Ma’am … send a man, you can’t come to the office; Talking about Islam to a foreign woman is a crime. Women cannot allow entry into Dawat-e-Islami | Udaipur Ahmedabad assassination case

27 minutes agoAuthor: Sandhya Dwivedi

This is not news, it is just news … In fact, in the case of the assassination of Kanhaiyalal of Udaipur, a name appears again and again: “Dawat-e-Islami”. Earlier, this name also arose in the case of the assassination of Kishan Bharwad in Ahmedabad. So Bhaskar journalist Sandhya wanted to investigate this institution.

The first way was to make phone calls to the organization’s offices. I did too, but no one is willing to talk. And the reason is very strange: “You are a woman, in principle, leave the office, it will also be a crime to talk about Islam on the phone.” Repeated attempts failed, so we reported this attempt itself. That is why it has already been said that this is news of the news.

Read on, maybe a little truth will come out …

After 6 days of many phone calls and hard work in Mumbai, Delhi and Kashmir, the Dawat-e-Islami office was reached, but the Mumbai office refused to speak. After that, he called the Delhi office 15-20 times. We have the same answer every time: we can’t give you entry to our office.

I said, well, we can talk on the phone, right? From there he disconnected the phone saying no. All this does not bother me. Not listening is an important part of the report. Even after that, I didn’t give up trying. After kicking here and there, a journalist friend of mine gave the phone number of a friend of the Jamat-e-Islami organization based in Jammu and Kashmir. His name is Tahir Attari and the post is the chief engineer-Dawat-e-Islami. I was sure that, according to Islam, I would get my entrance into the office of the Delhi institution with loose clothes and a little covered.

I quickly dialed his number. I thought in my mind that I shouldn’t refuse talking here too, but it didn’t happen. It has been talked about in detail. Along with that, I also knew why I felt “No” over and over again.

What is this … Gender has intervened in my journalism

Believe me, when I found out the reason, there was less anger, more surprise. I was surprised that my genre was involved in my journalism. This means that my entry was not banned for being a journalist, the real opposition was for being a woman.

He said, you do something. Ask some of the men to speak. We will try to get your entry into the office. I wasn’t fully prepared for this advice from the other side of the phone. I said again, no, I have to make history.

I want to spend a few hours in your organization and write an exact story, knowing the training that is offered there, in order to maintain your purpose and your work among the people, apart from the discussions that are out there about this institution.

From here the sound returned. You didn’t understand. We don’t even give entry to women. After a brief silence, I asked again. I can come dressed as you say. I can wear any clothes that Islam allows. Salwar dress, even burka.

Again a voice came from the other side of the phone. It’s not a matter of dressing. It’s about being a woman. In Islam, no moharib means women who are neither your real sister, nor your mother, nor your wife, nor any relatives, even if you stop meeting them, even talking to them is not appropriate.

With the need to increase the stranded talk, I said, let me bring some gentlemen and ask questions, then that’s okay, right? Then they wouldn’t ban me, would they? From here the answer was again received: the entry of women into the Islamic organization is forbidden even with any people. It is better to have something than not to have it. I said – okay. I ask you my questions on the same phone. He said: Our organization provides training on Islam. So we can’t even talk to a woman on the phone.

Madam … it is a crime to talk about Islam to a non-woman even over the phone.

After so many days of hard work, I got a number, there were high expectations. I couldn’t leave empty-handed. I said, you’re talking, right? From here a strong voice arose, I am not talking about Islam or the institution.

He said send your questions in writing, we will answer them. I said – Done, but if I can also ask the same questions over the phone and you or anyone in charge answers on the phone, it will be better. He laughed again and said, you don’t understand. Nor is Islam allowed to answer a foreign woman by phone.

Now my question was that if a woman became the prime minister of the country and you had to communicate with her, what would you do? Whatever a woman is, except the mother, sister, and wife, we will not speak directly. You will speak through a woman in your home.

I asked again … I pretend to know you. I’m in some trouble. And you are there to help. So what are you going to do? I got the answer from there. I will send my sister, wife or mother to help you. What if he left? There was silence there.

10 months ago, I reported after spending time from morning to evening at Darul Uloom, the center of Islamic education. The entrance was found, but being a woman had become a problem. You can also read this story on the go …

Meaning of Darul Uloom for a female journalist

While going to Darul Uloom, the Islamic education center located in Deoband in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, I saw myself in the mirror not once but many times. After ironing the most closed clothes in the closet, cover yourself with a scarf throughout your effort. Arriving at Darul Uloom’s door, I spread the dupatta on Bekhaali himself and put it on as if trying to hide.

Well, the door opened for me and I was greeted by a Darul Uloom official. Her hospitality was commendable, but as I wandered through Darul Uloom, my questions and answers related to Sharia law continued to rain down as restrictions on my freedom and existence as a woman. ‘This man’ was with me throughout this 7 hour journey.

During my stay in Darul Uloom, I heard several times questions about my clothes, my profession and all aspects of my life. Sharia forbids the manifestation of all signs in a woman’s body, while questioning her character when she studies and works with men. ,Read the full report)

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