He gives time to the family too, he could not give Hirakshi, the father’s pain was visible. Heritage tree accident of the Carmelite convent, also give time to the family, I could not give Hirakshi, the father’s pain was visible

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Hirakshi, 16, died in the Carmel Convent school crash on July 8.

Hirakshi was the beloved of the house as she was small. I couldn’t give him full time during his life because of the busy job. This is what hurts the most. Now, after his departure, he is gone. I wish I had given him my time. Every man should give time to family along with work. These are the words of Hirakshi’s father, 16, Pankaj Kumar, who lost his daughter in the accident of the heritage tree of the Carmelite convent.

Pankaj said he now feels the need to spend more and more time with family. The wishes of the children were fulfilled but he could not give time to the children. He shared his grief with Bhaskar. At the same time, the Carmel Convent school was also responsible for the death of her daughter. Pankaj said the house has been left completely abandoned due to the departure of Hirakshi’s youngest daughter. Now Hirakshi’s voice doesn’t resonate in the house and everything is deserted. She was cremated on July 9 in school attire.

This patrimonial tree of the administration had killed Hirakshi.

This patrimonial tree of the administration had killed Hirakshi.

The school charges so many fees, money but there is no place for lunch

Hirakshi’s father said the negligence of the school administration is done in the matter. You pay so many fees at school. At the same time, the school also raises many types of funds. However, there is no cutlery for the children to sit on during lunch. There is no room. In such a large school, the child is sitting on the floor and eating food. The situation is better than this in public schools.

The school did not provide the child’s information; discovered by the media

Pankaj, Hirakshi’s father, who runs a candy store in Sector 35, said he learned of the critical condition and death of his daughter via Twitter, Facebook and other news and information. The school gave information about this accident which has occurred around 11am around 12:30 pm. The school administration continued to hide this information. He said it was Shimla during the incident. From Shimla to Chandigarh, he received no calls from the school administration. He said that while coming from Shimla, he found out about the unpleasant incident with Hirakshi on the way by other means. On the way to Solan, he gave this sad information to his wife. Pankaj said the school was not saying anything openly and was only saying to come to the hospital.

After the accident, a crowd of relatives gathered outside the school.

After the accident, a crowd of relatives gathered outside the school.

He had no desire for money, he did not want to manipulate his daughter’s body

Pankaj Kumar said some people told her that the daughter’s autopsy should be done. This will reinforce the case later. On the other hand, Pankaj says the loss caused by Hirakshi’s death to the family cannot be filled with anything. The family did not want the innocent Hirakshi to be mutilated. Money cannot make up for the lack of a child.

I don’t know what he wanted to be, Hirakshi looked at the letters

Pankaj Kumar said he doesn’t know what Hirakshi had in mind and what she wanted to be when she grew up. The two sisters used to play and study with each other. Sometimes they both talked about the pilot and sometimes about the engineer. At the same time, after Hirakshi’s death, the children who met her paying homage outside the Carmel Convent school are also writing letters in her name. Citing one or two letters, Hirakshi’s father said he had written there that Hirakshi, our dream, had not been fulfilled. The children had also lit candles outside the school in memory of Hirakshi.

After Hirakshi's death, he was honored outside of school.

After Hirakshi’s death, he was honored outside of school.

Hirakshi’s cousin had also taken photos of some letters written about his sister outside of school. The family also cried remembering Hirakshi after reading them. Pankaj said the children wrote the letters in such a way that it looks like Hirakshi is with them.

Those who did not know the family also came to the condolence meeting

Hirakshi’s father said that on July 11, people from many parts of the city came to the condolence meeting of the daughter of Sector 19. He did not even know many of them. Everyone was saddened by Hirakshi’s death. At the same time, a very old man also came home to mourn Hirakshi, who could barely climb the stairs of the house.

School negligence was also added to the letter

Hirakshi’s father said he did not want to autopsy his daughter. In this situation, he was asked to write a letter and give it. In the letter written earlier, information about Hirakshi’s accident and death was written. In this Hirakshi’s father had added the line of neglect of the Carmel Convent school. On the other hand, on July 12, the Sector 3 police station had recorded Hirakshi’s father’s statement.

Sister Suprito, principal of Carmel Convent School, Sector 9

Sister Suprito, principal of Carmel Convent School, Sector 9

Humanity disappeared by the police; Lake Sukhna was called instead of Marchery.

Hirakshi’s father said that when he returned from Shimla on July 8, on arriving at PGI, the daughter’s body was found at PGI’s funeral home. The family had said they did not want the autopsy and the body would be picked up at 10am. At 11 in the morning it was time to take Hirakshi’s body home and at 12 it was time for the rites.

Hirakshi’s father said police called Lake Sukhna to ask for paperwork at 8 a.m. to pick up the body of the PGI’s daughter. After 15 minutes, the policewoman got there by taxi. About 15 minutes later a policeman came and wrote the letter. About 40 minutes there the police lost. After that, police said he would come after getting the DSP’s signature. After that, he was called to the DSP office of the sector 17 police station.

The girl's blood is a witness to the tragic accident.

The girl’s blood is a witness to the tragic accident.

At the same time, Hirakshi’s father was deeply saddened by the talk of a policeman with a very insensitive attitude. Hirakshi’s father said police should have prepared the documents in the morning. He had to give a round to the police even in these circumstances. After being engaged to police since 8 a.m., they found the body around 11:45 p.m. He said the police should have shown humanity at least right now. In this situation, the police should have done these formalities by calling the protester directly.

could make tree fence; Why eat near the tree?

Hirakshi’s father said Carmel Convent is such a big school, but there is no agreement for the children to sit down to lunch. Earlier also part of this heritage tree had fallen in the school. The tree should have closed properly. Children should not have been sent near the tree. He said what happened to his daughter should not happen to someone else’s son. At least now the school management and administration should take appropriate action. He said the administration and the school should learn a lesson from the loss of his daughter.

Ishita’s family, who lost their hand, were also enraged at the school

At the same time, Ankush Sharma, uncle of Class X Ishita (15), who lost his hand in the incident, said the school takes many types of funds. The school is so big and there is no space for the kids to have lunch. In the hot summer, kids have to go down by grabbing the tiffin. The branch of this heritage tree has also fallen before. It should have been closed. Why were children allowed near such an old and dangerous tree? Why were the children sent to the campus for lunch when the teachers could eat in the building? He said the family would not let this school neglect pass so easily.

Chandigarh school and administration could not see this termite from the tree

Chandigarh school and administration could not see this termite from the tree

He said his wife is also the principal of a government school in Chandigarh. There is also a heritage tree of this type in the Model 18 Government School of Sector 18 in the city, the fence of which is being made. Children cannot approach it. The teachers themselves take care of the children on the floor.

Carmel gardeners don’t know the tree?

Ishita’s family said there are about 20 gardeners at Carmel Convent School. Gardeners do not have much knowledge of the condition of the tree? Why were the children sent near such a large tree? The school cannot escape its neglect.

In this case, Sheela’s daughter and maternal uncle, who are fighting for life or death with the PGI fan, wish PGI good health. Sheela’s son is in 10th grade and goes to school. He repeatedly asks his sister about her mother’s well-being. At the same time, according to the family, he didn’t even eat and drink well. He is very close to his mother. Sheela lives with her family in Kishangarh. Her husband separated many years ago. According to the information, the school management assumes the cost of treating Sheela. At the same time, Sheela’s friends are also coming to PGI to get to know her well-being.

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