Bihar: RCP Singh comes from Nitish caste polling station, will he be able to follow a different political path? – nitish kumar rcp singh kurmi caste politics decide future bjp rjd ntc optional

Highlights of the story

  • What will be the political future of RCP Singh now?
  • Nitish-RCP are from the same district and the same caste
  • Can CPR become an alternative to Nitish in Bihar?

All sorts of speculation is being made about the political future of RCP Singh, who has resigned from the Modi government cabinet. RCP Singh, who came to Patna after leaving the post of minister and the end of Rajya Sabha’s term, has made clear his intention that he will not stand still and continue on the path of his karma. He said, “I am a man of the earth, a man of the organization and I will work in the organization.” It is clear that RCP Singh is once again preparing to return to Bihar politics, but will it be able to show its power on the ground by separating from Nitish Kumar?

The politician-turned-bureaucrat, RCP Singh, was once considered the right hand of Nitish Kumar, but currently, there is no political significance in JDU. At JDU, all of its nearby leaders have become sidelines or shown the way out. At the same time, BJP does not seem excited about RCP Singh to maintain good relations with CM Nitish Kumar. In such a situation, there are not many political options left before the CPR, what steps will they take now?

In fact, Nitish Kumar had brought RCP Singh into politics and brought him from floor to floor. The reason for this was that RCP Singh and Nitish Kumar come from the same Nalanda district and the same Kurmi caste community. Because of the caste equation, Nitish advanced CPR. In 2010, when RCP resigned from the IAS, Nitish Kumar sent him to the Rajya Sabha.

It became part of the cabinet and a crack broke out …

In 2016, JDU sent RCP Singh back to Rajya Sabha and party leaders were also appointed to Rajya Sabha in place of Sharad Yadav. At the same time, when Nitish Kumar left the post of national president of the JDU, RCP Singh received command of the party. Thus, after Nitish, he became the number two leader in JDU. At Nitish’s urging, control of CPR in JDU became stronger and, along with him, also improved the political future, but after being part of the Modi cabinet, there was a rift in the relationship. RCP did not have a chance to reach Rajya Sabha from JDU for the third time, so he had to leave the Modi cabinet.

CPR also comes from the Kurmi community as Nitish Kumar. In Bihar politics, the Kurmi community may be only four percent strong, but politically it is considered very strong. In Bihar politics, the political board has always been formed around the caste. Political parties speak big and show the dream of development, but only casteism dominates the center. When Nitish Kumar launched into Bihar, he was able to penetrate Lalu Yadav’s fortress with the help of the Luv-Kush (Kurmi-Koiri) formula for the caste base along with the development.

The population of the Kurmi community in Bihar is about 4 percent. It is divided into many subcastes like Awadiya, Samswar, Jaswar. Nitish Kumar is Awadiya Kurmi, who is the least numbered but most benefited sub-caste of the Nitish government. In Banka, Bhagalpur, Khagaria belt, Jaswar is in a position to influence the results of the seats of the Kurmi assembly. On the other hand, Bihar Sharif is in a strong position in the Nalanda region. Dhanuk was counted along with the Kurmi caste. The descendants of Dhanuk are considered to be of the Kurmi caste, but this community is included in the more backward Classes. Dhanuk is in a very strong position in areas like Lakhisarai, Sheikhpura and Barh.

At the same time, RCP Singh, who has been left in JDU, can establish himself as Kurmi’s leader in Bihar politics. According to political analysts, RCP could have been the president of the JDU or a minister of the Center, but he was not recognized either as a leader of Kurmi or as a leader with a massive base. In this situation, Nitish never challenges Kumar in the way he can give a leader with a massive base.

Nitish has been in power in Bihar for 17 years

Let us tell you that Nitish Kumar is a leader outside the socialist movement, who has progressed on the basis of land struggle and his political understanding. Occupying the power of Bihar for 17 years. Nitish may not be able to seize power on his own, but without him there is no situation to form any government. At the same time, RCP Singh definitely came from the Kurmi community, but was unable to establish his political roots as Nitish Kumar. In such a situation, it is not easy for him to separate from JDU and create any kind of alternative.

Separating from Nitish Kumar in Bihar politics, George Fernandes to Sharad Yadav, Digvijay Singh, Upendra Kushwaha, Arun Kumar, Ali Anwar and Jitan Ram Manjhi tried political luck, but were unsuccessful. Sharad Yadav was unable to become a deputy since then and later returned home to Upendra Kushwaha. However, all of these are leaders who had their own political base and who at one time played an important role in building Nitish Kumar and JDU. In this situation, all eyes are now on the political step of RCP Singh.

The BJP leadership, despite sympathizing with RCP Singh, does not seem to be on his side at the moment nor can he run the risk of joining him in the party, because he needs Nitish’s support in Bihar politics. The problem with RCP Singh is that he is not very popular among MPs and party workers, on the basis of which he can challenge Nitish. It is believed that this is why Nitish Kumar wants to tell RCP Singh that ignoring him and moving on will not work.

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