The diamond ring given by the father to the daughter’s birthday, the same ring gave the betel nut to the Babylonian murder.

Two arrests, but the whole story of the murder mystery is still incomplete

Police now stormed the sites of both without delay and the two were caught one by one. Nikhil was captured from Banaras, while Rajveer was arrested at his uncle’s country house in Calcutta. After being caught, Nikhil first told some false and true stories and then confessed that he had shot Kanhaiya Singh.

But the story he told about the execution of this murder was very shocking. He said that he had got betel nut for this murder and that this betel nut was given to him by none other than Rajveer Singh, the boyfriend of Kanhaiya’s daughter, Aparna. On the other hand, Boyfriend accepted the fact that he was behind the murder of Kanhaiya Singh and in the investigation, the betel nut also turned out to be true.

He spoke of his enmity with Kanhaiya Singh and said that he was trying to kill him for the last three years and that he was looking for the right opportunity. In search of this opportunity, he met Nikhil Gupta and Nikhil agreed to kill Kanhaiya Singh. Both had their own reasons for enmity with Kanhaiya Singh.

In fact, Kanhaiya Singh knew of Rajveer’s relationship with his daughter Aparna. And for that reason he had not only threatened Rajveer many times, but had also assaulted him. He is said to have beaten Rajveer several times even after taking the name of his brother-in-law Malkhan Singh and once threatened to kill him with a gun.

Kanhaiya Singh is said to have tortured both him and his family because of Rajveer’s relationship with his daughter who was forced to leave his home in Adityapur and settle on Dimna Road. And because of this attitude of Kanhaiya Singh, Rajveer was drowning inside.

On the other hand, shooter Nikhil Gupta’s enmity with Kanhaiya Singh had a different story. According to Nikhil Gupta, Kanhaiya Singh had threatened him several times after seeing him wandering around his house. That is, they were both very angry with Kanhaiya Singh and wanted to pay the bill for their arrogance. But was the story so full? Former MP Malkhan Singh himself did not believe in this story at all.

Rather, he had to say that there was a big conspiracy behind this murder, which had his brother-in-law Kanhaiya Singh killed to weaken him. In addition, while speaking to the media, he also announced a reward of a lakh of rupees on his behalf to those who reveal the identity of the real killers or give their clues.

But when the real story came out behind the murder, everyone came in silence. Relatives of Kanhaiya Singh himself found it difficult to believe this story. Two characters from this murder had been captured, but there were many more characters and the most important and shocking of these characters was that of Aparna Singh.

That is, the daughter of the murdered Bahubali Kanhaiya Singh. When police discovered the conspiracy of this murder, the face of Kanhaiya Singh’s daughter, Aparna Singh, was also exposed as a murderer. Aparna Singh was not only involved in the plot of her father’s murder, but, according to police, she gave information about her father’s movement to her lover and killer.

That is, was the daughter who seemed saddest after her father’s murder, pretending to cry and cry, the one who had her father killed? Of course, it was hard to believe this story. That is, it was a murder story in which the motive for the death of one bahubali was not another bahubali or a struggle for supremacy, but the daughter of the house.

Those who have so far pressured the police calling this murder a political conspiracy, after Aparna Singh’s name appeared in the police investigation, were as if they too had sniffed the snake. But why did a daughter kill her own father? How did this conspiracy arise? How was the supari? How did the whole story unfold? All of this was no less shocking.

Now the police had arrested the shooter and the intellectual boy, but that daughter had not yet been captured, around whom revolved this whole murder conspiracy. It was also a great challenge for the Jharkhand police to arrest the daughter of Maktul Bahubali Kanhaiya Singh herself accused of murdering her father.

But police had such strong evidence against him that Aparna Singh was eventually arrested from her ancestral home in Bihar. With his arrest, more than one piece of information related to this murder incident began to come to the fore.

Now the story of the whole mystery of the murder came out like this: it was found that on the night of Kanhaiya Singh’s murder, his daughter Aparna Singh had informed the shooters about her father’s location. In fact, to kill Kanhaiya, shooter Nikhil Gupta along with two of his accomplices were waiting for Kanhaiya Singh to ambush him on the terrace of his apartment.

He had guns as well as weapons like knives and hats that if the bullet failed, then Kanhaiya Singh would have to be attacked with a knife. On the other hand, the shooters were waiting for Kanhaiya Singh to return home. Here, the groom Rajveer asked Kanhaiya Singh’s daughter, Aparna, the location of her father. The daughter called the father and took the place and told the boy. The groom gave this information to the shooters.

This is the reason that as soon as Kanhaiya Singh reached his building, the assassins who came down from the roof attacked him. He was shot from a short distance and the killers fled in different directions. In addition, even the bodyguard of Kanhaiya Singh did not have the opportunity to recover. It also became clear from the CDR, that is, the record of details of the call of the daughter, who was involved in the whole murder conspiracy.

The investigation found that Kanhaiya Singh was killed on June 29, but the daughter’s signature had already been made with permission from her death. Kanhaiya Singh was also attacked on June 20. But luckily his life was saved. In fact, Aparna’s family was in Sonpur, Bihar that day. While her boyfriend and shooter were fully prepared to take the life in Kanhaiya.

According to the same conspiracy, on June 20, Boyfriend Rajveer had arrived in Sonpur with the shooter Nikhil Gupta and his two companions. And then it was Kanhaiya’s daughter, Aparna, who gave her father’s live location to her boyfriend and the shooters.

But because of the crowd at the Sonpur family program, the killers had postponed the plan to shoot Kanhaiya Singh that day. After that, preparations were made to re-target Kanhaiya Singh on June 29 and on that day the shooters were successful in their mission.

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