AIADMK vs AIADMK: Who is the heir of Jayalalithaa? The story behind the political conflict between PAHO and EPS

The Supreme Court has suspended the order of the Madras High Court which had suspended the adoption of any undeclared resolution at a recent AIADMK meeting on the issue of single party leadership.

The date of October 17, 1972 when Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) was founded by MG Ramachandran after separating from DMK, was a popular film actor at the time. When MGR was suspended from the party by then DMK chief minister and leader Karunanidhi, a young man committed suicide in Udumalpet. Fifty years after this incident, the MGR party saw another expulsion. When E Palaniswami deposed O Panneerselvam, there was a fight in the streets. Whenever there is talk of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the protagonists of politics are M Karunanidhi, MGR and Jayalalithaa. The reason is also that there has been an exchange of powers between these two parties since 1967. That is, in the last five decades, establishing power for oneself in the national party has been like a dream. At the same time, there has always been a connection between Tamil Nadu politics and the big screen. But after Rajinikanth’s refusal to enter politics, a political vacuum has emerged in a state. In this situation, the national party also sees an opportunity to strengthen its base in the territory occupied by the regional satraps.

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In Tamil Nadu, the battle for supremacy in Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK party has intensified. O Panneerselvam has been removed from the party post after party leader E Palaniswami was appointed interim secretary. Supporters of main leader O Panneerselvam, JCD Prabhakar, R Vaithalingam and PH Manoj Pandian have also been fired from AIADMK. After his dismissal, Panneerselvam responded by saying that he was removing E Palaniswami from the party. Or Panneerselvam also said he would go to court, as coordinators were appointed on behalf of 1.5 million party cadres. Meanwhile, O Panneerselvam supporters have hung posters saying her husband was chosen by AIADMK supreme J Jayalalithaa. Recall that the post of Secretary General was abolished after the death of Jayalalithaa: PAHO was appointed coordinator and EPS as joint coordinator. However, according to The Tribune, the EPS side claims the situation is “confusing the pictures”. One by one, E Palaniswami began to place all his opponents.

Excitement in the Palaniswami camp over the Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court has suspended the order of the Madras High Court which had suspended the adoption of any undeclared resolution at a recent AIADMK meeting on the issue of single party leadership. The Edappadi K Palaniswami (EPS) camp is driven by the court’s decision, which is actively pushing for a single leadership to be headed by him. The higher court also made it clear that the AIADMK General Council meeting to be held on July 11, 2022 may proceed in accordance with the law. The EPS camp is pleased with the Supreme Court order, as the June 23 general council dealt with the issue of leadership. The 23 proposals that were to be taken that day were rejected. At the meeting of the General Council held on 23 June it was decided to reconvene on 11 July.

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The reason for the Palaniswami battle against Panneerselvam

Political experts say it is a fight between two Gounder Thevar groups. Palaniswami is a Gounder and comes from the Panneerselnam Thevar caste. Until the life of Amma Jayalalithaa, her control over the party cadre was so strong that no face of factionalism could ever emerge. But this controversy came to the fore only after his death. The role of Prime Minister Modi is also mentioned by political experts. Political analysts say Prime Minister Modi kept the two factions together and power lasted four years. But DMK’s return to power and the background of most of its ministers have been from the AIADMK. It is said that this confrontation is being given air from his side. So Stalin’s party reaps the benefit of the AIADMK division in the 2026 elections and wins the elections.

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By the way, whatever the party, it is very important to have your commander. But Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK, which was in power continuously for ten years before 2021. Thanks to Jayalalithaa, the party won first the 2011 elections and then the 2016 elections. But after Jayalalithaa’s death, it went having a constant struggle in the party. Many factions were born. Sasikala, Panneerselvam, Palaniswami faction. That is why the party also suffered an overwhelming defeat in the assembly elections. Alam has become that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the party only got one seat. The main reason for this is the internal struggle. That party leaders want to eliminate.

The eye of the BJP

AIADMK’s ally, BJP, is watching him closely. The BJP is also getting into this ongoing drama in the Dravidian party. Panneerselvam is trying to corner BJP, but BJP doesn’t want to bother Palaniswami. We tell you that after Jayalalithaa’s death, it was the BJP who worked hard to unite the party. Panneerselvam was also told that he had agreed to merge his faction with the Palaniswami faction in August 2016 only at the urging of Prime Minister Modi and also accepted the post of deputy head of state. According to The Tribune, although Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently tried to end the ongoing debate on the “imposition of Hinduism”, the picture is believed to be against an alliance with the BJP. AIADMK organizing secretary C Ponnaiyan had recently filed openly accusations against the BJP-led central government. According to The Tribune, Jayalalithaa’s longtime confidant, VK Sasikala, is also making the most of the division, considering the AIADMK’s current leadership to be a “weak opposition” to the ruling DMK.

What do the experts say?

Political analysts do not see that the crisis will end soon. Due to the way the EPS faction keeps its distance from the BJP, the BJP’s relationship with the AIDMK may continue to deteriorate. The EPS faction decides to break with the BJP, the BJP can marry the OPS faction and also take away Sasikala and Dinakaran. Annamalai, like the EPS, are farmers and can weaken the impact of the EPS in western Tamil Nadu. It can be said that this national party will seek to fill the opposition space in Tamil Nadu by the Dravidian party AIDMK. But there are many yes and buts associated with this.

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