Marriage trap: Beware! Don’t make the mistake of choosing a boyfriend after seeing the beautiful image of the boys, you may have to deal with the fraud of millions.

Online fraud in marriage sites. (file)

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The fraud gang was exposed by Faridabad police in Haryana, next to Delhi. By then, the pandemonium of this racket had exploded. Similarly, at the wedding site, many girls were tricked and raised a lot of money.

Online fraud in some dating sites in the country (Online fraud) the business is up and running. This deceptive business is done especially by putting photos on the sites of cute guys. Faridabad police in Haryana, next to Delhi, exposed a similar gang of traps. By then, the pandemonium of this racket had exploded. Two foreigners, who were doing scam business under the guise of marriage sites in India, were also arrested by Faridabad police at the time. When the detained foreign thugs were questioned, they said that before their arrest, they had diverted many girls from the marriage place in the same way by deceiving them.

To cheat, this gang first posts beautiful photos of boys at the matrimonial sites. Along with this, their false details are also given. As soon as a girl or a girl’s family is trapped in this gang in search of a boyfriend, that gang washes their hands and is left behind to recover. All these facts were also confirmed by the Faridabad Police itself. Christian Nwabu Udemba, one of the arrested foreign thugs, is of Nigerian origin. While the second bully arrested with him, Coffee Enge is originally from Côte d’Ivoire (African country). Both do not have a visa. The thugs of Nigerian origin had even hidden their fake documents in India. As for the two arrested thugs, Haryana police have also sent information to their embassies in Delhi. All these facts were confirmed by cyber police inspector Naveen Kumar, who destroyed this gang, in the media.

The game of deception exposed by the complaint of the victim

In fact, the eyes of the local cyber police station about this gang were twisted when a victim of this gang filed a complaint with the police. In the complaint, the victim had said that this gang had deceived him around 1 lakh 65 thousand rupees. The victim was trapped on this side at the marriage site with the help of a fake profile named Rakesh. Who describes himself as America’s surgeon in an online conversation. Defendant had told the victim that he would meet her when he came to India. He had also said he would arrive in India from America on May 11th.

he ran the business of cheating with the woman

Arriving here, the girl had no hesitation. On May 11, the victim received a call from alleged thug Rakesh. He said he was caught by customs at the airport. Shortly afterwards, the victim received a call from a woman who identified herself as a customs officer at Bombay airport. In the name of saving Rakesh from the clutches of the law, he collects about 1 lakh 65 thousand rupees from the victim online. Even after that, when the victim was unable to contact Rakesh, he filed a complaint with the Ballabgarh cyber police station on May 25, 2022. The thugs were exposed in the police investigation. Rakesh was found to be the gang thug. While the woman, who was sent to Mumbai airport and claimed to be a customs officer, was also a gang thug.

It has also been learned that the gang used to destroy the SIM card used in the crime immediately after killing the victim. When police searched the bank accounts of the arrested thugs, they found out about the transaction of about 10 lakh rupees. Police have confiscated two mobile phones, five ATM cards and 26,000 rupees in cash from the accused thugs.

A similar case had also come to light in UP’s Noida.

Not that this is the first and only case of fraud that has come to the fore under the guise of an online marriage site. Earlier, a case of cheating this pattern has also come to the fore in the high-tech city of Noida, adjacent to Delhi. In which by taking a constable woman as a beacon, this great enterprise had fallen victim to a fraud of about 60 lakhs. The scammers told the soldier that they were Indocanadeans. Due to which the soldier fell to her trap. The constable thought that after the death of her husband, the relatives were also pressuring her for a second marriage. So, if life begins again after marrying an Indo-Canadian, what harm is there? In this case, the girl herself was contacted by the thugs through the marriage site. This incident of deception was also carried out by thugs of Nigerian origin.

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Upon realizing the fraud, a case was filed

The victim is destined as a constable in a paramilitary force in the country. She is originally from the Meerut district of the UP. The thugs cheated about 60 lakh rupees online in the name of marrying this girl. When the woman became a suspect, she filed a case with the Noida Sector 36 Cybercrime Police Station. The victim had told police that her husband was also in the army. She died on May 3, 2021. After the death of her husband, family members pressured her for her second marriage. So one day he made his profile in the marriage place. Through the same profile, the thugs approached the woman. The bully had named himself Sanjay Singh and himself as an Indo-Canadian. Sanjay Singh told the girl that he was impressed that he works at a telecom company based in Delhi. While his family lives in Canada. He also talked about having a divorced sister in the family. The victim, unwittingly, explained everything about the incident that happened to the bully. Which I also used to cheat over and over again. Gradually, the accused got these 60 lakh rupees from the woman in 20 different bank accounts.

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