Make caramel corn popcorn quickly for kitten party or birthday party, both kids and seniors will love it

New Delhi: What’s better than a bowl of caramel popcorn while watching a movie? This sweet and savory snack is much loved and loved all over the world. This quintessential American snack is a simple dessert made of popcorn with Chinese caramel sauce. The caramel syrup gives a completely new dimension to the crispy popcorn. This recipe can be easily made at home and is a great alternative to packages bought in the market with preservatives and food colorings that are also not tasty. Made with basic ingredients like sugar-free popcorn grains, coconut oil, sugar, salt, copper powder and golden syrup, caramel corn popcorn is the best holiday gift. They can be enjoyed as a wonderful and delicious snack during movie nights, picnics, road trips, kitten parties and dates.
Caramel popcorn ingredients

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