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quota | Autonomous Government Minister Shri Shanti Dhariwal said the ERCP is an important state scheme, in which WEPCOS prepared a DPR of 37.2 billion, a central government enterprise following the 2010 guidelines of the Central Water Commission. He said the endowment of the irrigation facility cannot be removed from this project, until the Center gives it the status of national importance, the state government will continue its work with limited resources, he said.
The Minister of the Autonomous Government said that this project will be the lifeline of 13 districts, after its completion, irrigation facilities will be expanded in an area of ​​2 thousand hectares along with the availability of drinking water. He said this project has been done to meet the drinking water needs of the residents of Jhalawar, Baran, Kota, Bundi, Sawai Madhopur, Karauli, Dholpur, Bharatpur, Dausa, Alwar, Jaipur, Ajmer and Tonk. He said the chief minister, Shri Ashok Gehlot, had made a budget announcement to undertake works worth Rs 9.6 billion for Navnera-Galwa, Bishanpur-Isarda Link, Mahalpur Barrage, Ramgarh Barrage, from 2022-23 in 2027.
Compliance with agreements in DPR-
He reported that the DPR of this project has been prepared according to the decision taken at the meeting of the Interstate State Control Board of Madhya Pradesh Rajasthan held in 2005. According to this decision, the state can use 90 per cent. of the water received from the catchment of its state and 10 percent of the water received from the catchment of another state for a project, with the condition that the immersion area of ​​the dams and ravines included in the project they can be used by the other state, in these cases the consent of the state is not required. He said the 37.2 billion DPR was drafted by central government company WAPCOS Limited in November 2017 and sent to the Central Water Commission for approval. He said the DPR of the project has been drafted according to the guidelines of the Central Water Commission for 2010.
The water is
The Minister of the Autonomous Government reported that there is a river wide station of the Central Water Commission at Dholpur on the Chambal River, where the amount of water flowing into the river is measured. According to 36 years of data received by the Central Water Commission of this station, an average of 19 billion cubic meters and with a 75 percent dependency, 11 billion 200 million cubic meters of water are wasted every year by the Yamuna River. He said that while only 35-hundred million cubic meters of water would be used under this scheme.
The state continually demands
The Minister of Self-Government, Shri Dhariwal, said that the state has long demanded that the central government declare this project as a project of national importance, on which no positive decision has been taken by the Center so far. He said Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had pledged to declare ERCP as a project of national importance in his demonstrations held on July 7, 2018 and October 6, 2018 in Jaipur and Ajmer. But it has not yet been implemented, which is unfortunate.
The work can be done on time-
The Minister of Autonomous Government has said that the State is committed to continuing to work on this project with its own resources, if the central government does not help us, it may take time to complete it but we will definitely finish it. We will not allow the farmers of our state to suffer, so the irrigation endowment in this project cannot be suppressed. He said that until the central government grants the status of national importance to this scheme, the state government is trying to continue the work of this project with its limited resources. If this project receives project status of national importance by the central government on the basis of the ratio 10 90, this project can be completed in 10 years.
How can the state budget center stop work?
The Minister of Autonomous Government said that when the state money is being spent on this project so far, the water belongs to the part of Rajasthan, then how can the central government ask that the work of the project. He explained why the Center is trying to deprive people of the state of drinking water and irrigating water farmers with this attitude. He said that because of this blockade, not only drinking water and irrigation work are affected in these 13 districts, but the success rate of the Jal Jeevan mission is also affected in many districts depending on the availability of surface water. He said Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had set the goal of doubling farmers ’incomes by 2022. He said the ministry of Jal Shakti, government of India, instead of giving the collaboration necessary in ERCP, work is being done to block the road, which is unfortunate. Former ITU President Ravindra Tyagi was also present on the occasion.


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