Lifestyle: why the relationship changes after marriage, what will be right to do with the spouse

Date of publication: | Tuesday, July 12, 2022 9:31 AM (IST)

Daksha Vaidkar. Bhopal Everyone thinks that the person we have loved and who we will marry now, should give us so much love throughout life. Keep the relationship that way. But after a few years of marriage, all that begins to change. As the days go by, both the husband and the wife begin to complain to each other. Women feel that husbands are not as romantic as before, they do not express love, they do not surprise, they have become bored. On the other hand, husbands feel that women no longer care for them, spend more time with their children, engage in household chores, always pretending to be tired.

Each family has different circumstances. If you are also going through this phase, it is time to know the reason for your change and get back to working on the relationship.

Here are the reasons-

two somewhat difficult responsibilities

Before he got married, he had no responsibility for the house. He used to meet, hang out, stay when he left home. But after marriage you live in a house with the family. This is how homework is done. Office work is also done. From morning to night, your routine is fixed with work. The boys start to feel responsible, then they take the job seriously and the girls start doing the housework to win the hearts of the family members. If you do a job, the responsibility increases. In this situation, the couple does not have time for each other.

Coexistence ends with the desire to meet

Before, the person you were worried about to meet, was lying outside the house, now he lives with you, then that longing to find you doesn’t stay because the person in front of you is visible all day long. Other than that, before you get married, you were afraid that someone would get angry for not giving you time, not get depressed for not making gifts, don’t break up, you don’t like anyone else. But after marriage, are you sure that even if the person in front gets angry, then where will he go? He is at home. If it is not today or tomorrow, it will be accepted, thinking that you are engaged in home and office work.

estrangement due to family

After marriage, the couple must live with the family. The husband believes that the wife should live according to the family. Listen to everything his parents said. It is not so easy to win the heart of the mother-in-law in some houses. They maintain many expectations of the daughter-in-law. Fight. This change in the woman, everyone’s behavior begins to feel strange. She feels that the husband will at least support her, but when the husband supports the other side, she tells them well, then the woman’s heart breaks. Her love and respect for her husband diminishes. Husband’s love also doesn’t flow towards the girl who can’t adapt to her family members. In this situation, the two coexist, but the conversation becomes insignificant.

we forget to show love

Women often say how much you have changed, you don’t love like you used to. In some cases, the husband also says that you are no longer an adventurer. Ask them out, then there’s work at home, that’s what you say. It doesn’t give me time All these changes that occur in both create distance in the relationship. Well, there are moments of turning in the life of every couple when they see falling in love, but the truth is that love never diminishes, we just stop expressing it.

What can be done to improve the relationship?

First, do you find out if the relationship between the two has been damaged due to other family members? If so, sit down and talk about it. Husbands ask their wife what she expects of them? The woman asks her husband what he expects of her. They both have their own expectations, compulsions, what the problems are … they share everything openly. No fights, debating, raising your voice. With a calm mind Then, find the middle way.

Husbands must understand that the wife has left her maternal home and has come for him. It is also not right to go to the side of the family on any issue, to leave him alone. Even if it’s the woman’s fault, it can be explained separately with love. Family members can also be wrong, so understand the situation and, if necessary, explain it to family members as well.

Women need to understand that she has just entered her husband’s life, while this family has been with her since birth. If you want to win your husband’s heart, you have to try to adapt to the family.

Responsibilities increase after marriage. In this situation, both must understand the responsibility of the other. We have to help each other with things. That way, if the work is done quickly, then the two will be able to spend time together, be able to move around and talk.

After the marriage, the two will have to work a little hard to refill the excitement of the boring relationship. That’s why she goes back to doing all those things you used to do before marriage. Give compliments, say romantic phrases, go for a walk, make surprise gifts.

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