Confirmed in the investigation, the suffering child did not receive oxygen

Author: JagranDate Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 11:31 PM (IST)Date Updated: Tuesday, July 12, 2022 11:31 PM (IST)

Confirmation in the investigation, the child who suffered did not receive oxygen

Pilibhit, JNN: District Magistrate Pulkit Khare has taken a hard line on the issue of not receiving oxygen to a child suffering from pneumonia, who was admitted on Sunday night to the Joint District Hospital. In light of the news published in Dainik Jagran, District Magistrate Pulkit Khare has requested a CMO and CMS response. The district magistrate ordered the explanation to be presented before Tuesday night. Following the strict DM, CMO Dr. Alok Kumar, who took action, quickly formed a three-member inquiry committee. The commission of inquiry arrived at the district hospital and investigated the case. At first glance, the commission of inquiry has presented the report assuming the guilt of the hospital administration. The CMO has sent the report of the whole matter to the district magistrate.

Rajveer, a one-month-old, 22-day-old boy from Rajkumar and Pushpa Devi, residents of Rampura Kon in Puranpur, had a complaint of pneumonia. Relatives took Rajveer to the district hospital. Oxygen was not available during his stay at the district hospital. No oxygen was made available at the hospital for little Rajveer, who was suffering from difficulty breathing and suffocating lungs, while he was hospitalized for more than four hours. Dainik Jagran published the whole topic prominently.

On Tuesday, the CMO appointed Dr. KK Johri of the ACMO, Dr. Ramoer Singh of the ACMO and the medical officer in charge Amaria Dr. SK Singh on the committee of inquiry. Members of the commission of inquiry arrived at the district hospital and inspected the site. Recorded statements from staff who were in emergency service Sunday night. Sunday night, Dr. EMH Sudhir Vyas, on-call pediatrician Dr. BS Yadav, chief pharmacist KC Mishra, Ward Boy Himanshu and generator operator Surendra Kumar were present. His statement could not be made this Tuesday because the EMO was not present. After recording the statements of the other doctors and staff, the commission of inquiry presented the report to the CMO.

The plant did not work, it did not fill the cylinders: In the prima facie investigation, the commission of inquiry made it clear that there was no oxygen in the hospital all Sunday night. No oxygen was provided to the admitted child despite the advice and need of the doctor. In the preliminary investigation, it was found that the oxygen cylinders present in the emergency were empty, so oxygen could not be given to the child manually. The commission of inquiry has found the hospital administration guilty. However, who has been named and found guilty in the whole case will only be clear after obtaining the detailed report.

Even the asthma patient did not receive oxygen in the room

Pushpa Devi’s son is not the only victim of the disorder. An asthma patient had a problem in the downstairs room Monday morning. Upon arrival at the doctor, it was checked that there was no oxygen supply in the room and that he could not receive oxygen all night. Dr. Ramakant Sagar arrived in the morning and expressed his displeasure with the staff and provided the patient with the installation of the nebulizer.

There is no oxygen concentrator supply

It has been reported that there is a three-tier oxygen system in the district hospital, but when the reality came to light, the air of the claims came out. Apart from the oxygen plant, the cylinders, the oxygen concentrator was also not present in the district hospital, while during the Corona period a large number of oxygen concentrators were provided.

CMS was seen to be influencing the investigation, committee members

After taking over from Dr. Vijay Kumar Tiwari of CMS at the district hospital, the arrangements are in disarray. They have no control over the staff. There is no proper management to offer facilities to patients. Many careless doctors include CMS special people who do their duty of their own free will. Because of these disturbances, CMO Dr. Alok Kumar had to arrive at night twice to treat the wounded himself. After visiting CMS Hospital on Tuesday morning, it was seen that the arrangements were making a false statement of being rejected.

During this Tuesday’s investigation, it was seen that the CMS rebuked many of the staff. The CMS gave strict instructions from the doctors to the generator operator not to make any statement against the hospital. Showing fear of the position, he advised employees to keep their mouths shut and work on the same system. When the Commission of Inquiry came to investigate the matter, they influenced the investigation. Jagran’s team found in the same place that the CMS was harassing its subordinate staff. In front of the members of the commission of inquiry, the CMS rebuked the staff who had come to give their statements. The CMS was seen crossing administrative boundaries and checking an employee’s cell phone. The CMS questioned the employee about his association with journalists. Seeing all this happen, the committee members remained silent spectators.

The matter is very serious. CMO and CMS clarifications have been requested on the whole issue. As soon as the clarification is received, strict measures will be taken against the culprits.

Pulkit Khare, district magistrate

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