BJP path is not easy in Himachal elections, Congress and AAP are also ready to challenge

Elections in Himachal Pradesh 2022: It seems that the political season in Himachal Pradesh is a bit difficult for the lotus to bloom in the year of the assembly elections. As the BJP’s silent rebels continue to puncture themselves, the task seems daunting even to Congress ’main rival, who depends heavily on his propensity to win elections. Because both Congress and the BJP have ruled the state alternately since 1985.

Political observers say the ruling BJP, which considers the next assembly elections to be a semi-final before the final of the 2024 parliamentary elections, has somehow gained an advantage over its rival “crowded by factions “hinting that he has won his main ministerial candidate. Congress is still divided over the absence of a mass leader like the late Virbhadra Singh, who has dedicated more than 50 years to the common man long before the end-of-year assembly elections.

Feeling a threat from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) after its landslide victory over neighboring Punjab in crushing the traditional leaders who ruled the state for more than seven decades, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), JP Nadda, ( whose roots in Himachal in the state). ) announced in April that the party would not replace Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur and that assembly elections would be held under his leadership. His statement comes in the wake of AAP leader Manish Sisodia’s assertion that Union Minister Anurag Thakur would replace Jai Ram Thakur as chief minister to counter the anti-incumbency wave.

Congress is preparing for these issues

Under the leadership of the wife of six-time Prime Minister Virbhadra Singh and chairman of the state party, Pratibha Singh, corruption in Congress, deterioration of law and order, rising debt, fraud of the education to sell more than 45,000 fake titles and agents sold for 6 lakh to 8 lakh recruitment questions The letter is struggling to talk together about key issues related to leakage. A strong wave of anti-incumbency against the ruling BJP is evident from the loss of three assemblies and a parliamentary seat in the October 2021 by-elections. Expressing confidence in repeating the government on the basis of performance, the prime minister of BJP Suresh Bhardwaj said on Friday: “While the BJP is always ready for elections, it is not our priority.”

Bhardwaj said: “Our government works for the welfare of the people. In Himachal, our government headed by Prime Minister Jai Ram Thakur under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken many measures in the public interest.” He said: “We have increased the social security pension, starting Himcare under the Ayushman regime, free electricity within certain limits, low bus fare for women, low fare for others, etc. Our government took many other measures.The BJP is strong with the blessings of the people and is ready for the 2022 assembly elections.

Assembly Election Semifinal – Bharadwaj
Four-time confidant, MLA Bhardwaj, said the party has recently organized a stand-level office convention in the four constituencies of Lok Sabha. “These (assembly elections) are like a semifinal, while the final is the Lok Sabha elections of 2024. We will win the semifinal in the interest of the state and strengthen Modi ji for the final in the interest of the country.” As for Congress, Bhardwaj said there is a lot to say, but we don’t care. “Still, I would like to point out one thing. Congress is a divided house. About half a dozen presidents, a dozen vice presidents, more than 100 state officials, show a lack of trust and confidence within the party.”

He said: “Secondly, all leaders want to dominate others. In this they are issuing unfounded statements. Recently, the President of Congress described the inhumane act with a Kotkhai student as a minor incident. He does not know what they are. doing, what they are doing. they are saying. ” Mandi Congress leader and MP Pratibha Singh sparked controversy last week by describing the Kotkhai incident, (popularly known as the Gudiya scandal), when her party called it a “chhoti si vardaat” or small incident in 2017. BJP apologizes to him. Political rivals say the main challenge for the government is the deterioration of the state’s financial situation with a total liability of Rs 63.2 billion.

In addition, he said, Thakur has failed to establish his credentials over the years as a charismatic leader unlike his predecessor and twice Prime Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal. He accused Thakur of not having the administrative skills and abilities to lead the government. In addition, a one-time war of humiliation ensued with the deliberate camp apartment headed by Dhumal and his son Union Minister Anurag Thakur. A political rival, asking for anonymity, told IANS: “Just before the election in which two independent MPs are running: Hoshiar Singh and Prakash Rana, the chief minister has tried to kill two birds with one stone. He is trying to prove that he is consolidating the party ‘s voting bench, and secondly, he is trying to create a political score with the party’ s top rivals. “

However, the decision to include MPs for the first time has not gone well for party workers and leaders, who owed allegiance to Dhumal, who still enjoys a massive base. The newly appointed Hoshiyar Singh defeated the five-time MLA of BJP Ravinder Singh Ravi of Dehra, while Rana defeated Gulab Singh Thakur, father-in-law of Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur of Jogindernagar. Both Ravi and Gulab Singh Thakur are faithful followers of Dhumal. With two independent MPs joining the BJP, Congress has a chance to target its rival.

Great resentment among the youth – Rajinder Rana
Congress spokesman Naresh Chauhan said, “Attempts are being made within the party to weaken Dhumal.” The government is surrounded by scams ranging from hiring police personnel to issuing fake titles ranging from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. Rajinder Rana, a two-time congressman, said the party is in a total “battle” to take over the government in the next election, after learning political lessons over the years from its mentor Dhumal, whom he went to. defeat in the 2017 assembly polls .teached.

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Rana, (who is one of the party’s working state presidents) said there is great resentment among young people and people in Himachal Pradesh who have joined against the Agneepath program of the Center for Contract Recruitment of four years in the country’s defense forces. pride in serving. Rana, (who was previously Dhumal’s electoral director and knows his family well) added: “In my Sujanpur constituency, every third household has a family member who serves in the armed forces. , two or three members of the family are in the service of the nation. “

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