Ludhiana khanna president kamaljit singh ladhar, ready for his own party councilors

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Jagran Correspondent Khanna: There was a lot of commotion at the monthly Khanna Nagar Council meeting held on Monday. At the meeting, the President of the City Council Congress, Kamaljit Singh Laddar has had to face his own blows. From the beginning of the meeting, there was a great deal of controversy. The commotion that began with the first proposal continued to the end. Deputy Tarunpreet Singh Saund attended the council meeting for the first time.

In the first resolution, Vice President Jatidar Pathak opposed and opposed confirming the last council meeting. Pathak of Congress said a copy of the previous meeting should have been sent before it was confirmed. Nor does it mention previous income. On this, Pradhan said the head of surveillance had taken the minutes of the council. They will be sent as soon as the records are received. Pathak objected to the convening of the meeting after three months. Councilor Jatinder Pathak, Councilor Ruby Bhatia and Councilor Parampreet Singh Pompey opposed the proposal to replace five Divyangs and send them to Khanna Town Hall and join immediately, saying the Town Hall should take care of the old staff first.

Councilors Akali Sarvdeep Singh Kalirao and Parampreet Singh Pompey called this a misuse of funds in the proposal to give Rs. There was also a heated discussion about the proposal to install a new pipe well in room number eight at a cost of 48.10 lakhs. Pathak said before that the details of the situation and all the coming expense should be given. Talvidar Kaur Rosha, a district 8 councilor, said that when the work begins, these people start talking. On the proposal to give gas bubbles instead of firewood for unclaimed corpses, Congressman in Room 22, Ravidar Babbu, said people have to face problems in obtaining death certificates. Even if the receipt received from the farm is lost, there are many problems. Therefore, the registration council should do it itself. There was much debate about the proposal to increase the time of employees working on a contract basis. Opposition party councilors alleged that fewer sanitation workers are in their premises, which MP Saundh asked health chief Harvidar Singh Bhullar to solve the problem.

Opposition to the proposed use of land for the landfill

On the proposal to take land for the transfer of the landfill, Councilor Parampreet Singh Pompey, Jatidar Pathak, Sarvdeep Singh Kalirao said that when waste should be removed from the landfill in the process of rehabilitation, what is the need to buy more land. On this, the EO said there are instructions from the local government department in this regard. Councilman Pathak protested against the proposed purchase of a premises in Model Town to dispose of the rubble generated during construction work in the city. Opposition councilors also said that when the rubbish dump is now empty, what is the need to buy elsewhere.

Resolve water fattening before changing dairy

Councilor Jatidar Pathak, Councilor Gaurav Vijan Ginni reacted strongly to the proposal to move the dairies in the city to the Baghaur dairy complex, saying that the area where dairy farms have been built is still better than many areas. from the city. Councilwoman Ginni Vision said there are fattenings at dozens of places in the city, they should be resolved first. During this there was also a debate between AAP councilor Sukhmanjit Singh and Ginni Vijan of Ward 23.


Rita Rani raised the issue of lighting

Akali councilor Rita Rani, from room number five, raised the issue of dirt and lighting in her neighborhood. He said the lights in the room were not being repaired for three months either. On this, the MLA and Chief Laddar ordered the affected officers to take action on this issue as soon as possible.

Councilwoman Rosha raised the issue of cleanup

Councilor Talvidar Kaur Rosha of District 10 said the cleaning in her room is in poor condition. Asking to send from ten to 12 sweepers, only three to four workers arrive. It should be investigated. Councilwoman Rosha said the cleaning system is also in poor condition in the GTB market and that money is being taken out from street vendors. The price of parking has also increased.

Nagpal said the sewer line was not placed correctly

Room 12 counselor Gurmeet Nagpal told MLA Saundh that the sewer had not been properly installed in her room. That is why the water stagnates in the streets without rain. Nagpal also demanded to start the library soon.

Demand for sewer investigations in illegal settlements

District 13 Akali councilor Jasdeep Kaur Yadu said her district’s sewer system has been completely shut down. Because of this, people face many problems. Neighborhood 12 and Neighborhood 14 adjacent to your neighborhood are also affected. Supporting Councilor Yadu, Councilors Kalirao and Pompey said the sewer should be checked at the city’s illegal settlements. Deputy Saundh said he himself receives many complaints about it every day. He urged officials to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible.

Councilor Meenakshi said, get rid of the jam at Mata Rani Mohalla

BJP councilor Meenakshi Devgan of neighborhood no. 20, raised the issue of bottling in Mata Rani Mohalla all the time. He said that as the main road of Mata Rani Mohalla is fully marketed, vehicles are loaded and unloaded there. While instructing the officers, Deputy Saundh asked them to take immediate action in this regard.


he expressed his grief over the death of the father of two councilors

At the beginning of the meeting, President Kamaljit Singh Laddar paid tribute to the deaths of Councilor Gurmeet Nagpal and the father of Councilor Sunil Kumar Neeta by remaining silent in the past. The whole house supported him.

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