2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup: Savita Poonia’s speed didn’t work either, India’s dream in women’s hockey was shattered

  • Hands Chaturvedi
  • senior sports journalist

image source, Getty Images

The Indian women’s hockey team could not live up to the expectations of the FIH Women’s Hockey World Championship.

His campaign stopped after being defeated by the only goal of the cross game at the hands of Spain. He could not repeat the performance of the last World Cup and this time he could not advance to the quarterfinals.

Indian captain and goalkeeper Savita Poonia did her best to save the goal throughout the match. But he failed to save the goal four minutes before the end of the match and it was enough to stop the Indian trip.

The Spaniard Clara entered the circle with the ball and hit the goal, the ball bounced from the pills of Savita Poonia, who was caught by Segu Marta and broke the goal. Spain will now face Australia in the quarterfinals. At the same time, the Indian team, which has been out of the tournament, will face Canada for ninth to 16th place on July 11th.

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