Long covid in children: after the recovery of the crown, children also have a long covid, can it be a danger?

Young children also suffer from postcovid syndrome

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Very mild symptoms were observed in children after being infected with crown. Despite this, he has had the problem of Long Kovid syndrome. Problems such as abdominal pain and rashes have been observed in children aged 0 to 14 years even two months after crown recovery.

After recovering from coronavirus, people have many types of long covid problems. Even after overcoming the infection, we face problems such as fatigue, weakness, respiratory illnesses and hair loss. These problems have been happening to people for many months, so there is a serious impact on health. Long Kovid cases are only seen in adults and the elderly, but now young children also have Long Kovid in children. Even after overcoming the virus, children face many types of health problems. This has been revealed in a study in children aged 0 to 14 who have been crown infected in Denmark. The study found that even two months after crown recovery, cases of long covid were seen in children.

After recovering from the infection, children experience body rashes, abdominal pain, mood swings, fatigue, and an inability to concentrate. These problems have been observed for longer in children who had crowns than in children without infection. The symptoms found in a third of the children involved in the research were never before crown infection. At least one symptom of Long Kovid has been seen in children for two months or even after that. This research has been published in The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health Journal.

This is the first time in the history of the crown epidemic that any study has been done on long covid in children. Following this study, it has been found that the crown epidemic is worrying people of all age groups and now its side effects are also being observed in children. In this situation, it is important to know whether the cases of Long Kovid in children have also been seen in India? And what problems can it cause?

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These cases have also been found in India

Dr. Yudhveer Singh, a professor in the Department of Critical Care at the Institute of Medical Sciences of India (AIIMS), New Delhi, said that covid problems have also been observed for a long time in India in children. after the crown. In these, many cases of abdominal pain and rash have been reported in the body. But no such study has been done in the country, in which a long covid can be detected in children. Therefore, no data are available in the country in this regard, but from the Danish study it has become clear that children also have covid for a long time.

According to Dr., each disease has long-term effects. There is also crown and more side effects can be seen in the near future. It can also happen that the problem of long covid in children persists for a long time. So its effect on your health. Because the children had a mild crown infection, but despite having these problems, this demonstrates how dangerous the crown virus is. Now that Long Kovid has also been confirmed in children. In this situation, a better strategy should now be made with regard to virus prevention and vaccination.

no need to panic

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singhal of the Department of Pediatrics at Apollo Hospital said that after the crown in children, much lesser problems have been observed. These include abdominal pain and mild fever, although don’t panic. Because this is a very common problem. Even children who have not been infected with a crown also have these problems. To date, no severe symptoms of Long Kovid have been observed in children.

Cases of heart disease, shortness of breath, exhaustion, and mental stress have also been observed in adults during postcovid, whereas this is not the case in children. So don’t panic. Not that due to Long Kovid syndrome, children’s health will be very bad. This is like a common problem, it is only important that children are aware of crown prevention. Also inform them of the importance of hand hygiene and masks.

Symptoms of multisystem information syndrome were also observed earlier

Dr. Ajit Kumar of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital says that in the first wave of crown, very few cases of crown infection were observed in children. The children became infected on the second wave, but had mild symptoms. In most cases, children were asymptomatic, but after Kovid, cases of multisystem information syndrome (MIS-C) were observed in some children. During this time, the children had fever, rashes on the body, difficulty breathing and swelling of the face. Therefore, it is not that the post covid effect has never been seen before in children.

what is long covid

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According to Dr. Singh, even after recovering from the crown, some people begin to have health problems. During this time the crown symptoms may reappear. Long covid is the onset of symptoms for a month or more after recovery. Also called postcovid syndrome. In many people, this problem is seen even after six months to a year. Patients who remained in the hospital for a long time during crown treatment have been seen more in Long Kovid syndrome. Many people also need to be hospitalized again. Lack of oxygen and heart problems have also been seen in this.

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