be received. There is a great possibility of getting new projects from a business point of view. There are promotional opportunities for people who do the work. Mentally chant the Gayatri Mantra as much as possible.

Radix 5 – There will also be promotion possibilities


Your harsh words may cause problems for your friends and they may distance themselves from you for a few days. After Thursday, your work will be appreciated in the office and there will also be promotion opportunities. There will be success in health-related work, but there will be a slowdown in the clothing business. Saturday can be a stressful day in married life, avoid mutual discussions. Shri Sukta recites on Friday.

Radix 6 – Be careful in financial transactions


From a political point of view, this week may be the best of the year, politicians must take advantage of it. Be careful in financial transactions, otherwise a large amount can get caught. Engineering and management students can get the job they want this week, hurry up your efforts. Take special care of air problems from a health standpoint. Hanuman Chalisa recites every Tuesday.

Radius 7 – There will be economic and positional benefits


This week will develop in you an amazing coordination of speech and intellect. You may reap the benefits of these skills in the field this week and reap the economic and positional benefits. In general, the family atmosphere will be good, but between Wednesday and Friday, due to the mutual ego between husband and wife, separation is also possible. There seems to be a possibility of economic benefits from traveling southbound or anyone coming from southbound. From a health standpoint, be wary of the problems caused by the infection. Keep the first part of dinner away from home.

Radix 8 – Disputes with friends


Control your anger and speech this week, otherwise your harsh words can also put you at odds with your friends. This week requires a lot of intelligence to make business decisions. In married life, disputes over small things can alter your mental state. Problems related to high blood pressure and diabetes may increase in the last days of the week, be alert. Light a ghee lamp in the Kali temple every Tuesday.

Radix 9 – Successes after the initial fight


All of your well thought out strategies will be launched this week. Successes will continue to come after the initial struggle. Raising the expectation of other family members can spread bitterness in married life, be patient. People associated with trade and the textile industry should take advantage of this week and the numbers and planets will support them. Your habit of contemplating the future can take you away from the actions of the present, be alert, and live the present. He worships Lord Vishnu on Thursday.

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